Chapter 201: Group Battle


The leading edge of our team and the Red Ants at the front of the enemy’s team collide. Shortly after the frontlines meet, the battle fully begins.

Really, as predicted, it’s hard to distinguish between friend and foe. Your senses start to get overwhelmed just by moving around a little, even if you’re roughly aware that your own teammates are by your side. It is even more so when looking at intertwining Red Ants. You could lose sight of who’s an ally in an instant.

You could be attacking an ally in front of you but also leaving an opening for the enemy behind. Ball Rabbit would be able to distinguish between them using telepathy, but it can’t be done for very long during a melee fight. One momentary mistake in judgement could result in a fatal outcome.

However, I cannot let my hands rest. Now, the number of enemy Red Ants has exceeded thirty bodies. It doesn’t look like the enemies coming out of the nest’s hole will decrease.

While we have a total of thirty Red Ants here, the five ants that went on ahead still haven’t shown themselves. Considering that I’m not participating, the Red Ants here appear to be far weaker in strength.

If I don’t lend a hand, it is clear that the Red Ants on my side will be annihilated. If I let my ants fall, I cannot obtain experience points from them.

It seems to me that I will not be able to destroy the Red Ant nest by myself. Suddenly, a vision of the large centipede dumplings being taken by the Red Ants comes to mind.

Even if I used the poisonous dumpling strategy with the aim of weakening the Red Ants, by time the effects would have kicked in the death penalty for Nina would have already been carried out.

Besides, as a result of the settlement with the Queen Ant, I will need to cooperate with the Red Ants. I need to make sure my judgement doesn’t cause a mistake and create more pointless deaths.

After hesitating for a moment I decided to temporarily withdraw from the battlefield. You cannot look at the enemy as a whole if you are standing at the forefront. There are times where you may become surrounded without noticing. It’s too wide here.

Well, once I step back, I’ll just have to play support until things settle down. If you stand in a position where you can view the whole frontline calmly, you won’t mistake enemies for allies. There is no need to worry about being killed for even a moment of hesitation.

The battle should become more advantageous if I use [[High Rest]] on the Red Ants for recovery and I should be able to obtain a bit of experience if I use [[Wind Slash]] when there is an opening. It won’t be much experience from just one, but in that case, all I need to do is hit them all with my [[Wind Slash]].


Please keep track of the situation on the left side, partner.


Leave it to me, it’ll be okay, you know?

After that, I head to the frontline to see the situation.

As expected, due to the difference in number, our side seems to be pressured. However, every Red Ant is already focused on the enemy in front of them. They haven’t paid much attention to me, even when I had moved back a little.


The enemy Red Ants jumped at my Red Ants. My Red Ants respond with [[Clay Gun]]. An enemy Red Ant cowers after taking some gravel to the head, but a second Red Ant slips out from the shadow of the first ant.

In the narrow space between my own Red Ants I fired [[Wind Slash]] at the enemy that jumped out. It seems that that Red Ant was already wounded earlier, since it rolled a few meters and stopped completely after being hit.

[126 experience points was obtained.]
[Due to Title skill [Walking Egg: LV–] an additional 126 experience points was obtained.]
[Level of Ouroboros has increased from 15 to 21.]

It seems like things may be efficient like this. After all, levels rise easily at the beginning.
If I’m able to get out of the low levels using this strategy, I feel like I’ll be able to take on the Red Ant’s nest by myself. Since I’ve gotten a feel for it, I fly around the battlefield using [[Flight]] while shooting [[Wind Slash]] from the air.

I concentrated on shooting [[Wind Slash]] and my partner focused on ally support with [[High Rest]]. I used [[Status Check]] to find allies dangerously low on HP for recovery and shot [[Wind Slash]] at enemies that are already low on HP to finish them off.

[112 experience points was obtained.]
[Due to Title skill [Walking Egg: LV–] an additional 112 experience points was obtained.]
[Level of Ouroborus has increased from 21 to 23.]

[117 experience points was obtained.]
[Due to Title skill [Walking Egg: LV–] an additional 117 experience points was obtained.]
[Level of Ouroborus has increased from 23 to 25.]

It seems like the experience points are gathering steadily. Even dust piled up bit by bit can become a mountain.

Although things seem well, the Red Ants have the [[Autoregeneration]] skill. It’s mostly the case that they go back and recover before being taken care of. I’ll be beaten up if the paralysis wears off and I carelessly chase too far in and become surrounded.

There, my [[Wind Slash]] will deal the final strike. [[Clay Gun]] seems to be a little lacking in speed.

[[High Rest]] manages to make it in time so overall there is little damage to the Red Ants, but as the Red Ants keep coming from the nest the numbers still seem antagonizing. However, if this state continues, the other side will eventually run out.

I’m able to limit the consumption of my own MP while the allied Red Ants still have some leeway to wait for me to come. While my MP is enormous, the Red Ants’ MP will disappear quickly just by spamming [[Clay Gun]] and [[Autoregeneration]]. Since this fight may go on for awhile, I don’t want to reduce my Red Ant allies’ MP as much as possible.

While fleeing and continuing to battle, I took out over twenty Red Ants with Wind Slash.
[The skill level of [[Wind Slash]] has risen from 3 to 5, the skill level of [[High Rest]] has risen from 3 to 6.]
My level has also increased from 25 to 41.

This is better than expected. If I was raging in the Red Ant nest on the other side, I would not have gained this much experience.

However, things have gotten difficult for my MP. This repeated situation of using [[High Rest]] once then waiting for my MP to recover has been going on for a while. My Red Ant allies seem to be hard pressed now that the frequency of support from me has slowed down.

Still, the enemy Red Ants continue to pour out. Over fifty enemies have already been beaten, but without interruption they continue to gush forth one after another. Things will get a little tougher if it continues to increase at this pace. [[High Rest]] and [[Wind Slash]] are now starting to become more difficult to use, so it may be time to go up to the front line.

While thinking so, five more Red Ants popped out from the ground near the enemy’s nest. The Red Ant allies were surprised, it’s probably the part of the army that went around to the other side. It seems that they went into hiding by digging a hole and waiting for the right time to come out.

The Red Ants jump quickly into the enemy’s nest. The enemy Red Ants try to follow, but it’s already too late.


From the entrance of the nest, the five Red Ants cried out simultaneously. The entrance to the nest collapsed and crushed the five Red Ants. Some of the enemy Red Ants are also dragged in and crushed at the same time.

So it was a special battalion that went around to the other side…

“Kucha!” “Kucha!”

The Red Ants on our side are pleased to see the entrance of the opponent’s nest collapsed. These Red Ants seem to be indifferent to the life or death of their colleagues. It may be because of the perception of how useful they are as limbs of the Queen. This might be a bit rich coming from me since I had sent the poisonous dumplings into the nest, driving it to the verge of destruction, but it’s a bit of a complex feeling.

It may have become advantageous with this, but only the entrance has been collapsed. Since Red Ants have the [[Tunnel]] skill, a new exit will appear soon and they’ll come out. However, it will not be for awhile. We can definitely annihilate the last of the remaining ants.

They may be creating another exit, but at least it cannot be seen from here. It will take some time for them to get here.

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