Chapter 162: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable 5 (Irushia)

An evil plague dragon huh, doesn’t look so great. Since I’d never seen one before I had thought that it might be an A ranked monster….But it was just a B rank, and to think I worried a little.

Since the actual rank of rare monsters are sometimes exaggerated, it’s best to approach cautiously until I can check their status.

The official ranks of monsters seem to have been decided by the former hero over 500 years ago. As such, the gap between ranks might have changed a bit. The former hero is said to have properly recorded all types of monsters from his time, but there may have been a few he missed.

In any case, I did not know if it was B rank or higher so in my mind it was clearly higher… But who would have thought, the sand centipede is more troubling than this fellow.

I put in so much work to make Adofu a decoy but who would have thought that the two would stop fighting.

Even though it possesses [[God’s Voice]]… well it doesn’t really matter anyway. Although I have heard stories of demon kings possessing such a trait as well, but it’s only that, a story. I’ve never actually seen the real thing.

Also, it’s annoying that such a small time dragon has the same name as mine. Having a name means that there is the possibility that it has an owner. Did that slave who’s near death give it to him? No, it’s hard to imagine that such a troublesome dragon is being controlled by such a thing. If anything, the dragon is carrying around the slave by order of its master.

If the owner is around, should I have him cooperate with me… I intended to leave Haranae anyway so why not? Besides, it should be amusing to see Haranae get attacked. I won’t be blamed for it, as long as its name stays hidden, nobody would be the wiser.

“Since I think you will be beneficial I will not use this sword.”

While I say that I sheath my holy sword.

I’ll let Adofu receive the credit for this one.

Since I have already shaved off a good portion of its HP, I will have Adofu handle the rest and I’ll handle the dismantling. I’ll take everything that I can from it till there’s nothing left.

Truthfully, myself alone is enough, as if I would really need the help from a lump of muscle. He seriously believes that I had arranged everything for him to help me.

The only way to show it to him is by having him demonstrate for all to see. I’m grateful that he shows so much trust, truly a fool that can’t be saved. A fool for not being able to understand the result of his actions and what he has brought upon himself, he should die regretting it.

“Here Mr. Adofu, give it the final blow. As it is, If you go home without doing anything, you won’t be able to proudly face the people will you?”

Adofu looks at the dragon sprawled out on the ground and returns his gaze towards me.

“But the dragon doesn’t seem to hold any hostility, if he wanted to kill me then I would have already been dead, plus that Beastman over there….”

Ah, really, so annoying.

What the heck is he even saying, this idiot.

Would it be better if I just finish him off as well? I don’t feel like using any more honorifics on this guy. Any suspicions directed towards me would be meaningless anyway should Adofu not return to Haranae.

“Well, I’m fine with killing it myself if you’re not up to it, so will you do it?”

I slacked my tone a bit because of what was going through my head. Ah, I don’t care anymore.

“No, well….”

“I understand. It’s a fact that you won’t be quick to kill, isn’t that right Mr. Former Knight Chief?”

Ah, I finally said it.

Even thought I was trying to be careful not too.

Having heard the phrase ‘former Knight Chief’, Adofu’s face stiffens. His face is so amusing it makes me want to laugh. I cover my mouth and try to manage my laughter.

Even though I had told Adofu that I would have that title lifted. He is probably trying to figure out why I had said that in the first place and is beginning to suspect something.

Then, I felt something watching me. Turning my eyes, I noticed the dragon just quietly staring at me. What, are you checking my status?

The dragon had surely possessed [[Status Check]] as well, so it should be able to see my status as well. So him doing so is only natural, but still, it does not feel good. It is probably trying to come up with a countermeasure for my skills, which I do not mind, but I don’t feel comfortable with it viewing my titles.

“My my my, how annoying. This is enough, if the former Knight Chief won’t do it then I will.”

When I glared at it the dragon slightly trembled. It looks scared, no way I’m being treated as a monster by a monster.

(Look above you)

As I was ready to take a step some words popped into my head. Is this [[Telepathy]]?

Did that dragon have such a skill? I didn’t see it through my skill. Haa, this is getting annoying, I’ll look to humor you but after that I’m finishing it.


I raise my face and look towards the sky.

At that time, the sand at my feet exploded and a small pink monster came out.


It’s a peach ball rabbit.

Is this the one who has [[Telepathy]]?

Even so, the ball rabbit should be a gentle monster that is often treated as a pet, coupled along with its high crisis perception, why did it jump out like this? When I think about it, it was beside that evil plague dragon not too long ago, so is it the dragon’s companion?

Several fireballs float around the peach ball rabbit as it attacks me. I take a step back and slap the flame ball away with my hand. It is only a D rank monster after all.


When I put my hand on the sword at my waist the dragon growled somewhat sorrowfully.

What, is this really the dragon’s companion?

It’s supposed to be an evil and vicious dragon, yet it acts strange by getting along with other monsters and even picking up slave women. Moreover, who would have thought that he also possessed a name which is synonymous with the Brave and titles of heroes like [[Small Hero]] and [[Spirit Relief]].

That evil plague dragon may be interesting. Lets play with it a little.

First of all, I’ll kill this peach ball rabbit and see how it reacts. The paralysis should be wearing off by now anyway.

The corners of my mouth lift instinctively.

I was going to slash the peach ball rabbit with my sword but stopped. I will use my bare hands to kill it, I do not need to use weapons on a D rank monster such as this.

I lift my hand and pull out my sword sheath as the peach ball rabbit closes in.

The cheeks of the peach ball rabbit puff and swell.


While I was wondering what it was doing, the next moment a large amount of needles were ejected from the peach ball rabbit’s mouth.

These…. are cactus needles?

It seems to have saved up stock to be used for ammunition. What an annoying trick.

I turn the sheath of my sword and parry the needles.

“pee, peefuu!”

I grab the peach ball rabbit by the ears and hold it in place. When our eyes met I lightly smiled.

The peach ball rabbit’s body trembles.


Together with the roar the evil plague dragon’s gigantic figure pitches forwards. It was trying to forcefully move while it’s muscles were still hardened by paralysis.

Nice, very good.

You should at least react that much or this will be boring.

I released the peach ball rabbit’s ears and kicked it. It flew off but not by that much because of course, I wasn’t able to put much force into it while holding it.


The peach ball rabbit lessened the damage by extending its ears as it came in contact with the ground and immediately got back up. A ‘Tsk’ is let out as I turn around.

“Umm, can you take care of that hindrance, Mr. former Knight Chief?”

I said to Adofu who was standing behind me with a complicated expression.

How bothersome.

How I see it, Adofu’s job as a decoy is already over and the worst case scenario has already faded. Although I was going to slowly crush the dragon, should I reverse our targets?

Or should I quickly kill Adofu and take my time subjugating the evil plague dragon?

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