Chapter 999: A Template Chapter Pls Tell Humin

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Some test stuff:

999999 experience points have been acquired.
Due to the title skill Walking Egg: Lv –, an additional 999999 experience points have been acquired.
Level of individual Dragon has increased from level 999 to level 1000.

Species: Ouroboros
Status: Normal
Level: 60/125
HP: 1536/1536
MP: 1494/1494
Attack: 642
Defense: 438
Magic: 698
Speed: 486
Rank: A

Normal Skills:
Roll: Lv 7 Status Check: Lv 7 Scorching Breath: Lv 5 Whistle: Lv 2
Dragon Punch: Lv 3 Plague Breath: Lv 6 Poison Fang: Lv 7
Paralyzing Poison Claw: Lv 6 Dragon Tail: Lv 2 Roar: Lv 2 Star Drop: Lv 2
Nutcracker: Lv 3 Humanization: Lv 7 Wind Slash: Lv 5 Neck Breaker: Lv 4
High Rest: Lv 6 Autoregeneration: Lv 5 Traveling Companion: Lv –
Death: Lv 4 Fake Life (Soul Appendment): Lv 1


Voice of God

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