Chapter 118: Mirage

I shoot [[Kamaitachi]] with my wing while floating in the air. The air blades are definitely scraping the needle camels surface.

From the scooped out body, a viscous liquid like that of a cactus drips and a sweet smell drifts. Even if I’m fighting, my mouth was still salivating.

The needle camel glares at me with its empty sockets while still in its defending posture.
The needle camel seems to be in a difficult position. But, there is no reason to get closer. Its HP will still decrease even from afar.

Looking at the exhausted needle camel, it dissolves it’s defensive posture and stands up. The surrounding sand starts to roll up around the needle camel so as to fit it.

Is this the [[Sandstorm]] skill? Well if it is, it’s not that intense. I can somehow still find my way if it’s like this. It seems that it used [[Mirage]] just when the visibility was getting worse….

Should I continuously use [[Status Check]]? I know it will use up my MP. I know its a little cheap to do so, but it won’t be able to deceive my [[Status Check]]. That way I can judge whether its genuine or not.

Ah, blindly shooting off [[Kamaitachi]] is a pretty big burden on the wings. Needless to say, they have both been overworked. I’d better get down soon.

I use [[Status Check]] to check whether the needle camel is real as I drop my altitude. At that moment, a strange sound came from below. I have a bad feeling, and quickly fall down while twisting.

A pointed sand pillar extends right past me. Immediately after, the pillars of sand broke down and collapsed, making the sandstorm darker.

Because I had forcibly changed my trajectory, my posture collapsed as I fell. I forcibly adjust the direction of my body with [[Roll]] and beat my tail on the ground, to kill the impact of the land. I kick the ground as it is, and fly backwards to take a distance from the needle camel.

Oh, is that it? Does it manipulate the sand and solidify it?

I guess this is the [[Clay]] skill. Certainly the Clay Bear had the same skill. Even if it’s the same, the needle camel’s is far bigger.

……That guy, the sand column made using [[Clay]] was hidden with [[Mirage]], and it was done with the help of [[Sandstorm]]. [[Sandstorm]] not only reduced visibility it also obstructed my auditory sense. I did not notice the sound of the sand pillar approaching.

High magical power is dangerous after all. Disregarding myself, I really haven’t confronted the magic type. Thinking back, it seems that there were only muscle brained types in the forest, excluding the black lizard…

I don’t want to get to close to the needle camel, I will just take my time scraping away at it from a distance.

I don’t want to hit it myself since its skin is covered in needles. The momentum will weaken and it won’t give much damage. As long as its HP is steadily decreasing, I can continue using [[Kamataichi]] as is.

Trying to flap my wings to fly, I hear something cutting the wind flying towards me. I guard with my wings and three needles pierced it, sticking to it.

It probably shot while hiding it with [[Mirage]]. I won’t be able to see something so thin. Is it getting desperate and decided to hunt instead?

I have to avoid this long distance attack, but the sandstorm is making it difficult to pick up the sound. I can only rely on sight….ohh!

I twisted my body to avoid the needle that flew towards my neck. The other needle moved and I was stuck on my chest.

Woah! Wait! I just barely decided that I was going to once again believe in my vision! To see it, I will avoid it using the sky’s reflection.

But what if I close my eyes as soon as this happens. I might be misled. If I can’t see it, it will be dangerous if it ends up in a different place. Should I only count on the sound then?

But that alone won’t help, I won’t be able to aim like that. I’ll be able to tell where the needles are flying, but will I be able to move my body right with my eyes closed?

I avoid the needles, and within the gaps fire off [[Kamaitachi]]. It’s useless. My attack frequency will keep on decreasing. It also has [[Automatic HP Recovery]], so the fight will be prolonged if this keeps up.

Will this be decided at once with a prepared needle in close combat? The opponent’s attack power is low but I won’t be able to do anything if it comes to a fistfight. Its disadvantageous if I think about being struck while it’s hiding in an illusion.

I keep my distance from the main body while defending from the flying needles with [[Kamaitachi]] and my wings. Even if my vision is deceived, it is easy to search for the main body because it is skipping over the blown away needles.

In the increasingly violent sandstorm, I can see the figure of the needle camel. I release [[Kamaitachi]] all the while and attack it while removing the sand in the vicinity. I kick the ground and spread my wings, flying low towards the opponent while following the wind blades.

My body collides with the needle camel from the front. At that moment, the shape of the needle camel sways. I slip through the needle camel as is without minding the distortion and fly straight. As I thought, what I saw was just the mirage of the needle camel.

You may be able to mislead the direction but you cannot deceive the depth. It seems such wisdom is also in the needle camel, but I’m a former human being. I can check if it is an illusion with [[Status Check]]. I won’t lose in wisdom with a beast. No, its a plant. Which do you prefer?

A sand tower penetrates just behind me. It seems that it planned to lure me in and stab me with [[Clay]] when I stopped in front of the needle camel illusion. I will not get tricked the same way again!

I will give you a [[Kamaitachi]]. The blade of wind scattered the sandstorm, the noise got thinner, the location of the needle camel that was hidden came into view using [[Presence Sense]]. Lets check its status. You can’t hide if I know where you are. Definitely its main body.

I release [[Kamaitachi]] towards the needle camel’s head while I jump. The needles that protected the right of its head splashes around.

I stretch out my arms into the air, put my hands on the right of it’s head, and dig my claws into the needle camel’s head. I grasp it tight and twist its head around while doing a cartwheel.

[Normal Skill [[Neck Breaker]] Lv changed from 2 to 3]

The head of the needle camel flew away and the liquid inside spew up. While landing and looking back, the huge body of the needle camel collapses with a huge thud.

[504 experience points obtained]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg]] activated, gained 504 more points]

The value was pretty high. As expected, high Lv enemies are worth aiming for. Although, I don’t want to meet with the Huge Centipede again.

[[[Evil Plague Dragon]] ‘s Lv has risen from 22 to 29]

It’s a nice feeling. Well, how do I collect the contents of the needle camel?

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