Chapter 125: [[Telepathy]]

The normal skills that the ball rabbit gained after evolution are [[Telepathy]] and [[Clean]]. I think that [[Telepathy]] was brought out because of the ball rabbits strange observation ability. Also, [[Clean]]….why would it go that far? What exactly are you cleaning?

Then [[Telepathy]], there was a fellow who had it if I recall. You could read the minds of others and send your own thoughts as well. Actually, as long as the ball rabbit could translate, I could communicate with Nina without using [[Human Transformation Technique]]. It will be perfect if the ball rabbit could read my thoughts and have it sent over to Nina. Nina could just communicate with me normally since I understand it.

Hey, ball rabbit, can you read my thoughts? I have something I want to ask!


When I desperately pray for it to work, the ball rabbit raises its head and looks at me. Was it possible! Now with this, we could begin the ball rabbit phone operation.

When I match my eyes with the ball rabbit, I could feel thoughts fly from the ball rabbit.

“i’m hungry”

It only said that as it went for the camel that it didn’t finish eating.

Oh, yeah, food is important after all….. Well, it did evolve and its mass increased, emptying its stomach, yeah. Since the ball rabbits ears have become huge, I wonder if it will drag its ears….

It looks like it couldn’t eat earlier as it was preparing to evolve, but now that it has the hunger came back. Can’t be helped. “Dingding” eat your fill.

The ball rabbit grabs the head of the camel that he had left with it’s ears and throws it into it’s mouth. “Munch, swallow, munch”. The ball rabbit makes chewing sounds over and over again with its teeth. After chewing for a bit, it followed with a swallow, and then came time for the next head. As the ball rabbit was finishing the third one, an eyeball from the camel popped out of its mouth.

This fellow, isn’t it supposed to be the [[Idol of the Desert]]? Even Nina moved back a little. No, even I’m having a hard time with it.

Since I only ate enough to get a taste, I’ll eat some more. I haven’t tried the bump part yet. I was wondering what this will taste like.

I bite into the back of the bump, tearing a good chunk out. Its soft. The texture, how should I put it. Entrail like? It is a mass of fat after all, but I don’t dislike it.

While I was enjoying the taste of the bump, I noticed that the ball rabbit finished its meal. I swallow the meat that was left in my mouth and approach the ball rabbit to ask it to be an interpreter.


The ball rabbit shakes its small head….Why?

Species: Peach Ball Rabbit
Status: Normal
Lv: 1/30
HP: 47/47
MP: 1/34

Woah, it MP is empty. That reminds me, you repeatedly used [[Light]] in the match against the camel, and evolving doesn’t recover the lost MP. I also don’t know how much MP [[Telepathy]] takes. Let’s try having you be my translator tomorrow. I hope Nina doesn’t start getting sick.

I wouldn’t have thought that both [[Human Transformation Technique]] and [[Telepathy]] would drain so much MP. I didn’t think that it was that strong of a skill. I wonder if it also used [[Rest]].

The ball rabbits Lv is low but its MP is at max. Should I raise its level today? Shouldn’t I be able to raise its stats by handing it the experience like before?

Will it not be that easy? When I raise my level, [[Son of The Dragon King]] lowers the amount of experience I need, and [[Walking Egg]] doubles the amount I reivice. My methods may not work well for the ball rabbit.

Well, when we hunt again, I will have the ball rabbit try fighting again. If it gets tough, I’ll handle it.

I may need to have the ball rabbit and Nina make some room on my back, as I will need to carry what’s left of the cactus camel for food and water. Also I’ll need to find the beach or some kind of body of water, as I’m sure Nina will want to bathe.


I call out to the ball rabbit and Nina to get on my back. Once she gets on my back Nina desperately grabbed a hold of the ball rabbit. I think that the ball rabbit got heavier, so don’t try to force it to much. Also, Nina has gotten a little used to it as she is not as scared as before.

So….where is there an ocean? Perhaps it’s this way. The cactus must be hydrated with something. Reaching a body of water is the goal for now. I’ll be fine but Nina and the ball rabbit may need it.

Ah, if there was still some of that huge cactus camel left, I could have safely stayed there. It can’t be helped now; forget forget, me. I don’t feel like chasing down the group of hyena. That guy’s eyes were too cute. Damn it, at least let me see you a bit more since you took all the food…..

Ha, I guess I’ll just rest up my MP as I eat cactus. You must search for cactus on a continuous basis if you want to live in this desert.

Would it be fine leaving this desert? I don’t want to go near a village in my present form, and in this desert that’s short on water I would look like even more of a monster. Nonetheless, this environment is not good for Nina. This is something I would like to discuss with her using my [[Human Transformation Technique]] along with the ball rabbit’s translation machine.

Oh, I could see water in the distance…the sea, no, isn’t it to small for a sea? I can see something green moving! What the? There’s a lake in the middle of this desert! It’s not very big but it’s enough. In the lake’s surroundings I could see long grass and lightly colored flowers. Isn’t this a paradise? That right there, our base is decided!

“Gurua! guruaa!”

Fully excited I reflexively turn my head and yell to the back to Nina and the ball rabbit.


Nina tumbles in surprise which wakes up the sleeping ball rabbit as it quickly fixes Nina’s posture with its ears. The ball rabbit looks at me with strange eyes.

Soo…sorry…but, just now. But hey, look at the front! There is a lake, it’s a lake! Let’s go see it!

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