Chapter 136: Sacrifice

While running from the huge centipede I could start to see the sea coming closer. Hmm, if I were to jump into the sea would the huge centipede chase after me? I wonder what kind of effects salt water has on an insect…..Well it’s useless to think about this right now if I get killed instantly.

I slightly change my course after taking a quick peek to the back, so I could run parallel to the sea. I should keep going a little further. I’m thankful that there is plenty of room for me to escape in case of emergency.

At the bend, I saw a monster in the distance.

Species: Motarikemeru
Status: Normal
Lv: 7/31
HP: 74/74
MP: 48/63

What, oh, is it the three-headed camel? I consider the three headed camel to be a high quality food. It has plenty of taste and the meat is lean. Probably because I eat cactus all the time. Among all of the things that I’ve eaten, it was the most delicious, that’s even including the forest. Someday, I’d like to try it with Phi perris.

It’s something that I would like to hunt, bake, grill, salt and eat deliciously, but unfortunately I can’t afford that. Should I deliberately avoid it and hurry ahead?

No, if I continue this way would I be able to change the centipedes target? Even a huge centipede just wants some food, so it would appreciate prey it can easily hunt. It’s bad, but let’s have the three headed camel become a sacrifice.

I line up to the three headed camel and continue running in a straight line towards it.


The three headed camel that noticed me had all three faces dyed in fear, and it tries to escape. I’ll be scared. Especially if a large rigid rolling ball twice my size was coming straight at me like a fastball.

If I was a human, I’m sure that even if I escaped it would become a trauma. Maybe I would even scream and cry out every time I saw a marble.

But, at that speed it can’t run away from me. Even if I wasn’t rolling, I’d still be able to catch that three headed camel.

While being chased by the huge centipede, and going out of my way to chase after the three headed camel, the distance between the three headed camel is gradually reduced. Don’t feel bad, camel. This is just the way it works. That’s the food chain pyramid. Life is also sometimes regrettable.


I tackle the back of the three headed camel lightly. Just enough for it to drop its speed, and it rises and spins backwards.


I feel that my hit breaks some of the three headed camels bones. Sorry, really I’m sorry. Without the purpose of eating, driving down monsters and killing them somehow makes me feel…guilty.

[28 experience points obtained]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 28 bonus points obtained]

Ooh, it was an instant death? Hitting a monster with [[Roll]] at maximum speed at this rank can kill them. It seems that I could effectively level up if I were to run around targeting D ranked monsters. I will take a look at the huge centipede to see if the strategy went well. I saw a three headed camel flying towards the huge centipede.
Alright, that’s good. Let’s calm down and see what happens.


Bruising and sticky sounds, ring out at the same time. The body of the three headed camel brilliantly gets hit clean by the body of the huge centipede. The body of the three headed camel which crashed into the huge centipede with its strong shell, couldn’t endure the vigourous speed and exploded. The front legs, hind legs and three heads scattered around, and splash blood all about. In contrast to how I thought it was going to turn out, the scene was too spectacular and my focus was nailed down behind me. I’m sorry three headed camel. I did not mean this.

As expected, it wasn’t enough to damage the huge centipede’s high defensive power, but it looks like it was enough to provoke the opponent.


The heated up huge centipede screeches loudly as it comes closer to me at a speed faster than before. Why, how did this happen? Any hope I had to settle this matter was now gone.

However, it’s not all bad. Since it’s now going faster than it was before, it has not considered the burden on their stamina now that it is rushing in anger. It won’t last for long, is what I’d like to think….

I don’t slacken my pace and continue rolling at an appropriate speed. According to my expectation the (Remember my name) sound that it cries out every now and then has gotten further and further away. This is good. If I continue at this pace, Nina will really be in danger. The ball rabbit….well, it looks tough, so it’ll be fine.

The camel’s sacrifice was effective as a result. Let’s go back down this road later and cook….hold a service. It will lighten the ball rabbit’s mood as well. It will be pretty painful if you decide to stop using [[Telepathy]] and [[Clean]] after all.

The moment I felt relieved and relaxed a little bit, I felt a chill from the back. This feeling, I remember. Taking a quick glance back, I see a red light gathering in the mouth of the huge centipede. It’s here, the high powered and long range, nightmare centipede’s beam [[Heat Ray]].

When I think about it, it slowed down before it shot off a beam the last time. Should I have realised it when I stopped hearing its cry? What do I do? Last time I dealt with it with a sharp fall, but right now I’m running on the ground.

Is it avoidable on this plane? If I escape into the air, I can increase the distance, but there’s also the risk that I might just get killed instantly the moment I fall back to the ground. I have to manage to avoid it somehow on the ground.

To be honest it is pretty dangerous, but that’s the only option. I can escape from the huge centipede if I manage to overcome this next attack. Please avoid it, me. If I make a mistake here, the ball rabbit and Nina will also be eaten.

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