Chapter 124: Ball Rabbit: Evolution Number Two

I cut the camel using my nails and cook it with my [[Scorching Breath]]. I won’t eat the three heads but i’m sure the ball rabbit will. Let’s make sure to cook it well. I should probably put the ball rabbit in a little diet…but I’ll leave it alone for today. Seeing as today will be the last meal we’ll have together.

There’s no doubt that its strange behavior is because of my [[Dragon Scales]].

When I used [[Plague Breath]] on the camel sometime ago, it suffered from the condition [[curse(small)]]. However the ball rabbits condition is still shown as [[Normal]]. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t affected.

Perhaps even now the ball rabbit is affected with a [[curse(small)]]. If I stay together with them then it may get worse and then they die. When I heard the previous explanation about [[curse]] from [[God’s Voice]], there is a limited means for treatment as it acts as a type of poison. But, if the one who cast it is separated from the affected in the early stages then there is a chance that the affected will recover. Leaving now would be preferable.

So when we finish eating, that’ll be it. Should I let it dig me out a house? It would make it more difficult for the ball rabbit if I stay any longer than this.

Was it when I almost vomited that [[Plague Breath]] got in? Well, it’s more likely that its was my [[Dragon Scales]]. That also means that it will start showing up in Nina as well in a few days. I would like to take her to a safe place somewhere before that happens….

Nina might hate it, but if worse comes to worst, I’ll have to take her to the city wall surrounded city. It’s much safer than this desert where there are crowds of monsters roaming. Although I do want to hear her story using [[Human Transformation Technique]] but it doesn’t look like I’ll get to.


The ball rabbit comes near me and stares. I’m sorry ball rabbit. It’ll be farewell at this point.

“Pefu! Pefu!”

Although my intention was not fully conveyed, the ball rabbit still angrily hits my foot with a “peshipeshi”. This continued for a few minutes before the ball rabbit hangs its ears down as if it was tired, and drops its eyes looking depressed.

It’ll be alright. If it’s you as you are, you won’t get eaten in this desert. So that’s why, dont put on such a sad face.


Nina was sitting on the cactus skin, looking at our situation with an anxious face. She probably felt that something was amiss from our interaction.

The camel’s done cooking. But since there wasn’t any salt this time, I just passed it over the fire a few times, which was difficult trying make sure it doesn’t burn.

I place the meat on the cactus skin which I used as a substitute plate. I prepared two plates for the ball rabbit and Nina, and I’ll eat the rest directly without the dish. I added a lot of white fleshy fatty meat, and also the three heads for the ball rabbit.

I recommend that Nina try some while feeling anxious whether she will like it or not, I also put a piece into my mouth. The camel has a similar flavor to beef. There was a slight smell, but you could get used to it.

I think that it’s quite delicious, but when I start to think about the ball rabbit I lose my appetite. I raised my face to look at how the ball rabbit is faring with its meal, and our eyes met.

It seems it doesn’t want to eat in front of me. Is my face really that gross? Why did you stop eating? It’s quite delicious.

When I encourage it with my eyes, the ball rabbit finally starts to eat the meat slowly.

“Nya…uh, umm, Mr. Dragon, did you get into a fight with the ball?”

Hearing the she asked me a question, I turned towards her, but seeing me do so made her body go stiff. I guess my body is too intimidating…. Even now I’m confident that I will faint if I ever surprise myself by seeing my reflection. When I think about it, my human side would want to use my nails to cut my neck.

Wait, ball? Does she mean the ball rabbit?

Nina and the ball rabbit, have become pretty friendly…. Is it better to leave Nina with the ball rabbit? Even if I do the ball rabbit still needs to protect itself…there’s a time limit on how long I can stay next to things.

Unusually, the ball rabbit left its meal. The ball rabbit is mad at me as it may have instinctively perceived that it was my fault. It also had on a dark expression, as if it knew what I was planning to do.

“Hey Ball?”

As I was watching the sky thinking, Nina feebly calls out to the ball rabbit. The ball rabbit began to tremble wildly, and started rapidly growing.

Is it evolving? Finally, it’s time to see what the ball rabbit ends up at

The ball rabbits body bulges and its sand colored hair scatters. It lost the sand color and it started turning white? No, it’s a light pink….it’s kind of like a cherry blossom that’s close to white?

Isn’t that color difficult to hide in the sand? I’m a little worried now.

The softball, became a small watermelon, this time there is more cushion and a person could probably sit on it. The first one could be carried in one’s hand, now it’s a small ball, so is it a medium ball rabbit now?

Species: Peach Ball Rabbit
Status: Normal
Lv: 1/30
HP: 39/47
MP: 2/34
Attack: 18
Defense: 20
Magic: 26
Speed: 22
Rank: D

Characteristic Skills:
[[Concealment: Lv2]] [[Food Reproduction: Lv3]] [[Telepathy: Lv1]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Hunger Resistance: Lv4]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv3]] [[Overeating Resistance: Lv2]]
[[Dirt Resistance: Lv2]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skill:
[[Dig: Lv3]] [[Light: Lv4]] [[Playing Dead: Lv1]] [[Wild Whip Dance: Lv5]] [[Swallow: Lv2]]
[[Internal Space Storage: Lv2]] [[Charm: Lv2]] [[Shred: Lv2]] [[Rest: Lv2]] [[Clean: Lv1]]

Title Skills:
[[Idol of the Desert: Lv3]] [[Kin Eater: Lv1]] [[Lv Up Parasite: Lv3]] [[Big Eater: Lv4]]
[[Mutation: Lv–]] [[Gross Eater: Lv1]]

Peach…so there are peaches in this world. Is there anything inside of it? Well, isn’t it that kind of monster?

I had thought that its rank would be D-, but it went straight to D? It’s rank is above the black lizard, about where I was at one point. The results of power leveling. Compared to the time we met, it’s changed a lot. If it’s level increases, it could defeat a grey wolf. I can’t imagine that happening.

A strong enemy for the ball rabbit would be one that could dig holes. If there was one then it wouldn’t be able to stay here. The strong survive, but what about the ball rabbit?

Resistance Skills:
[[Hunger Resistance: Lv4]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv3]] [[Overeating Resistance: Lv2]]
[[Dirt Resistance: Lv2]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv2]]

But, what, what is [[Curse Resistance]]? Hey! [[God’s Voice]] please tell me the details of the peach ball rabbit!

[[[Peach Ball Rabbit]] D rank monster]
[Individuals that mutated to adapt to their environment by living their infancy as a ball rabbit in an unclean land]
[Basically can eat anything]
[The land where the red ball rabbit inhabits is usually not a place where people can live, so if you see one, get away quickly]
[In theory it is said that it will become reddish to send signals of danger to other creatures]

So, since it was with me from the time it was an infant, it could tolerate me? Well, even if you could stay with me….Wait, where is the unclean land!? Am I the unclean land? Is that me!? Why? Who says I’m not clean!?

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