Chapter 140: The Red Ants

The red ants are running to my left and right, and because of their speed they look like after images of each other. Since there is almost no difference in their stats it’s due to their individual differences. One of them jumps and the other one tries to go through that gap created by the first.

I can understand what they’re aiming for, but it’s another thing altogether to be able to counter it. After all their speed stat isn’t weak. I have to be careful of both of them and deal with them properly.

First let’s perform a simulation in my head. I need to visualize their attack pattern and try to find a way to evade their worst hit. Such a task could be daunting, but I must be able to fully evade their attack.

In the meantime, I wonder if [[Scorching Breath]] will do any damage. It’s a good thing I had the other two out of my mouth. The range on it is long and wide, and in this narrow passage it will be difficult to avoid it.

The two red ants are enveloped in flames. However, it doesn’t look like this will be the end. Considering these guys stats, they should be quite lively. I flap my wings and send out a few shots of [[Kamaitachi]]. The wind blades aiming for the red ants cut straight through the flames.


A beautiful cut is made on the head of the red ant in the front and it stops moving. The one in the back went straight past its fallen comrade.


A few red sand bullets appear in the air as the red ant cries out and fires it straight towards me. Oh, I saw this in its status [[Clay Gun]]. Nostalgic. This is the same as the black lizard had. However the color of the sand bullets are red for some reason. It seems that it will fire according to the color of the one shooting it.

I follow the red ants movement while blocking the sand bullets with my nails. The red ant who stopped moving behind also started moving again. The cuts on its head have already been healed. This looks like [[Self-Regeneration]].


The red ant in the front kicks off the ground and jumps towards me with its mouth wide open. Did you turn into a meat bullet? This would have been easier outside, because this place is so narrow it’s hard for me to move. It’s frustrating, but it looks like it will be a fistfight from here on.


I swing my arm aiming at the ant in the air. I should be able to hit it. The red ant arches their back in the air and my nails swing through the sky.

The red ant grabs my outstretched swinging arm. Would you look at that, it’s wrapping around my scales. I lift my arm as is and bang the red ant onto the ceiling. The Red ant opens its mouth and falls to the ground.

I can’t afford to relax. The other red ant is about to bite my abdomen. I guess he was aiming for the gap made when I raised my arm. But I already knew that its attack formation is to attack from the top and then the second one aims at the gap created through the bottom. Don’t think that such a simple strategy will get through!

I take a step back and kick the red ant who was aiming at my abdomen. I then attack the defenseless red ant still in the air with a [[Dragon Punch]] and make it launch some distance away. The red ant fixed its posture in the air and landed on its feet.

Its tougher than I thought. However I succeeded in gaining some distance. With this, I’ll be able to deal with the other red ant until the other one comes back.


I roar while tracking down the other ant. Where did you go?

The other red ant was retreating back towards the red ant that I managed to blow away. What? Did you finally realize the difference in power?

The two ants nod at each other after facing each other and come rushing towards me again. …Oh, did you realize that you couldn’t attack alone and that it would be better to act as a unit? Surprisingly, the cranks in those guys’ heads turn I guess.

Nonetheless, if it’s attacking at long distances, I’m better. Also, I can scrape away at their HP with [[Kamaitachi]] and [[Scorching Breath]]. The red ants plunge into the flames as is but they should have received some damage either way. Although they do have [[Clay Gun]] as a long distance attack, since this is a narrow passage they can only shoot it from the front, which I can easily block with my nails. The MP consumption for these was not very high for now, and their [[Self Regeneration]] can not be constantly used.

I should confirm the status of the red ants and see how much HP I’m chipping away.

Species: Red Ogre Ant
Status: Normal
Lv: 29/55
HP: 132/246
MP: 21/78
Species: Red Ogre Ant
Status: Normal
Lv: 27/55
HP: 86/239
MP: 56/75

Alright, they have been considerably shaved down. This situation is getting better. Let’s make the first strike again with another [[Scorching Breath]].

I inhale and blow out a full flame towards the red ants. There is no room to escape and little chance to avoid, surely with this they will take considerable damage.

The two red ants feet stopped at the same time. Where did your courage to jump straight in from before go? Is it because your HP is low? Either way, even if you stop now it is unavoidable. If you really wanted to avoid it, you should have run away the moment I started to inhale. With such a half-baked response, you will receive heavy damage.

My sight is covered in flames. Just like before, I released [[Kamaitachi]] towards the flame. With a clank, the wind blades that were sent into the flames sound out. Hmm, what happened?

When the flames receded, a red wall of sand was blocking the passage. Did you make a wall with [[Clay]] to withstand the flames? At the same time I was thinking so, the wall collapsed and a large amount of stone flew at me as they used [[Clay Gun]].

I’m taking on two attacks at the same time. Since the passage is narrow it can’t be avoided, but I only have to block them in this case. Despite desperately parrying it with both hands, I can’t keep up with it and the rate they are coming gradually increases. I want to guard with my wings but that’s the gap they are aiming for to rush me.

The ones that I couldn’t parry with my nails head towards my body. I thrust my right shoulder forward and catch the thrown stone with that side of my body. As if this was their signal, the two red ants jumped in at the same time.

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