Chapter 161: The Man


I manage to lift my body while groaning. My muscles are stiff and it’s painful to move. I may have some abnormalities.

Race: Evil Plague Dragon
State: Paralysis (small)
Lv: 44/75
HP: 98/343
MP: 199/236

Damn, I’ve been paralyzed.

What should I do.
That blond haired guy, contrary to his appearance, his strength is monstrous. He seems to be Adofu’s companion and if I were to kill him it will be impossible to negotiate with Adofu. However it is not an opponent I can pull my punches on, even though his intentions are suspicious.
Even if I was caught in a surprise attack, it was amusing that it happened while he was right in front of me.

If I wanted to escape right now I wouldn’t be able to grab both the ball rabbit and Nina as they are quite a bit of ways from me. Even if I was able to grab them and run, my opportunity to speak with Adofu would go to waste. If that were to happen, Nina’s chances of survival would decline.

Well for now, I’ll check that guy’s stats.

The man gets off the winged horse and shakes his head as he looks at Adofu in disbelief. While he’s at it I use [[Status Check]] on him.

[Normal Skill [[Status Inspection: Lv6]] information cannot be displayed]

!@#$@#: *******
St@t$: ****
@#$%: 78/100
$%^%: 602/602
#$$#: 552/552

After such a long time the “information cannot be displayed” showed up. Everything from stats to skills is warped with strange symbols. That guy is just like that slime after all.

There was a somewhat uncomfortable feeling while checking his status. It wasn’t because of the lack of information, although that was a little off putting, but there was some kind of strange atmosphere from the display.

Anyway, before thinking to deeply about it, those numbers that I saw. If the arrangement is similar to what I know, then that’s a level of 78, with a max HP of 602. All his numbers are far higher than mine. His stats are even higher than that huge centipede I had a hard time against.

“Will I actually not have to use this fine sword?”

The man pulls out the sword and places it in his hand as he said so. He has three swords on his waist. One of them has a similar color to the equipment of the soldiers that I had met before. It may be something commonly offered in that walled city.

“Here Mr. Adofu, give it the final blow. As it is, If you go home without doing anything, you won’t be able to proudly face the people will you?”

“But the dragon doesn’t seem to hold any hostility, if he wanted to kill me then I would have already been dead, plus that Beastman over there….”

“Well, I’m fine with killing it myself if you’re not up to it, so will you do it?”

“No, well….”

“I understand. It’s a fact that you won’t be quick to kill, isn’t that right Mr. Former Knight Chief?”

When the man said that, I could see Adofu’s face getting stiff. When the man saw Adofu’s reaction he covered his mouth and his shoulders shook a little. What, is he laughing?

….I don’t know what kind of relationship these two have, but anyway, Adofu makes a side glance towards me while the blonde guy doesn’t seem to care. I don’t know his background but his social status must be high, as he seems very confident. It may be because his surprise attack was successful that he’s rather calm at the moment.

Thats right, if I don’t do something now then this guy will surely finish me off.
Let’s try to gather as much information as possible while trying not to gather attention. In the meantime, I’ll let [[Auto HP Recovery]] heal me while I try to shake off this paralysis. This is a terrible situation, but while I can, I must remain calm and think things through. If at any moment I make a mistake then not only myself, but Nina and the ball rabbit might also be killed.

Perhaps I could do something about those garbled letters if I do something about whatever was giving me that strange feeling from earlier. When I first saw the slime, it had Lv3 [[Status Inspection]], he currently has Lv6. He could surely use something troublesome.

I stare at the man and once again use [[Status Check]].

[Normal Skill [[Status Inspection: Lv6]] information cannot be obtained]

I Intentionally remove parts of the screen that pop up in my mind.

Race: Earth Huma
State: Normal
Lv: 78/100
HP: 602/602
MP: 552/552
Atk: 354
Def: 264+76
Mana: 347
Spd: 325

Body: [[Water Dragon Robe: B+]]


Characteristic Skill:
[[God’s Voice: Lv6]] [[Spirit Protection: Lv–]] [[Elf King’s Blessing: Lv–]]
[[Light Attribute: Lv–]] [[Gurisha Language: Lv6]] [[Sword Genius: Lv9]]
[[Presence Sense: Lv6]] [[Stealth Step: Lv7]]

Resistance Skill:
[[Fall Resistance: Lv6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv6]] [[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv7]]
[[Illusion resistance: Lv5]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv5]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv3]]
[[Petrification Resistance: Lv5]] [[Instant Death Resistance: Lv4]]
[[Paralysis Resistance: Lv3]]

Normal Skill:
[[Status Inspection: LvMAX]] [[Shock Wave: Lv6]] [[Ten Point Stab: Lv5]] [[Skyfall: Lv6]]
[[Ground Upheaval: Lv5]] [[Luna Lucian: Lv7]] [[Summon: Lv7]] [[Mirage: Lv3]]
[[Holy: Lv5]] [[High Rest: Lv5]] [[Quick: Lv4]] [[Power: Lv5]] [[Mana Barrier: Lv2]]
[[Physical Barrier: Lv4]]

Title Skill:
[[The Chosen One: Lv–]] [[Hero: Lv5]] [[The Brave: Lv7]] [[Cunning: Lv9]]
[[Evil Path: LvMAX]] [[Liar: Lv8]] [[Foul King: Lv9]] [[Calamity: Lv3]]
[[Laplace Interference Authority: Lv3]] [[Insect King Contract Holder: Lv–]]

It worked.
This guy has a lot of skills. Was that what made me feel that something was wrong? I don’t really understand it but did the slime also have this many?
However, things are still not looking up even after seeing this. Looking at it again, I was yet again reminded, if I fight this guy right now I won’t win. I’m better of fighting with that centipede and even then i’m still inferior to it.

Besides that, why do you have the same name as me?
There’s no second name, it’s just Irushia. I heard that the name originated from the name of a flower. I wouldn’t go as far as making fun of it though, as I also have such a name…

Among the people I’ve met so far there have been no humans with only one name apart from those born of low status, but I don’t see him being one. I guess the system here works differently than what I know, how strange.

Along with [[God’s Voice]] there are too many suspicious looking title skills.
Seriously what is this guy.

The man takes his eyes off Adofu and looks over my way. His eyes turn sharp as he faces his body towards me while clicking his tongue.

“My my my, how annoying. This is enough, if the former Knight Chief won’t do it then I will.”

This is bad, he’s coming. I still have paralysis, will I be able to handle it?
To begin with, do I flee or fight? Both contain high risks, I just don’t know what my course of action should be.

((Look above you))

I suddenly hear telepathic thoughts.
Above? What do you mean?


The man seemed to have also heard it and he stopped his feet to look in the air. At that moment the sand scattered by the man’s feet as the ball rabbit jumped out.


Five fireballs appeared around the ball rabbit as it jumped out at the man. This is the ball rabbits skill [[Light]].
The man hesitated for a moment before jumping backwards and swatted the fire ball with his bare hand.

That time I lost sight of the ball rabbit, it seems that it dug a hole and made its way over to the man’s feet.


Hey! Hey! ball rabbit what are you doing!
This isn’t an opponent you can win against!

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