Chapter 112: Felis Huma

With the beastman still in my mouth, I use [[Roll]] and search for the ball rabbit. Although I ran quite a bit I still vaguely remember where I parted from the ball rabbit. The two cacti I crushed for the ball rabbit before going to bed should serve as a marker.

I have to find the ball rabbit as soon as possible. If I lose sight of it for too long, it could possibly become prey for another monster.

Besides, the beastman I helped earlier although did not receive a direct attack from the giant centipede, they did get injured after being dropped from the running carriage. The one who dropped before seemed to act like a cushion, so the injury was light in comparison, but the drop in HP was great. Originally, it seems they did not spend a very good life, as the body was brittle.

Also, they received abnormal conditions [[Coma, Bloodshed]] and the HP is decreasing.

[[Nina Niewa]]
Species: Felis Huma
Status: Coma; Bleeding
Lv: 7/60
HP: 8/25
MP: 22/22
Attack: 21
Defense: 18
Magic: 17
Speed: 25

Characteristic Skills:
[[Presence Sense: Lv1]] [[Night Vision: Lv1]] [[Dynamic Vision: Lv2]]
[[Gurisha Language: Lv3]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Hunger Resistance: Lv3]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv1]] [[Physical Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Bite: Lv1]] [[Scratch: Lv1]] [[Squeal: Lv2]] [[Bind: Lv1]]

Title Skills:
[[Beastman: Lv–]] [[Hunter: Lv2]] [[Acrobatics: Lv2]] [[Slave: Lv–]]

This beastman seems to be called Nina. Race [[Felis Huma]]?

Even though it’s a beastman, the race is different from the one who was beside that female swordsman in the cave.

If i’m not mistaken, the girl with the hammer was a [[Canis Huma]]?

They had the same beast ears, but I think that they had dog ears. On the other hand, Nina’s was more like a cat’s.

…..[[Slave]], this is that right? Slavery. They wore tattered clothes and it’s impossible to say that they lived a true life due to their position. But, this was still somewhat of a shock, getting to know like this.

All the other beastman packed in that carriage were probably also slaves. I wonder if the parents sold them due to economic distress?

I find a familiar lump and stop [[Roll]]. A mountain of cactus remains could be seen at a distance.

There is no doubt, this is where I parted with the ball rabbit. It was still there sleeping after I had woken up. Yet, there is a small hole in the place where the ball rabbit was supposed to be buried. Looks like it already woke up and crawled out.

I could not see any traces of the ball rabbit dragging their body, as it was erased by a sandstorm. Worried, I wasn’t even able to move my foot at all.

While praying that it was nearby, I use [[Presence Sense]] and check the surroundings. From the wreckage of the cactus, there were signs of a small animal… Though I am glad it stayed close by, what is he doing?

I hunt for the ball rabbit through the cactus wreckage. There was the figure of the ball rabbit with cactus spines scratching at its back. Really what is he doing?

When the ball rabbit notices a sound, it extends its ears vertically and looks back at me.

“pefu? pefuuu!”

The ball rabbit spat out the skin of the cactus and came straight at me. Then it attacks my feet and legs again with its ears. Maybe he was angry being left behind.

I moved away from the cactus and spit out the beastman who was in my mouth along with the sand. I have a coughing fit trying to get all the sand out of my throat.


After seeing Nina, the ball rabbit turns its gaze towards me. I then turn my eyes towards Nina and stick my tongue out making a lick motion. I then lightly poked the ball rabbit with my finger.


This guy…does it eat humans?

I am fine with eating a panther and a camel, but I won’t eat a human being who used to be the same kind as me. Although there is no real reason for it, please refrain from it. I won’t give you a ride on top of my head anymore if you do so.

I convey the situation to the ball rabbit with a gesture. I pointed at the bleeding beastman and waved my hands left and right.

The ball rabbit should have learned the skill [[Rest]] after gaining the experience from the camel. With that, Ninas bleeding could be stopped. Other than bleeding there is no other danger to her life.

The ball rabbit gazes at Nina and then lifts the fragments of the cactus with his ears. It then starts drawing a picture on the sand as if it were chalk. After finishing drawing it throws the cactus skin far and hangs its ears to the ground as if nothing happened.

Ball rabbit…were you always able to do that?

Although the picture was bad, I immediately understood what the picture was. It is definitely a picture of meat.

I nod in understanding. Understood, understood, when I find meat again I will salt and cook it!

When the ball rabbit saw me, it moved happily to Nina’s side and cried “pefu”. A small light jumps out of the ball rabbit’s head and enters Nina’s body. From what I could see the wounds are closing and the pale skin begins regaining its life.

Checking the status, abnormal condition [[Bloodshed]] was lost and the HP was slowly recovering, although not completely. After breathing a breath of relief, [[Coma]] turned into [[Coma (small)]].

The relief I felt slowly changes into anxiousness.

…What should I do when Nina wakes up? The way I see it, there is no doubt that she will scream and try to run away. If she walks alone in this desert then she will surely die.

Should I send her to that city surrounded by that high wall before she wakes up? No, I won’t have any time. It seems she will get up soon.

In the first place, is it even okay to take her there? Thinking about the direction, the carriage should have also left from that city. That fat guy who kicked all those slaves out to be food for the giant centipede should have also come from there.

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