Chapter 203: The Underground Battle

I confront the Red Ant army. There are about twenty of them, but that amount makes no difference to me. Can I push through in one go?


An unpleasant cry resounds from the depths of the passageway. A large, stout Red Ant appears. It’s leading a large number of Red Ants as well. More reinforcements, huh? This is considerably bigger than the previous nest. It seems like this won’t be easy.

……That big Red Ant, is it the captain? Although I can’t understand the Red Ant’s facial expressions, it looks composed. I do not know the exact number due to the rows of enemy reinforcements continuing around the corner, but it seems there are less than thirty ants.

I fire [[Wind Slash]] at the approaching Red Ants. Instead of firing it directly at them, I aim at the floor near them. By aiming the blast wave indirectly at their feet, I can limit their mobility.

Unlike outside, If it is this narrow passageway, then there is no need to worry about losing sight of the enemy. Even if the enemies line up side by side, three shots of [[Wind Slash]] can cover the entire width of the passageway.

The Red Ants’ [[Clay Gun]] is their specialty, but the blasts from [[Wind Slash]] can deflect it. If this is the case, I will have the upper hand. I can one-sidedly shave off the enemy’s HP.

Be that as it may, My MP is running severely low. Even if leveling up raises my max MP, it is meaningless unless my MP is replenished. Since I have [[Automatic HP Recovery]], is it okay to take a little damage to my health instead?

“Kucha!” “Kuchaa!”

The Red Ants on my side have caught up to me and have begun shooting [[Clay Gun]] at the enemy. It is adequate cover fire. As a whole group, the enemy Red Ants are exhausting their strength. Every time they fall, [[Voice of God]] announces the amount of experience gained and level ups.


Judging that they were at a disadvantage, the enemy red ants forcefully attempt to draw closer. However, there is an unreasonable amount of sacrifice being made in order to move forward. While the enemy was shortening the distance between us, a large number of them fell victim to the [[Clay Gun]] shots from behind me.

Just when I thought that we had gained the advantage, more enemy reinforcements emerge from the passage once again. Much to my dismay, it doesn’t look like this battle will end anytime soon.


The enemy Red Ants in the front row finally lunge at me. I use my arm to knock them down, but it will not be over that easily. Following the first one, they rapidly begin throwing themselves on me.

Even though I have the advantage in the fight, it did not make up for the difference in numbers. Right now, I don’t have much MP left. If they get past and attack the red ants behind me, we could be instantly defeated.

I spread out in the passageway and deal with the enemies on the right side. Let’s leave the left side to my partner, though I am a little uneasy about it. Even if I can’t beat them all, if I flip them, the Red Ants can finish them off with their covering fire.

The fight lasts nearly ten minutes. Although there were difficulties along the way, my Red Ant army took little damage and supported me on my left side,which prevented us from receiving any fatal injuries. The ally Red Ant captain was fighting in front of me, but when it’s leg was damaged by an attack, it was dragged by its allies back into the passageway to recover. Because it was a long fight, I had lost concentration and was about to be attacked by an enemy who had entered my blind spot. With great timing, ball rabbit alerted me of the threat with [[Telepathy]].

The enemy Red Ants fell one after another, and this seems to have been noticed.


It’s that big Red Ant. I wonder when the big Red Ant will come, but the enemy Red Ants are not moving. It was a little further behind from the center of the group. It was clear that, until now, the Red Ants’ intentions were to carry out suicidal attacks.

The big Red Ant looks around in shock. Huh, that is the captain, right? My Red Ant captain was fighting on the frontlines, though…… Well, their fighting methods seem to differ depending on the Red Ant in charge.

There are many different types of leaders. There are those that inspire and fight with their troops at the frontline, and those that give instructions from a safe position, but surely both are good leadership styles, right? Well, I wouldn’t really know.


The big Red Ant turns around and flees. I jump on its back. My partner’s head hits the ceiling, but it’s okay. I impale it with a claw and flip it while throwing it onto the ground.

[135 experience points obtained.]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg:Lv–]] activated, 135 bonus points obtained.]
[[[Ouroboros]] level has risen from 54 to 55.]

……The amount of experience is not very high. As expected, it wasn’t a very good leader.

[Normal Skill [[Death:Lv1]] Acquired]

This… does not seem to be a good skill to use. Just in case, let’s check its details with [[Voice of God]]. I have not examined a skill in a long time.

[Normal Skill [[Death]] ]
[A form of dark magic that reaps the target’s life.]
[It is powerful, but often fails.The consumption of MP is very large.The success rate varies depending on the difference between the user’s and the target’s magic levels].

O-oi. Was recovery magic not my strong point? It’s something like a death spell, though. Moreover, this is useless in regards to what is essential for recovery skills.

After this, I am going to learn recovery skills, right? Or rather, I was the one who learned [[Death]], right? If my companion learned it, I would be terrified. It would be like a boss AI in a game that keeps using the instant death spell and wasting all of its MP.

……For now, none of the allied Red Ants have fallen. Some have had their bodies crushed by stray bullets from [[Clay Gun]], so I use [[High Rest]] as an emergency measure to save them. Their bodies are still in poor shape, but if the Red Ants’ MP recovers later, they should be able to heal up with [[Autoregeneration]].

Even though the enemy Red Ants have been continuously sending reinforcements, they suddenly stopped. This is the enemy’s base. There is no reason for the news to not have been spread. It seems that they must have run out of reinforcements. My level has risen considerably too. Now, I just have to take the head of the Queen Ant to finish this.

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