Chapter 163: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable 6 (Irushia)

“Irushia, ever since we went out on the subjugation you’ve had a strange face. Whats going on?”

Said Adofu in a crude manner.

I had suspected that he had been suspicious of me already but did he already have those suspicions before we left on the subjugation?

At that time I had already treated the plan as a success and may have been a little too excited.

So now, what to do?

Right now I should finish up with Adofu, since I still have to deal with the evil plague dragon, but things have become pretty complicated.

That plague dragon’s paralysis began to wear off just as I was about to confront Adofu, spoiling the fun.

For Adofu, I had thought of an end that was suitable for him, and had gone through the trouble of arranging preparations.

It is not very pleasant for me that this had become tedious.

But for the plague dragon, I wanted to torment it slowly.

Besides, that thing is also an owner of [[God’s Voice]].

There is a possibility that the story related to [[God’s Voice]] that that bastard priest is hiding can be drawn out from that plague dragon.

This is a rare opportunity to try to torment it with various methods.

“O…oi. Oi! What happened! What’s with the silence…”

It’s so bothersome.

I’m trying to think of how to return the favor to you, yet this idiot thinks I can’t hear him from this close a distance?

“…. My apologies. Certainly, maybe I was a little distraught. That was not like me. It might be due to the miasma from that evil dragon?”

While holding my head and staring at ground I shake my head.

How many times must I deceive this idiot?

Anyway, is this the time to be thinking like this?

When I glanced at his eyes I could still see the color of doubt within them.

Remembering my past mistake, will I repeat the same thing?

In order to restore Adofu’s trust, should I follow up on my words and actions from a little while ago?

I wonder if I got carried away a bit too much.

Erm…… Considering Adofu’s personality, once I do this…… No. But, I don’t like having someone who doubts me by my side.

I can’t bring myself to have a conversation with that dragon and slave woman, even in this situation.

“Ahh-, enough already, isn’t this good enough already? So troublesome.”


In order to understand my words, Adofu calls my name again.

I ignore his call and unsheathe my sword, heading towards Adofu.

“Mr. Former Knight Chief, maybe for awhile, you can practice with me? That longsword over there, won’t you pick it up?”

I tilt my head a bit to provoke him.

“What are you talking about, so suddenly.”

Adofu who lapses, retreats.

It’s slow. Do I have to thoroughly teach you from 1 to 10?

“No, in truth I wanted to see my own growth against the former Knight Chief and set this all up just for that. In fact, around four years ago, I really wanted to kill a few civilians in public so that you would have go out and handle it, but the priest wasn’t so enthusiastic about it and turned down the proposal, so here we are now. If I were to do such a thing, I’m sure former Knight Chief would become filled with a sense of justice and want to defeat me, but…..the risk for me at the time was too great.”

Adofu open his eyes and clenches his teeth.

Gradually, even the dense Adofu also seems to have noticed it in the end.

“This is why I decided to kill the fiancée and the younger brother of the Knight Chief, and then push all the blame on the Knight Chief. Once you had entered prison, the status of a Hero became useful as there were many opportunities to use it. Really, It was easy to pretend to be a Hero. With my magic, I can create as many misleading pieces of evidence as I want, because I have many acquaintances who are good at those sort of things. In the first place, people who doubt me are not living in this country. Because both the idiots from the church did not get on well with Mr. Knight Chief, the investigation was done in a sloppy way.”

Adofu is staring at me silently.

Good, good reaction. That is the reaction I want to see.

Adofu, that fellow must be thinking of killing me now.

But, that will not come true.

Adofu’s sword will not hit me, even if it hit, it will not cause a fatal injury to me.

There is no reason to lose.

While thinking about wanting to kill you, I will continue to trample over you.

The humiliation I received from four years ago, I will return it a hundredfold.

By doing so, that blemish in my life will be resolved.

Looking at the expression of Adofu, I felt a sense of relief in my chest.

Aah, this day finally came, how many days have I waited for this moment to come?

Thank you, Adofu.

Because of you, I would not have been successful if I had not been humiliated, I would not have put my life on the line to level up during my travels.

The day where I feel a refreshing feeling that I have never felt before should have never come.

In this particular matter, I will give my thanks with appreciation. So, at best I will let you suffer and die while eating sand. If you hold a grudge, you should hate your own carelessness when you showed off that day.

Adofu walks toward the sword that was stuck in the ground.

He pulls it out, makes a big swing and holds it towards me.

“……First, listen closely.”


“Regarding the murder of my younger brother and Sylphy, is it because you wanted to conquer me with your sword?”


When I ask again, Adofu’s eyes flashed with bloodlust.

Aah, his fiancée. I did not know every single name. I was not interested to know.

That woman, which part of this ugly man did that woman fall in love with.

“No way, that is not the reason. Do I look like an idiot?”

He found the time to tell a joke.

“In Haranae, if a prisoner escapes, there are cases where the close relatives are executed. Although, it is to prevent escape, there have been instances of it happening.”

I have declared in the city that I will bear sin, but of course I do not actually need to bear it.

In the city, I pretend to be an innocent young man who believes in the benefactor from the past and pleases the crowd from my own standpoint.

If deceiving is a crime, then that is the mistake of the crowd who have allowed this path. That crowd is just as guilty as I am.

I blame this kind of behavior.

Humans, it is their own fault for not thinking.

“When I return to Haranae, regarding the matter of the Knight Chief, how should I report it? ‘Mr. Adofu was killed by a plague dragon’, I think I will report it like that?”

Good, good.

It’s really good. This is the best feeling.

As a matter of fact, if you think about it normally, it is likely that your relatives will be executed regardless of how I reported to the church about this case.

For this, I applaud.

There were also rumors about Adofu’s close relatives being suspicious of the Church and that opposition towards the Church is spreading.

That is the priest’s problem.

If Adofu escapes in the middle of the turmoil during the plague dragon subjugation, they will be glad to execute Adofu’s close relatives.

The set-up is in place.

In this case, even if I lose, not only will he not be able to avenge his younger brother and fiancée, but his close relatives will be executed as well.

This includes Adofu’s parents too.

This is a fight which I will not be able to lose, no, this is a battle that I will not lose.

Therefore, Adofu cannot win. He definitely cannot win.

Clearly, with this much difference in status, it would be difficult to lose.

Die while suffering in helplessness and despair.

“Come on Adofu! Without magic, show me what a soldier of Haranae can do!”

I will use the sword given to soldiers from Haranae, to put an end to Adofu.

I will not use the Holy Sword or the Cursed Sword.

Even if I use it, you would still know the heart crushing difference in absolute strength. Instead, I will use it to torment you.


Adofu rushes in while shouting.

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