Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg
∼Aimin’ for None Other Than the Strongest∽
🔥Thorny Road of a Dragon🔥

When I came to, there I was—in a strange and unfamiliar forest.

Here, it seems apparent that it’s like a fantasy world, one brimming with magical and fantastical beasts. Far from being just a fantasy world, though, it would look as if I am able to peer into the numerical stats and abilities of my foes and I, not unlike that of a game.

Hunt down magical beasts, level up, rack up Titles, and evolve into ever-higher-ranked dragons!

A mysterious and enigmatic voice echoing through my head pressures me; it’s tellin’ me:

Aim for the strongest!

Notice: the revamped spreadsheet for Dragon Egg is effective as of manga chapter 25 and web novel chapter 228. This spreadsheet provides consistency between the web novel and manga translations. We have elected to make this spreadsheet public.

The revamped spreadsheet can be found here:

The Penultimate Dragon Egg Terms Sheet

Additionally, a document of canned phrases among other things can be found here:

Canned Dragon Egg Phrases + Consistency Stuff

Disclaimer: the above linked spreadsheet is neither fully complete nor final. This document is updated as chapters are translated. A final revamped and complete terms spreadsheet is planned to be completed some years down the line in tandem with the initiation of the Dragon Egg web novel retranslation project.

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