Chapter 154: If Today is to be the Last


While I’m loudly yawning, the ball rabbit appears out of the sand.


After sleepily rubbing its eyes with its ears the ball rabbit then covers its mouth for a yawn.

Those ears are really dexterous. By chance is that not an ear but an arm? It could even wield a sword if it wanted to.

The time for sleeping is over. I still have to walk over to the port city.

Although Nina has been saying that the port city was pretty close, I have yet to see it in the distance…. Since I don’t want to run out of time, I want to at least confirm the distance to it. I wonder if I should just fly over and see if I could spot it.

By the way, Nina is currently inside the ball rabbit’s mouth. We came to a conclusion that this was the safest way to sleep.

It would be a real tragedy were I to accidentally swallow while sleeping. Also, I’m unclean. It doesn’t bother me one bit, yeah. No, really.

Thanks to the ball rabbit’s skill [[Internal Storage]], the saliva doesn’t get in the way, even if you place Nina inside. There may be a little drool, but it’s not much.

Apparently there is another dimension inside the ball rabbit’s stomach that acts more like a warehouse. The ball rabbit said itself that there doesn’t seem to be anything in there. By the way, Nina had said that it was “warm and relaxing.” The ball rabbit is seriously capable. You are better suited for humans than in deserts full of monsters, I’m jealous.


Nina appears from the ball rabbit’s mouth. The ball rabbit grabs Nina with its ears and gently places her on the desert floor. Nina bathes in the light for a bit and slowly wakes up. Being half asleep as she gets up the ball rabbit supports her with its ears.

“Oh, thanks ball-chan”

Nina caresses the ball rabbits head. These two became really good friends. But it’s different when it comes to another person.


Nina, where is the port city? How long do we have until we get there?


There isn’t a reply. Why, what’s wrong?


The ball rabbit closes its eyes after spitting out a big sigh. Since she didn’t answer, was it still trying to translate for me? It always translates my thoughts, so maybe I have grown accustomed to the ball rabbit doing it all the time.

Hey, ball rabbit, translate it for me. Are you still sleepy?

((Stomach ache, still sleepy))

It had eaten more than usual yesterday…it may be good to reduce its intake from now on. If it continues to eat as much as it wants like it is now, I feel that it would become completely useless in the wild on its own.

“Pefu! Pefu!”
((wake up! wake up! translation starting!))

Ooh!… It doesn’t want its meal reduced.

((city, how far to get there))

“….If we leave early, I think we should be able to see it by today. Going by memory, that large skull over there means we are quite close.”

Looking at the place Nina is pointing too, there is something like a dinosaur skull buried there. Perhaps it is that of a dragon’s. I can’t imagine dinosaurs walking along this desert. Its size is about equal to mine. I don’t want to think that monsters of the same kind as that skull are wandering around in this desert. It’s pretty old and it has almost assimilated with the sand, so I’m just going to think that there aren’t any like this wandering around.

About all I could do against the huge centipede and the ants is run, so I ask that no more strange monsters come out.

Well then…by today is it? Instead of walking, I could reach the port city right away if I were to use [[Roll]] at full power. Should things go sour, that’s the least I could do for Nina. Also, [[Spirit Relief]] has become Lv7, so it should be easier to obtain white magic later.

I plan on practicing [[Rest]] in the near future. There is also the ball rabbit who could already use it. Should I have all of us, including Nina, practice? If recovery magic could be used, Nina’s situation in the city may change. I don’t know if I could master it in a day, but I’ve managed to succeed even a little, when I was smaller.

It may be that weak magic is easier to remember, since it isn’t really recognized as a skill. Although, it is useful in life as it can cure small wounds.


I should do something about it right away.
Ball rabbit, teach recovery magic, to me and Nina.

((Nina as well?))


Yeah, I think it would be convenient to remember recovery magic before Nina gets to the port town. It may make her treatment there a little better, and I also wish to learn it.

The ball rabbit reads my thoughts and turns to Nina.

((Before end, good to learn white magic))


Hmm, why does it feel like it didn’t come across as well as I had hoped… I thought it was a good idea. I guess it’s not that easy to memorize such a thing. If it was that easy to learn [[Rest]], then everyone would have acquired it. I don’t have that much knowledge on the subject, so there might even be a difference in the way we learn.

It’s apparent now, I’m limited in knowledge. I only mainly have knowledge pertaining to a different world, but I don’t have much knowledge of this world. I may supplement it with [[Status Check]]…but ordinary people of this world won’t have something like [[Status Check]]. I did not see it in Miria or anyone else for that matter. With this development, I feel that the ability to learn skills is a lot better between me and the residents of this world.

Perhaps, I said something strange?

“Ni, Nina, but….umm…”

Her voice is blurred and it gets smaller. I can even see that she may start to cry. What? Does she maybe have a bad memory of recovery magic?


The ball rabbit mumbles as it matches its face to Nina’s. Didn’t you use [[Telepathy]] to tell her? Or did it just not get through? Listening to the ball rabbit’s voice, Nina tightens her lips as if she just made a firm decision.

“I-I, I look forward to working with you!”

Nina quickly lowered her head to me. What, I don’t really know what you’re expecting of me. There may have been some kind of misunderstanding considering the flow of the conversation just now, I only wish for the both of us to learn [[Rest]] from the ball rabbit.

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