Chapter 150: Fishing

After moving to the beach. Nina fixes the meat dumpling to the fish hook.

“….As I thought, the hook is easy to see.”


I lightly growl and point out to Nina the fur that was used to wrap the meat dumplings.

“Nya~…? You want me to put another one?”


When I heard Nina’s answer I deeply nodded my head.

Finally, a conversation was able to happen even without the ball rabbits assistance. I had thought that it was only a dream which could be realized further down the road, but looks like in these conditions it is able to form naturally.

“I feel that it’s a waste nya….”


All of the bait was made for this purpose in the first place. You could hide the hook if you put two pieces. I didn’t think most of them would be used in the first place, and if you’re talking about waste then the ball rabbit has already wasted plenty enough already, so there’s no problem.

However, I don’t know whether there are any fish that can swallow this amount…well, if needed we can just adjust the amount later. There won’t be any fish that will jump at the hook if it’s left in view.

Nina conceals the hook by covering it up in bait.

“This….will this really be okay?”

The huge bait in completed, and Nina looks back at me with unease. I tried to cheer by showing a good sign.

She swings the rod back and up towards the sea. The bulky bait drew a beautiful parabola as it danced in the air before landing in the sea. It looked pretty good considering it was the first time.

I can’t see any shadows of fish around, are there really any fish here? Oh, there is some. It’s really sparse though. They will come here sooner or later as long as there’s bait right…?

Quite a bit of time has passed, but there still hasn’t been anything. Nina looks about ready to cry. The ball rabbit narrows its eyes and looks around the sea, before staring at me as if wanting to tell me something.

Aw man, although patience is necessary for fishing…but after several dozen minutes…we won’t catch anything at this rate. I wonder if diving in the sea would be better.


“Nya! Mr. Dragon…sorry, I was concentrating”

Nina’s shoulders shiver a little. Well it will be scary if I suddenly call out. There could be a chance that she would die of fright the next time. Although, I do often see a fish’s shadow, it doesn’t seem to fall for the bait with my shadow casting over the surface.


You can get on my back and go a little further.

((Sea inside, go. Get on~))

The ball rabbit does a simultaneous translation. I should also pick up [[Telepathy]]. Then I would be able to talk with monsters and even humans.

“Mr. Dragon, can you swim?”


Maybe…it should be fine. Just be ready to save yourself incase you go overboard.

((An expert, it’s like boarding a large ship just leave it to me~))

You….you’re able to say anything fluently with [[Telepathy]]. Why do you not do it more often then? I don’t really mind, but if you become fluent and confident in something useless, I will be worried that Nina might see you and me as something different. I do occasionally notice you talk, but you don’t say anything strange right?


I feel uneasy when you’re silent! What is it? I beg. I don’t want to separate just yet, but I would like to at least say goodbye with all my feelings.

I place the ball rabbit and Nina on my back and head into the ocean. Since my feet can’t reach the bottom, I just have to let my body float and move forward and paddle with my wings.

It is actually pretty fun. I may be able to float like this while sleeping, and maybe I can reach another island somewhere if I really tried. Though with Nina here….she will die of illness on this kind of cruise, yeah. This is more of a plague ship.

“Mr. Dragon! There are plenty of fish over that way! Please head that way and leave it to Nina!”

Nina says so with vigor. I turned my head and looked back at her. Her eyes are full of enthusiasm and focus, directed towards the sea, this is certainly a hunter kind of thing.

From watching you the whole time you’ve always been scared or nervous up till now, but this must be how you really are. You shut yourself in after traveling with a dragon, when you were made into a slave and presented as bait for a centipede, experiencing extreme situations after the other. No, the last event to happen was actually me.

I didn’t really need to follow Nina’s directions as I could clearly see darker shadows over that way. I can probably catch the fish more efficiently if I swing around my claws in the sea, but I won’t do something so foolish.

I swing my wings and gently row towards the large schools of fish.

Nina puts more bait on the hook. After a while floating in the sea the bait has naturally fallen off so it was necessary to reapply it.

As I approached the fish, their appearance began to clear. I saw a flat fish with light blue and black stripes. It closely resembled a striped beakfish. Did the pattern of the fish fade as it grew? I don’t really remember many of the details, and I don’t even know if that type of rule exists in this world in the first place.

It looks delicious, if possible I would like you to catch it. I can’t remember much but I feel that striped beakfish sashimi of was my favorite in my previous life. The texture is solid and yet full of fat.

Should I tell Nina to go for that fish? It would be nice to get something good out of this and having a goal would be nice for Nina. I need to see if the ball rabbit has any MP left to translate. Lets see.

Species: Peach Ball Rabbit
Status: Normal
Lv: 10/30
HP: 54/54
MP: 26/45

It’s quite low…I guess it did use [[Telepathy]] a lot today. I don’t know how much longer we can stay together, but it’s tough relying on the ball rabbits MP. Should I devote my time to raising the ball rabbits level? No, not right now. We might reach the port city by tomorrow.

Even with Nina, I don’t know when symptoms of sickness will start to appear. To be honest, it’s strange that no initial symptoms have appeared yet. With the ball rabbit it could have been because of its small size and because [[Plague Breath]] was used before. I don’t quite understand what’s going on, but is there something else that should be considered which doesn’t show up in the status?

Maybe it does not develop for a long time….I should consider this later. Anyway, for now let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s make memories as it’s all I can do for Nina since I can’t enter the city.


I stopped growling half way through. The light blue and white striped fish at the edge of my sight was torn in two in an instant.

“giche, giche!”

A fish splashed out of the water just under the fish that was torn in two. The size is about the same as a fat snapper, but its appearance was a little spooky. A brilliant green body, eyes popping out with white blood vessels. Fangs that grew in such a way you wouldn’t think they were a feature of a fish. In its mouth, the entrails of the fish it just tore into.

Really, I already want to return to land.

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