Chapter 126: Ruler of Paradise

A small mysterious lake, located in the middle of the desert. There is also enough space for me to take two baths at the same time if I were to squeeze in tightly. But I won’t do that since the effects of [[Dragon Scales]] will spread. Even though the water is crystal clear clean water, it will be ruined if I go in. I am unclean.

Many colorful plants are blooming around the lake. My mind becomes clear just by looking at it. Is it just me, or is this an oasis?

I wonder if there are water veins passing underground. Actually, I don’t really understand much about this world. There could even be a crystal at the bottom of the lake where all the water comes from for all I know.

As I approached, my [[Presence Sense]] began to react. There must already be an occupant. I was surprised but it doesn’t seem like a bad guy…I thought as I watched the lake…then something got up from the flower garden.

I didn’t notice it at first since it looks like a rock. Is it a huge slug?

Its body surface was slimy, with a green that was close to black which made it look eerie. Compared with the gorgeous oasis, it’s a little out of place. It’s also vandalizing the flowers by eating them from the roots.

It’s even eating the soil. Not even the ball rabbit is that gluttonous.

Other than that, there’s not much danger. Even if there was it’s so small and weak that it’s not enough to mind. It’s not very appetizing, but if I want to make a base here I will have to eliminate it.

I can’t tell how strong it is from this distance, but it’s about the same size as that cactus monster. At that size it will be difficult to fight with the ball rabbit and Nina around.

I bend down and let Nina and the ball rabbit get off before reaching the lake. I’ll leave Nina’s bodyguard duty to you for a moment ball rabbit. The huge slug noticed me and trembled as its two antenna pointed towards me. I stand in the space between the flower garden and the desert to confront the huge slug.

Status check!

Species: Amagarashi[1]
State: Normal
Lv: 26/50
HP: 207/207
MP: 94/94
Attack: 190
Defense: 188
Magic: 138
Speed: 163
Rank: C

Characteristic Skills:
[[Soft Body: Lv–]] [[Viscous Body Fluid: Lv–]] [[Water Absorption: Lv3]]
[[Automatic MP Recovery: Lv5]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Paralysis Resistance: Lv2]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv4]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv4]]
[[Confusion Resistance: Lv5]]

Normal Skills:
[[Mirage: Lv5]] [[Praying for Rain: Lv3]] [[Dig: Lv3]] [[Water-Gun: Lv5]] [[Spawning: Lv4]]
[[Bloodsucking: Lv2]] [[Sandstorm: Lv2]] [[Flexibility: Lv3]] [[Self-Recovery: Lv3]]

Title Skills:
[[Ruler of Paradise: Lv–]] [[Magic User: Lv3]]

C’mon, this isn’t a C rank monster. Despite how it looks, its speed is high, and it also has a Lv5 [[Mirage]] that I hate.

Its stats are also about where the Little Rock Dragon was. I was able to win then, and my Lv’s increased since then. I’ll also be able to take a few hits from it head on easily. I can’t have this oasis without taking it down, let’s take it out for the ball rabbit and Nina!

Leaving the ball rabbit behind was the right answer. It can’t compete with monsters of this rank just yet.

Alright, gather myself, concentrate! [[Presence Sense]] is already always on as an early alarm. I will use it to deal with [[Mirage]] or the battle will drag on. There’s a status difference so I want to solve this as quickly as I can.

I stepped into the flower garden and closed the distance to the huge slug immediately. The huge slug lifts its upper body to intimidate me.


The slugs large body folds and divides into two. It doesn’t have that kind of skill, but I do know what it does have!

The right side is an imposter, and the left one is just an afterimage. Unfortunately for you big slug, [[Presence Sense]] tells me exactly where you are.

I zone out my eyes and put my focus on my senses instead. My field of vision fluctuated and the big slug on the right disappeared.

[Resistant Skill [[Illusion Resistance: Lv1]] was obtained]

Alright, I got a new resistant skill. I can win if it’s like this. I put strength into my feet, kick the ground and fly low.

I swing my hand in the air and hit the head of the big slug with my claws. The heavy claws stabbed into the big slugs body. Putting strength into my fingers, and gouge out the flesh.


Guts and body fluids splatter and the big slug screams in pain. I go through the right side of the big slug due to the momentum.

Pieces of flesh from the big slug is left in my nails, so I shake it off making it scatter around.

I landed while turning my body, and looked back towards the big slug. Bodily fluids were spilling out of the big slugs left belly.

I made a mistake. I was planning to strike from the front, but my aim shifted slightly due to the [[Mirage]]. Even if I could tell it was a mirage I have a habit of always judging by the eyes. Would it be better if I fought with my eyes closed? No, that wasn’t really the problem this time……

Although its HP is pretty high, I thought since its defense isn’t quite up there I will be able to settle the matter with one decisive blow. Even though the hit was sufficiently fatal, the flesh is already growing back. [[Self-Recovery]] skill. Its [[Automatic MP Recovery]] skill Lv is also high, so it prolongs its use of skills.

The tips of the big slug’s two antenna form a point and aim towards me. I don’t really want to know what it squeezes out….No, I’m sorry but it is unpleasant.

I’m a little wary of its offensive power since I just interacted with it. It doesn’t look like it has a particularly dangerous skill, but it’s pretty quick so I just have to be careful there. I should also increase my [[Presence Sense]] to ward off [[Mirage]].

I don’t know whether any of my breath techniques will work, but I could at least draw its attention. Also my MP is not at its best after the match with the needle camel. But if I use a feint then hit it with an attack I should be able to suppress my MP consumption. I’ll kill it with the next blow.

At the same time I was preparing to jump again the big slug began to spout liquid from its mouth. It is a viscous translucent liquid. It doesn’t plan to hit me, instead its scattering it around me. What are you doing?

[1] Play on the Spanish word amargar, or in English: embitter
Embitter: To cause someone to feel bitter or resentful.
Give a sharp or pungent taste or smell too.

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