Chapter 223: The Wight

The human bones sat leaning against a wall in the shrine and held tightly onto the tibia that popped off of them. The sound of their jittering jawbone rattled out, coming off as lonely.

I wonder… by any chance, do they have human consciousness and awareness? Because if they do, then there’s no way in hell I can crush them on a… whim… Argh, I knew it. Guess I shouldn’t’ve done something so screwy.


As Partner cried out, black light once again enveloped the human bones, causing the human bone’s once-detached arm and leg to reaffix themselves to their rightful positions.

Ohh, I see. So if [[Fake Life (Soul Appendment)]] doesn’t get used on them, then their bones can’t keep themselves together. Is that it?

I wonder… Can I do a status check on them?

Species: Wight
Status: Cursed
Level: 1/5
HP: 7/7
MP: 2/2
Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Magic: 3
Speed: 2
Rank: F

Characteristic Skills:
[[Grisha Language: Lv 1]] [[Undead: Lv –]] [[Dark Attribute: Lv –]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Status Ailment Nullification: Lv –]] [[Physical Resistance: Lv 1]]
[[Magic Resistance: Lv 1]]

Normal Skills:
[[Gale: Lv 1]] [[Weak Curse: Lv 1]] [[Life Drain: Lv 1]]

Title Skills:
[[Minion to the Wicked Dragon: Lv –]]

Ohh, a wight… Just as I feared, this isn’t working out… I could sorta kinda tell by the way it looked, but uhh… it’s been completely reassigned from being a human, hasn’t it?

Status ailment nullification? …Seems like it’ll get stronger somehow when it evolves, huh? Yep… Or perhaps I should focus on whatever the hell this [[Minion to the Wicked Dragon]] thing is. I wasn’t and ain’t askin’ for that sorta thing!

So, crush it? Was I right that it’d be better to crush it? Leaving it like this is totally considered toying with the dead, right? Plus, whoever I subject this to is gonna be in distress and the like, aren’t they? I mean, it’s got [[Status Ailment Nullification]], and yet it has ‘cursed’ in its status. It’s probably something of a curse itself, this [[Fake Life (Soul Appendment)]].

But, I’d say making someone come back and then insta-killing them is also… well, y’know…

I guess I’ll give a shot looking at whatever the heck a wight is. Yeah, that’s an idea. It won’t be too late, even if I mull it around in my head once I give it a once-over.

[[[Wight]]: F Ranked Monster]
[A monster whose corpse has been possessed by an evil spirit.]
[Although it’s not particularly strong, it’s dangerous due to it occasionally attacking humans by pretending that it’s nothing more than human remains.]
[One that possesses itself unto an animal is, in many instances, referred to as a [[Beast Wight]].]

It’s not even a flippin’ human, what?! It’s an evil spirit! Or, rather, it’s my magic, huh? Heck, I mean, it’s even called [[Fake Life (Soul Appendment)]].

Alrighty, I can crush it without any reserves and without planting seeds of trouble yet to come. If it had returned back as a halfway disembodied soul or somethin’, I might’ve been at an impasse. Whew, what a relief.

For now, that’s that. Got it burned into my mind now that it means I’m not to use dead bodies.

Sorry, Wight, but I’ll be taking the liberty of crushing you. When I pointed my arm towards the wight, the wight gently and quietly knelt down and lowered its head.

It has [[Minion to the Wicked Dragon]], so it may be that it’s completely and utterly subservient to me, huh? I mean, like, it’s a monster-like thing that I conjured up. Or, rather than sayin’ it’s monster-like, I guess it is one as it stands. It’s a rather craptastic skill to have if you’re rearing to rise up against me.

I guess I’ll quickly crunch it into scattered bones and bury it in the forest.

I tenderly thrusted a claw into the part of the wight where its nape was… and yet, the wight didn’t resist.


Partner was staring at me from the side, her eyes locked onto me. It seemed that she was directing a question at me, asking if it was okay to crush it.

Hey, quit it! This is hard to do, okay? That’s because it’s nothing more than magic. It doesn’t even count as a living being, let alone a human, because if anything, it’s a thing that took up occupancy in the body of a living being and took control of its corpse.

…Though I guess the one who took control of it was me. No, it’s precisely because of that. For the sake of the one who originally inhabited this body, I need to properly finish it… it… off…

The sound of the wight’s jittering jawbone rattled out. It laughed…? No, it’s… It’s trembling? Even if it were to be assumed that it’s completely and utterly subservient, it’s to be expected that it’d have a modicum of free… will…

… …

I gently lowered my raised forefoot and observed the wight.

As the wight rattled its bones, it looked up at me, seemingly in wonder, and tilted its head to the side. The gesture was, in a way, childish and charming. It looked just like that of a child, who had been caught playing a prank, looking timidly at their parents. Beyond the wight in front of me, I felt as if I could see the way the child to whom these small bones belonged to looked.

…I can’t crush you, Wight. Ugh, what should I do about all this…  Well, first of all, as far as the Lithuvar tribe goes, I can’t ever let them see you. It will only end badly. No doubt ‘bout that.


As I gestured my head toward the back of the shrine, Wight stood up and, while staggering about, went walking in the direction that I roughly pointed to. What am I gonna do… Just… Whatever am I gonna do?

It’s not at all like raising spiderlings. Something like a skeleton will never grow up. Period. Wight’s growth period has ended. Their life as a human is over, so there’s no room for doubt.

Even supposing that they do get bigger, I can’t just up and return them all naturally and stuff. I can’t let a skeleton monster of all things roam around all loose. If I take my eyes off of them for even a second, I’m guessing I’ll be making plenty of ‘friends’ somehow.

Ugh, I knew it. This is sacrilegious to a dead body. Well, whether I like it or not, They do have the likeness they had when they were alive…

My very first roommates are a skeleton and a spider. For pete’s sake, what am I gonna do about this?! I guess it’s a haunted house now!

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