Chapter 134: A Brief Rest

The mens’ figures disappear over the hill. That Hagen guy is running by foot, will he really be okay? After all, his favorite horse Maria never came back. At least the other soldiers managed to stay on while the horses ran away at full speed. They were about 1.3 times faster then they came.

It’s my fault….no not really. It was legitimate self defense, it’s not even on the scale of excessive defense.

Geez, they left the huge centipede alone, and yet why did they come hunting for me?
Well, I’m glad that they aren’t very strong.

A “Gufu…” leaks out as I sigh in relief. Nina’s shoulders tremble from hearing my groan. I want to become a human soon. Urgently.

The ball rabbit crawls out from the ground and shakes its body dropping sand.


The ball rabbit let out a relieved sigh just as I did. Nina lets out a small laugh and lifts up the ball rabbit as it narrows its eyes. Humans have a tendency to do such things, does it have to do with appearance…? It reminds me of the time when I was a baby dragon and I met Miria making me feel sentimental. Maybe because my physique has changed so much it feels like it was something long ago.

I wonder what you’re doing right now black lizard and orangutans? I guess they are still making pots and hanging meat out to dry. I hope they weren’t done in by other monsters.

While I was thinking, the ball rabbit decided to cleanse a part of the sludge swamp pool again, so I decided to head over. This time I’ll make sure I keep my pace so that I don’t spit any of it out. I have reflected on my actions. The same as before, a blue light is emitted from the ball rabbit and it goes into the sludge swamp turning it transparent. It’s unbelievable no matter how many times I see it.

A part of the swamp turns into a beautiful lake. Just by watching it you could tell that the sludge is slowly disappearing, and we’ll be able to drink soon.

The ball rabbit repels off the ground with its ears and jumps into the water. After sinking for a moment it immediately comes up to float. What is it doing, is it bathing? When I think about it, the last time I washed was in the sea covering myself with seawater. It would be better to wash myself properly with this beautiful water.

I guess I should go wash my body. I’ve been treated as unclean recently and that’s no good, although I don’t personally think I smell. That reminds me, I’ve heard that you get used to your own body odor so you can’t really tell if you smell. My anxiety is getting worse.


Hey ball rabbit, do you mind if I wash my body as well?


It kept silent while staring at me with half closed eyes. That reaction, I feel pretty hurt. It’s looking at me as if I’m a dad that just asked if he could join them in the bath.

….Well if I entered then the effects of [[Dragon Scales]] could spread in the lake. Won’t it be alright if I went in last? Ah, maybe I could use [[Human Transformation]] to wash myself.

After Nina looked at the ball rabbit, she sniffed her own body and narrowed her eyes a little. That’s right, Nina was thrust into my mouth while escaping from that centipede, and she hasn’t washed since then. At that time Nina had fainted and from her perspective she’s probably thinking, “I thought that I was going to be killed by that huge centipede, and next thing I know my body smelled like a dragon.”

Do I really smell after all? I really didn’t think much of it, but I guess I really can’t tell my own smell after all.

Looking at Nina’s state, the floating ball rabbit invites Nina to the lake with its ears. Its ears are dexterous as usual.


“Ah, thank you ball”

Nina’s expression shines as she reaches for her clothes. The clothes she is wearing is made up of roughly sewn clothes, and the other beastmen on the carriage were wearing something similar. As it is, it looks similar to a one piece. There is also one button making it look like it’s lacking.

Nina unfastened the button on her clothes and reveals her white shoulders. As I was thinking that she has delicate and beautiful skin, I returned to myself.


It was rude of me, but I used a roar similar to the one I used on the soldiers.

“What, what’s wrong?”

Stop! I’m a man! Because I have the mind of a man!

It wasn’t through [[Telepathy]], but Nina suddenly understood the situation and her face and ears were dyed in red.


She hurriedly grasped the edges of her clothes and hugged them tight.

“I I, I beg your pardon”

I quickly turn away and head to the opposite end of the lake and lie down.

Ah, that scared me for a moment. For a second there, she had forgotten that I was a former human. Things unintentionally got a little heated up there. Even I forget sometimes. When Nina was unfastening her button, I didn’t think anything of it. I came back to my senses after Nina shouted and covered up.

After staying away for a while, I had wondered whether Nina had come out of the lake as I heard the sound of water. Then I heard the sound of dripping.

“Uh, I’m sorry, for troubling you that time nya. But now it’s safe”

Apparently, she also washed her clothes while she was at it. However, she is of course wearing the same ones as there is no change of clothes. Well, this heat will dry it out while walking.

The sun is really strong in this desert. Also, since some time has passed since the large slug was killed, the rain clouds over the swamp have grown thin. They will disappear soon.

I’m thirsty. I queue up with the ball rabbit and dip my mouth in the lake.

I will not tread on the same wheel track. I look carefully and check the amount of clean water, taking care not to drink any sludge. After collecting it in my mouth, I raise my face out from the lake.

I thought about swallowing the water as is but then I suddenly remembered how the ball rabbit had refused to enter my mouth earlier. Do I really have bad breath? Perhaps it would be better if I cleaned out my mouth. If I do it well enough, then maybe I will be able to move around while the ball rabbit and Nina are inside my mouth. That is the best way to flee from the enemy.

I look up at the sky and gargle the water in my mouth. It’s my first gargle since being in this world. Good, good, I feel as if the dirt and pieces of flesh that were stuck on my tongue and fangs are coming off. I lower my head and spit out water into the lake. Ah, I feel refreshed. For now on I will be ready to flee in an emergency, with Nina and the ball rabbit in my mouth using [[Roll]]!


The ball rabbit who was drinking water besides me quickly spits it out. Oh, what are you doing? Gargling?

A few seconds later, I look to the lake. The lake was now covered in a mysterious dirty yellow mucus.


The ball rabbit brandishes its ears and starts attacking. It hurts! Don’t aim for the same place over and over! It was my fault! I’m sorry! It’s because gargling is basically vomiting! It’s a habit of my previous life! It wasn’t on purpose!

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