Chapter 151: Big Catch

Was that really a fish? It looked more like a frog that was run over by a car trying to get across the road.

I scan the sea to search for that grotesque fish. Looks like that fish cut open the belly of that stripped fish, since I could see the upper and lower body sinking while leaving behind a blood trail. Pieces of its organs were floating about as the blood spread around the two pieces.

“Pefu! Pefu!”
((Ouch, it was cut open!))

I saw it! You didn’t have to use [[Telepathy]]. Also don’t try anything for your own good. Don’t try to eat it, and if you move around like that Nina will get hurt.

Although when I think about it, it doesn’t really swim around where there are any humans so I don’t really mind them being here. Since, I have my scales it won’t be able to break through them easily, but as for the ball rabbit, it will be a slaughter.

“He-Here, I’ll catch you here you fish! Please watch Mr. Dragon!”

Nina furiously swings the fishing rod and casts the line and bait quite far. Is it alright if I don’t stop this? Well, it doesn’t look like there’s many of them…it should be okay. It will be painful telling her to retreat now.

“The fish is coming for the bait, please look! Watch this please!”

I zoned out while watching her ears move around with a “pyokopyoko” matching the sea. I wonder how it moves like that. It’s actually enjoyable watching.

Oh, that’s right, that stripped fish, its body was torn in half. It didn’t come to eat but to kill. That fish definitely had murderous intent. Actually, I guess some internal organs were in its teeth. Maybe it only eats the organs it likes….oh, the bait is composed of internal organs.

“Nyaa! Mr. Dragon, it looks like it was hooked! It’s pretty heavy! What should I do!”


Pull the pole now! Or it will be too late!

Before the ball rabbit could translate, Nina who was surprised by my voice pulled the rod with the momentum. A hideous green fish with white bloodshot eyes danced in the air while opening its mouth wide.


The cactus hook is piercing through under its eye. If it would have been a little more to the side it would have been able to get out, but instead it was firmly hooked.

The rare fish glares at nina with its vile white eyes. He was chomping his teeth apparently preparing to kill Nina.

“I caught the fish! I caught the fish!”


I lift my upper body making Nina and the ball rabbit let out a short scream as they cling to my back.

I swing my claws to pierce the gills of the oncoming fish.


After it lets out a short scream while slightly chomping its teeth, it stopped moving.

[Due to difference in rank, experience points could not be obtained]

O, Yea. So it’s treated as a monster after all.

I quickly returned to my original position and grabbed the cloth used to wrap the bait with my free hand. I then twist the fish’s body to wring it out and place it in the cloth before returning it back to Nina.

“Umm….this, what……”

Nina doesn’t seem to understand what I just did with the fish, as she’s tilting her head in confusion. This girl, I wonder if she never even noticed that the fish was coming after her, I haven’t recognized it since everything until now has been fine, but she might be a natural airhead…. Well, let’s have fun fishing without thinking too much into it. Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be any more grotesque fishes around.


I forgot to say it, but you should kill a fish you just caught immediately. There’s a space around the gill area where there is a heavy flow of blood vessels, so if you either constrict or cut there, it will be an instant death. Nina should be able to do this with her nails. If you bring a fish to land alive it will be painful for it, that’s when the fish will start to feel stress and it then becomes hard and tasteless. After hanging it upside down a bit wash it off with seawater, oh was it too long? Ball rabbit were you able to get all that?

((When catch fish, immediately kill. Around gills vital point, cut there is death. If not it becomes unappetizing. Turn upside down to drain blood, then wash with sea water))


That summary was brief…. It was narrowed down to only the essential points. Once again the ball rabbit’s obsession with food is amazing.

Nina removes the hook from the fish and dangles it upside down to drain the blood, then moves over to the edge of my back to wash it out with seawater. Hmm, I wonder if we can even eat that weird fish. Should I check if it’s poisonous? There could be a swarm of them if I leave it here.

[[[Eagle Bass]]: Rank E monster]
[A fish known for its bulging white eyeballs and strong fangs. Its favorite food is intestines]
[Due to the fact that it can be used as material for magical tools, it has been overfished, and extinction is a concern]
[Also, it has a habit of being lured by strong magical power, so it is easy to search for if the correct conditions can be prepared]

I wouldn’t bother searching for this fish…. It’s good that they are going extinct. Let them be destroyed to the last. I thank those who went out of their way to prepare what they needed to hunt these things.

Well if they are scarce then it’s fine. It’s unlikely to appear again. Looking around the area I can’t find any more like it so I can finally concentrate on fishing.

Nina faces the fishing rod towards the ocean again. I hope you can catch something good this time. If possible I’d like you to catch the same type of fish that the other killed earlier.

After an hour we started fishing again, various bleeding fish were lined up on my back. The intestine eating gouging bash, the decently sized peacock fish with brilliant scales, a violent two headed eel….are they trying to show how much variety they have around here? All the fish I’ve seen so far have been some kind of nonsensical deviation from the ones in my original world.

Counting all the fish we’ve caught totals close to thirty. It was a good result, but I can’t help feeling that something about this was different.

“Amazing, ball-chan is amazing! It went for it again!”

((Tell them to gather. Then get them as they stay!))


….so all the fish were lured to the lure by the ball rabbit to make it easier to catch. With the exception of that first fish, the eagle bass, the rest she has gotten was nothing but small empty bottles.

Nina may be a little clumsy, but aren’t you too impatient? All the bait has been taken by the fish. Sometimes the fish hook failed to stick as it is poorly shaped and the fish escaped.

Every time she failed, Nina would lower her ears, and she would put bait on the hook half-crying. Even I felt sorry from looking at the scene.

When I thought that Nina finally caught something, it was another small bottle. Nina was sitting there as if she just had her heart broken. That’s when the ball rabbit went and swung the fishing rod to try it out, you fool, the ball rabbit ended up catching another fish. Nina received the fish from the ball rabbit and went to work on draining the blood and washing it like a clerk. Hmm….why did we start fishing again?

“Awesome, this is the biggest one today!”

“pefu! pefu!”

We-well, as long as they are having fun, right, yeah.

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