Chapter 172: Head-on Encounter


After I adjust my posture, I approach the giant centipede.

In the event that I fail, there is one thing that I can do. I concentrate magic in my throat, target the giant centipede and shoot everything out at once.


The stagnant miasma breath assaults the giant centipede. It’s [[Plague Breath]]. It will take time for its effects to truly appear, so I can’t rely on that, but it does act as a smokescreen.

I think I’d go crazy if my skill level increased and I evolved, so I want to use [[Scorching Breath]], but it’s visible to the enemy. In fact, I’ve experienced enemies charging through without hesitation despite me using [[Scorching Breath]] to slow them down.

For the giant centipede, a breath-like attack will not be able to penetrate its shell, with [[Scorching Breath]], the chances of defeating it will be slim. To begin with, my objective isn’t to deal damage, so it’s possible that it would think that this is strange and would slow down its movements by a few seconds.

Besides, it doesn’t seem to be that easy to raise the skill level.

[Normal Skill [[Plague Breath]] has leveled up from 3 to 4]

…as expected from God’s Voice-san, you really did it. Your voice came, right at the moment I show an opening, I really felt that stab coming at me. I really dislike this. Maybe it’s just telling me to give me an update.

I fly upwards from within the miasma. I kick the centipede’s head, spread my wings, and ride the wind to gain some distance. Turning my back on the centipede that has shown itself by cutting through the miasma, I then used [[Roll]] to run away.

The attempt to use the plan ‘KO with [[Nutcracker]]’ has failed. From now on its response will be faster. To begin with, if he gets some distance the moment I’m in the air and then waits for me to land, it’s over. This technique is applicable provided that the giant centipede charges at me, sort of like, a counter when at a disadvantage. It relies on the opponent’s actions. My strategy to use [[Nutcracker]] on the giant centipede cannot be used anymore.

When it comes to this, there is no other option but to use other strategies. I still have another method for this. This is also a counter which relies on the giant centipede’s actions, though compared to the strategy for [[Nutcracker]] it has a lot of uncertainties, and it also possesses a high risk if it fails, but this is the only method left.

When I need to prioritise escaping, speed and attack strength will become a problem.During that time, the important thing is how fast I can move. However, when my objective is to defeat it, defense will become a problem. The important thing is, can I smash that giant centipede’s shell? Naturally, my options are limited.

If I am able to smash that shell and am left with no other methods to attack anymore, when that time comes, there is no need to think about what to do. If this fails, I might die. It’s possible to get killed. This time for sure, I will be able to remove that centipede.


The giant centipede releases an unpleasant noise. “Coward, come here and face me in battle”, is the feeling I’m getting.

Of course, to face it up front and fight it fair and square is something I would decline doing. If that happened I would definitely lose. Why do I have to agree to a fight where the opponent has the advantage?

But, because I’m getting tired or due to the giant centipede becoming enraged, the distance between us did not increase at all. Rather, the distance is rapidly becoming narrower and narrower. I cannot hold this for long. [[Plague Breath]] was supposed to have been completely absorbed, and I considered that [[Curse]] might start taking effect and that the centipede might weaken if I started an endurance race and ran away for a whole day, but it doesn’t seem like I could do that.

If the chase is prolonged, I will be struck by the centipede beam again. Whether I can dodge that, it is a game with quite bad luck.

On the far right, a big hill can be seen. It fits the assumed conditions. Right, here I go, this time I will fight back.

I intend to use up my physical strength and raise the speed of [[Roll]] all at once. A prolonged escape is not necessary. Here, I have reached the desired distance.


I safely crossed the top of the targeted hill. Right, from this temporary strategic position, I should be able to hide myself from the giant centipede.

I slowly decelerate and make a fast turn. I rush up the descending slope all at once. From the direction where I escape to, turning towards the direction of frontal collision.

With this timing, the collision with the giant centipede should happen at the top of the hill. It’ll depend on my opponent’s actions, but it doesn’t mean that there is no chance to win. No, other than this method, I can’t think of any other way to break through that giant centipede.

That is why, I have to do it.

The melee skill of that giant centipede has 2 flaws. First of all, the giant centipede’s melee ability has an unexpectedly big gap. I was afraid when I met it the first time and could hardly notice it. Its motion is quite big. At most, that part of the movement is fast…… even so, if you watch it carefully, you should be able to avoid the first hit.

From there, there is a second flaw. Because, even when the giant centipede has that huge body, its attack pattern is mainly focused around its skills.

Normal skills:
[[Poison LV5]] [[Dig LV6]] [[Sand Breath LV4]] [[Clay Wall LV3]] [[Paralysis Bite LV2]]
[[Acid Spit LV4]] [[Heat Ray LV4]]

Spitting poison, breathing out a sandstorm, spitting acid saliva, a bite attack enhanced with paralysis, and attacking with a charged-up mouth beam. I see, this guy can only do decent attacks with the mouth. Even if it has such a huge body. For everything else, the skill to dig and the skill to create a sand wall are creation magic.

This stupid giant centipede doesn’t have a skill for his main body. If it wanted to utilise its body, at best, it can only use the hardness of the shell and move at a high speed to bash you with its body.

Even so, it is still a threat. The frightening part of the giant centipede is that it is able to fire danger from its mouth, it is much worse than the skill. In truth, it seemed almost helpless against the red ants that had flocked from the side.

So, this should work. When we collide at the top of the hill, I will provoke the giant centipede while dodging its one-hit attack.

If it’s a normal collision, I’ll be easily caught and will end up in its mouth, but the giant centipede still hasn’t realised that I am going the other way around.

Facing against me who jumped out in a hurry, its reaction should be delayed a little. In the exchange of life, that “little” is a critical thing. The lethality of the skill used will also increase. Because of the surprise attack, I have a good chance of dodging the giant centipede’s attack.

If I can get over its head, I can go around to the main body which has less capability to fight back. Starting from there it will be a critical period.

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