Chapter 131: Nina’s Destination

I take Nina and place her near the ball rabbit.

“nya….just right here, the water is beautiful….”

Nina looked at the portion of the water that was purified by the ball rabbit with rounded eyes.


The ball rabbit proudly puffs it’s chest. No, well I don’t really know if you are puffing your chest or belly since you’re round, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

After she finished drinking the water, Nina had a much better complexion. I am also pretty thirsty, but only a little bit.

I bend down by Ninas side and stretch out my neck to get a mouthful of water like a vacuum. It’s delicious. Even though it should only be regular water, probably since I was thirsty, it had a tinge of sweetness.

While I was absorbed in drinking the water, I suddenly feel something sticking to my tooth. As I was wondering what it was, I soon figured out its identity as sludge falls out of my mouth.

The ball rabbit was only able to purify a portion of it. So of course if you continuously drink from it it would disappear, and if the water runs out, the muddy portion will start being sucked up.

I was only able to think up to here as I started coughing and spitting out sludge and water. Yuck! It’s in my mouth, this is horrible! The inside of my throat is stinky and it feels gritty! What entered my mouth just now, was it the leftovers from the slugs? Now that I think about it, I threw some in here not too long ago! I don’t want to remember! Why did I notice!

I’m finally able to calm down after spitting it all out. I want to remove this bad taste.

Even sea water will be better at this point. Though I wonder about the salt content. But since I have a dragon’s body it should be okay since it’s stronger. Hmm, I wonder if I have any tolerance to salinity or fat as it would be good for my health.

Ah, suddenly I no longer feel thirsty. When I took a glance to the side I saw the ball rabbit glaring at me streching it’s ears and trembling as if angry. It’s completely mad.


Ah, my bad my bad. I did not mean to drink everything. I was thirsty, only a little bit…but I guess my brakes didn’t work when I thought about surviving off of the clean water.


As usual, it strikes my feet with its ears. Are you planning to raise the skill level of wild whip dance? It started to smart a bit. I shouldn’t have received any damage but I can still feel it through my scales.

It’s probably because the ball rabbit is already a D rank monster. Having said that, if you evolve once more, will you become Little Rock Dragon class? When I think about a Little Rock Dragon class whipping me, I feel as if I could die.

Well, for now there is something that should be given priority over water. Once the water incident has been forgotten, I want to experiment with using [[Telepathy]] to communicate with Nina.


I bark a little and call out to the ball rabbit. I need the ball rabbit to calm it’s mood for now so we could focus on using [[Telepathy]].

But the ball rabbit inflates their cheeks and puffs up its face. I know it was bad! I will make something delicious later.

((slug, delicious))

The ball rabbits thought suddenly comes into my head.

It was eating it as if it was delicious wasn’t it. But isn’t that just you being hungry?

I understand, I will make something delicious! Now can you please use [[Telepathy]]! Let’s leave the clean water business aside!

The ball rabbit looks at me with glaring eyes while diverting its face. Seems like I caught it’s attention, I just need to give it a final push.

Oh, how about salt seasoned grilled camel meat? I feel like the entrail texture of the hump meat will taste great with some salt. Huh? It’s reaction wasn’t to promising. With [[Telepathy]] you can send words over rather then say them, so is there a way to send over images?

I picture dividing a camel and sprinkling some salt on it. Then I imagine biting into the cooked camel and chewing.

“pefu! pefu!”

The ball rabbit bounces and approaches me. You bought it. Alright, this guy is simple.

I asked the ball rabbit to ask Nina where she wanted to go. If I don’t know this then I don’t know how to proceed from here.


The ball rabbit hangs it’s ears down with force and then inflates its cheeks. It glances at Nina and then quickly returns it’s eyes to me.

“pefu! pefu!”

The ball rabbit really doesn’t like the idea of parting with Nina.

It can’t be helped. My [[Dragon Scale Powder]] is poisonous to Nina. I don’t know how long she could last. If strange effects start to show up without properly preparing then it’s likely that Nina will be too weak to even leave the desert.

The ball rabbit looks at Nina and their eye sights meet.

“Nya….hey, ball?”

Nina picks up the ball rabbit and stares at it from close up. Only few words were said at first but now they are just staring at each other. Ah, [[Telepathy]].

After a while they finally finished talking, and Nina gently raised her face towards me.

“I, don’t know where I should go…”

Nina says in a hoarse voice as it trails off like being carried off in the wind with her face turned down.

Well…this is. It’s obvious even from the case with the centipede that things were pretty bad in that wall surrounded city, and it seems that even if she had a home, due to certain circumstances she was sold away. That’s one assumption but it’s still a difficult pattern.

In the first place, I’m not familiar with the land around here. I also can’t afford to travel slowly with the three of us looking for a suitable place somewhere. Although I still think that it will be better to take her back to that wall surrounded city, but that’s really only the last resort.

“Oh, wait, Mr. Dragon! Is it okay….if I stay by your side?”

Nina closed her mouth and interrupts herself while looking at me with uneasy eyes.

I would rather do that, but I don’t know when the negative effects of [[Dragon Scales]] will start taking place. I cannot bear Nina’s eyes and unintentionally divert my eyes.

“I, I’m sorry nya…for being annoying. Even though I can’t do anything, and just eating meals…”

Nina begins feeling smaller and smaller. The ball rabbit reaches out its ears and gently wipes Nina’s eyes. The ball rabbit then turns around in Nina’s arms and gazes at me with quivering eyes.

That, I don’t know what I can do when you stare at me with such eyes! If you have [[Telepathy]] then you should know what I’m thinking!

I could see the tears welling up in Nina and the ball rabbit, but I still have to do it. For now, I could only try my hand at searching for a village somewhere….Huh?

I get a bad feeling and I focus on [[Presens Sense]]. I feel several signs from the other side of the desert. I can’t see the figure yet, but there is no doubt that something is getting closer to us. I don’t know the difference in stats from me since they are still far away, but using [[Presne Sense]] I could tell that it’s not a small fish. Its speed is also almost equal to the huge centipede.

Why, why are you running to this place? Maybe because of the slugs rain clouds that are still in the sky they came looking for water?

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