Chapter 129: Cleaning Things up

I stand in front of the dead large slug and check the detailed information of the monster.

[[[Amagarashi]]: Rank C monster]
[The power to attract rain clouds, it has a habit of making pools of water into their own nest.]
[Therefore, in places where the Amagarashi lives in large quantities, the surrounding places will dry up.]
[In addition, the times when it is child rearing, it often shows hallucinations to lure in prey into the nest.]

…ha, yeah. I was successfully lured into the large slugs nest. I’m sorry but not sorry, I don’t think I could feel bad for what I just did.

Also, this is a desert, but I don’t think it was due to a massive outbreak of slugs. I haven’t seen any similar water pools until I came here, so I think that this was a desert from the beginning looking at the size of it. Perhaps, this was a sluggy paradise in the past? …ha ha well no point in worrying about it now.

What’s important now is what I’m going to be doing today.

This water….I can’t let Nina drink it. No, even I can’t drink it, I feel that you will get sick with something if you drink it. I mean, it’s the same color as the large slug. Actually, It shouldn’t be harmful, but still, I don’t want to drink it.

You are terrible large slug. Just how much are you going to tear at my heart until you’re satisfied.

To me who is feeling down and suffering, the small slugs start gathering again. While flicking them away with my wings, I look back towards Nina and the ball rabbit. Nina had a stiff face while looking at the slug hell, on the other hand, the ball rabbit had gleaming eyes. Ball rabbit can eat anything, but is whatever OK?


When I signal the ball rabbit over with my eyes, it jumps out of Nina’s arms and comes over. The small slugs are Rank D, at this level even the ball rabbit can destroy them alone. It will be hard to be surrounded so closely, but I’ll be following from the side if I’m needed.

I’m unwilling to continue fighting the slugs myself as there is no longer any way to wash myself, will I be able to wash myself at the sea tomorrow? I wish there was more water than this. If there was I will gladly paint my body in slugs.

First i’ll back off a bit and see how the ball rabbit fights. Although it doesn’t have a lot of MP for flashy moves, the ball rabbits overwhelming status over the small slugs will be a sure victory, so it shouldn’t be dangerous.

The ball rabbit has a bigger appetite than me. Let me go get a better view.

The ball rabbit slams the head of a slug with a whip of its ear and wraps it up as is throwing it into its mouth. Are you really okay, are you a parasite or something? Did your brain get taken over. It’s chewing as if it’s delicious, sorry but I won’t be doing the same.

Some of its HP got shaved off by the small slugs fluid projectiles and blood sucking, but it fully recovered thanks to [[Food Regeneration]]. Perhaps having that kind of skill is quite effective when facing multiple opponents.

In that case then I think that guy will be able to handle this somehow. Eat as much as you want, please digest everything and clean it up. I’m sorry slugs, but I won’t involve myself with you guys again for the rest of my life.

Get away and escape. Unless you don’t want to be raised anywhere else, but if you decide that you will rather live then you will escape from here. I won’t concern myself with you anymore.

The small slugs start gathering around and surrounding the ball rabbit. While I was wondering if it will be able to handle it, the ball rabbit stared at me with a glance.

Its Lv is going up and there is still plenty of HP left, but looks like its ears got tired. The moment I thought of helping, I remembered the slimy feeling I felt on my wings and turned my face. ….It’s alright ball rabbit, you can still go on.

Was it a Lion or something, that I was told would push their child down to the bottom of a cliff? Some kind of theory or practice about thinning out the heard.

I felt the ball rabbit staring at me badly, but I just looked up at the sky, desperately trying to think of something different to distract myself.

Oh, because of the large slugs [[Praying for Rain]] It is certainly just a bit cloudy here. Compared to other places around here, the clouds somewhat block the sunlight, making it a little comfortable, yeah. Lets not think about where the clouds are gathering towards.

“puhe! puhee!”

Sorry, but excuse me from the slugs already. If you really think that you can’t handle it I will help you.

After about ten minutes, due to the ball rabbits struggle, the large group of about 40 small slugs had decreased to its final three. Well done. Please quickly take care of the rest of them as well.

Species: Peach Ball Rabbit
Status: Normal
Lv: 8/30
HP: 39/51
MP: 2/40

Oh, it’s Lv went up! But as expected from your [[Food Regeneration]] ball rabbit, you’ve received little damage. Although it is apparently exhausted already.


The thickest small slug cried out in a strange voice and attacked one of its own. It leaned in and suppressed it to keep it from raging. The slug that was attacked and pinned down stopped moving after convulsing a little.

The slug that took its friend’s head moved on to attack the next one. Did you get shocked from seeing your friend attacking? It becomes food for the thick slug with no resistance.

What, are you a kin eater? No, it probably thought that it had no other choice to beat the enemy without raising its Lv by eating its companions.

The small slug that ate it’s friends grew larger than the others and closed the distance to the ball rabbit by contracting and expanding rapidly.

“pe, pefu!?”

This is bad. The ball rabbit has plenty of HP but its fatigue is too great. The reaction is slow and it can’t keep track of the incoming small slug with its eyes.


The small slug greatly jumped. The ball rabbit covered its face with its ears.

No, that kind of guard is useless. Although your eyes instinctively closed due to being surprised by the attack. During a battle, that action is only disadvantageous.

I swept my arm down on the quickly approaching slug and skewered it with my nails.

[2 experience points obtained]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 2 bonus points obtained]

…..ah, I got slug in my fingernail. I got pieces of its flesh under my nail.


The ball rabbit moves its ears and looks up at me.

I shake my arm around. The sticking pieces of slug slip off, and fall into the swamp and sink.

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