Chapter 200: The War Begins

I ran along with the Red Ant assault group.

The Red Ants here, split into left and right wings of ten ants each and a centre line of five, aimed for the enemy’s hive. I’m part of the central line. I haven’t seen them yet, but I’m sure the five Ants that went ahead a while ago are making a detour to take a roundabout path from the back. It’s just like the formation I was shown by the Red Ant commander a while ago.

There still aren’t more than ten enemy Red Ants that have come out of the hive. We have thirty on our side. Seems like we’ll be able to easily suppress them. However, it won’t be over with just this. There are surely more to come.

I want some experience points, no matter how little. Kicking the ground, I sped up. Passing my Red Ant allies, I charged into the group of enemy Red Ants near the hive.

Unlike the narrow hive, it’s spacious here, and I won’t be subject to a pincer attack. If it gets dangerous, with my base speed I can temporarily retreat and recover with [[Autoregeneration]] or [[High Rest]]. Because my max HP is high, I shouldn’t easily sustain a fatal wound even if I am lynched.

Three Red Ants appeared before me. The other side seems to have also split their forces into three groups in response to us.

Most likely their objective is to buy time for allied reinforcements to arrive from the hive. Right now they hold less fighting power, so rather than attacking, they must devote themselves to defending. Since that’s the case, their movements also became limited.


“Kucha!” “Kucha!” “Kuchaa!”

The three Red Ants lined up horizontally and fired [[Clay Gun]].

It’d be to my enemies’ expectations if I were to awkwardly stop and take a different path. Their aim is to stop me here. What they fear the most right now is me rushing in through the shortest route.

Intentionally not dodging the small rocks, I blocked all of them with my arms. If I charged in with the intent to strike and attack to a certain extent, they won’t be completely taken aback. Moreover, rather than dodging poorly, they’d avoid attacks that would deal fatal wounds. It’s fine to not pay heed to the [[Clay Gun]] which were fired while estimating my evasive behaviour. Well, it’s an option I can choose since I have restorative abilities and my HP is high.

But I’m definitely protecting my head. I can’t have Ball Rabbit fall off.


The Red Ants that attacked under the assumption I’d let them dodge take a step back. As expected, they would be surprised at me dashing straight forward despite them attacking with the intent to buy some time. It was a good feint.

Still, that was reckless, wasn’t it? Blood is running down my arms and legs, and scales have peeled off here and there. I also have [[Automatic MP Recovery]], so let’s recover, just in case.

[[High Rest]] is more efficient than [[Autoregeneration]], but the skill [[High Rest]] is held by my partner.


I barked at my partner.


My partner turned her blank gaze towards me. No, I’d like you to use recovery magic……


My partner cried out, and light enveloped my body. My wounds closed before my eyes.

“Kuchaa!” “Kucha!” “Kuchaa!”

The three Red Ants attacked simultaneously. The Red Ants turned up before me and suddenly split into three directions.

I hit the middle ant with a headbutt and smacked the one to the right with my tail. Rather than focusing on sheer power, I was focused on extending my tail. I want to kill them one by one.

I leave the Red Ant coming from the left wholly to my partner. I take a quick glance over to the left.

“Guau! Guah!”

My partner bit into the Red Ant’s abdomen and smashed it into the ground. Well done, you can do it if you try, can’t you?

Lifting my upper body, I spread my wings and flew to the rear, kicking the ground with my back feet. The two Red Ants that flinched from my headbutt and tail swipe don’t throw themselves at me. Since their objective is to buy time, they probably have concluded that they must not chase after an intruder in case they distanced themselves.

Without delay, I soared up into the sky. Thanks to [[Fly]] having leveled up, it’s easier for me to fly than before. I’m most likely also able to perform more complicated maneuvers than before, but it’s for another time to verify that.

“Kuchaa! Kuchaa!”

The Red Ant in my partner’s jaws struggled violently. I’ve flown up so high in order to kill this one with certainty.

Since I’m still at a low level right now, by killing one Ant in itself, a level up is to be expected. Even if that buys the enemy Red Ants time to call for reinforcements, I prefer it like this.


Losing against the struggling Red Ant, my partner released it from her mouth. I opened my big mouth and bit into the Red Ant that was released into a free fall from my partner’s restraint.


It seems she was careless because she thought it would just drop to the ground. That’s a shame. I have two heads after all.

I actually kind of want to directly smash it into the ground with [[Nutcracker]], but I think the recoil of that skill would be too much to bear for Ball Rabbit. I pulled my head backwards, then swung it forward violently, throwing the Red Ant downwards.


I straightened my wings to increase my falling speed and vigorously dove after the Red Ant falling to the ground. As the Red Ant is thrown to the ground, I decided to shift my body in a [[Roll]]-like manner in order to axe kick it.


The Red Ant’s body fluids splattered across the ground, and after its body spasmed slightly, its breath died out.

[243 experience points obtained.]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 243 bonus points obtained.]
[Level of [[Ouroboros]] increased from 5 to 15.]

Since a two rank difference has opened up, the amount of experience points obtained has decreased a bit. Nevertheless, it’s still profitable.

As expected of an A rank monster. I can feel my physical abilities rise by a remarkable amount upon leveling up.


The previous two aim at me now that I have descended and shoot [[Clay Gun]]. Again, I blocked it with my arms. The impact itself was transmitted, but this time there was no damage to my scales. I might be able to do something against the two of them if it’s like this.

“Kucha!” “Kucha!”

A large number of Red Ants poured out of the hive entrance. Those are the Red Ants that were called by the one that withdrew to the inner parts of the hive. Twenty have already come out, but I can see no indication of that process stopping.

This…… the difference in combat strength has already been turned around, hasn’t it? If I were to be swarmed by such numbers, I’d end up like the Giant Centipede from some time ago.

“Kucha!” “Kuchaa!”

From behind, my Red Ant allies drew closer. Overtaking me in that manner, they headed towards the swarm of enemy Red Ants. I also promptly joined them.

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