Chapter 159: One-on-One Fight on the Beach

Adofu charges at me once again

What should I do, a feint won’t work anymore. The only reason it worked just now was because he was under the assumption that ‘a dragon wouldn’t be able to throw a feint’. So that has already been ousted from the beginning. After just using it, it is wise to wait a while until the idea of it has subsided through the heat of battle.

It will be difficult it inflict minimal damage on Adofu if we clash head on like this. But after doing it, it would be easier to proceed with my one-sided negotiations. I don’t want to settle this in a manner which would leave a bad impression. If this goes on longer, then even if I ask him something…no, it wouldn’t even be possible.

I want to avoid hitting him from the front as much as possible. But a feint is useless now. I have to think of a way to break through an opening.

This man Adofu…not only are his stats high but his mental fortitude also seems quite strong. I guess it is better to aim for his partner. It will be easier to take out the horse first.

I breathe in and lower my head and align my eyes with the horses.


The sand was riled up a little with my roar as some of it flew up with the wind.

The horse which Adofu is riding on was scared with my [[Roar]] as its body began to tremble. It seems the little sandstorm also played a part in the performance. For just a moment, the horses speed dulled while heading towards me. This should be enough.

With such a man, I can’t cut corners. It will hurt a little but please forgive me.


When I hold up my arm, Adofu pulls the reins sideways. Adofu keeps his sights on me as he’s holding the reins and sword on the other hand. My expression tightened up, seems my emotions leaked out.

Adofu began to release his murdering intent, probably after seeing my expression just now, he realized the desperate situation he was in. If things went as planned, then I managed to make him hesitate for a few seconds.

Although his stance shows that he’s more than willing to fight…it looks a bit unnatural. In the first place, there isn’t much room left for a counter with his current position. At most he will only be able to guard with that large sword.

I swipe my arm across the side and hit the horse in front of me. It will be advantageous if I take his mobility away.

The moment my arm hit the horse, Adofu released his hand from the reins and stood on the horse’s back.


The horse I just hit collapses and rolls away while wailing. Adofu kicked off the horse and jumped up and landed on my right shoulder. Not good, he’s by my head.

I predict the trajectory of the sword that is about to come and face towards my right shoulder with my mouth agape. Feeling that the sword touched my tooth I immediately bit down and succeeded in grasping Adofu’s large sword with my mouth.

I mightily turn my head left. The large sword is pulled out of Adofu’s hand and thrown into the air.

The large sword stabbed into the ground scattering the sand around.

Adofu who just had the sword pulled from him loses his balance and falls off my shoulder towards my front.

This guy is stronger than I thought. It seems going at him softly will be ineffective. It will be necessary to administer some heavy damage.

I can still negotiate if I use [[Rest]] on him. Although our relationship will be a little awkward at that point, it can’t be helped. As long as we keep fighting like this without exerting power it will only continue on.

I aim at Adofu who is falling with my hand on top and smash straight down. Making sure to use my palm and not my claws. I’m sure he won’t die from this.

Adofu rolled himself up in the air flipping himself and kicked my palm. He was able to gain momentum with that as he quickly lands on the ground and rolls away while my hand smashed to the ground.

Why, why are you so persistent?
However, I at least was able to take both his horse and sword. He lacks proper mobility and reachable offensive power now.

The situation is better than before.

Adofu gets up and we glare at each other. Since it’s come to this point, it now time to suppress him.
When I move my shoulder Adofu bends his knee.

“St-Stop it please! Mr. Dragon, Mr. Dragon…..”

I hear Nina’s voice from behind. After hearing it, Adofu’s eyes move from me to Nina. It seems that since Nina was lying in a shallow part of the beach far from here, Adofu had failed to notice.

“A person? Why are they here….”

It might be possible to negotiate now. I back up a few steps and give up my favorable position. Adofu seemed to understand what he overlooked before, as some of the tense air slightly dissipated.

Adofu confirms the position of his large sword and quickly returns his line of sight to Nina behind me.

“Hey, that woman there! Are you alright!?”

“M-Mr. Dragon is protecting Nina nya!”

When Nina shouted that, Adofu’s eyes rounded and gazed at me. Thinking that it was safe now, the ball rabbit runs up to my feet while dragging its ears.

“Pe, Pefu”

((moment, want to talk. Run to say))

Adofu was surprised when the ball rabbit appeared. The sight of the ball rabbit lining up next to a dragon rather than run away might have been strange. It seems he was at a loss for a moment but quickly returned to his normal facial expression. Adofu looks at the ball rabbit and Nina, as he opened his mouth.

“I understand. I surrender. Now, let me hear your story…also, I should tell you that I have a companion.”

Adofu raises both of his hands showing that he longer has any intention to fight.

Alright, it went well.
This man seems reasonable compared to the previous soldiers. Perhaps I can also have him take Nina. Since I don’t know how it works with slaves, this may come out as threatening instead of negotiating. I am counting on the other’s sense of values in this case. As the ball rabbit is translating, my speech nuances might shift, so it’s best to be careful not to talk much about that.

“Irushia, sorry, but there’s been a change of schedule. Lower your sword and come out, I’d like to talk to this dragon for a while.”

Adofu looks behind me and speaks out.

….Hah? Irushia?
Why does this person know my name?

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