Chapter 188: Ant Captain

I run straight, avoiding as many falling rocks as possible. But because it’s such a narrow passage, I can’t really move much to the left or to the right. It gives me no choice but to slow down in order to avoid it. Everything I couldn’t avoid I smacked with my tail.

I thought of using [[Roll]], but then the light coming from [[Light]] would be gone. It would be suicidal to blind myself while this narrow passage is collapsing. Also, if the red ants decide to block my way using [[Clay]] then my movement will be even more restricted.

As I pass by a red ant, I trample down on it with my forefoot, piercing its back with my claw.


[448 experience points obtained.] [Title skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 448 bonus points obtained.] [Lv of [[Evil Plague Dragon]] increased from 65 to 66.]]

Since the red ants are focusing on escaping from the collapsing passage, it was easy to land an attack on its defenseless back.

Although, if the passage is blocked by the collapse, I could tell that a battle against all those red ants will begin. Even though it’s somewhat impossible, I have to reduce the number of red ants.

“Kuchaa!” “Kujiia!”

Wielding and waving around my claw, I smash against the ground underneath me killing any red ants that happen to be there. From Lv 66 to Lv 67, to Lv 68, to Lv 69, it keeps going up. Although I’m in serious danger of being buried alive, the ant extermination is bringing me much needed experience.

My evolution is also quickly approaching, and my stats have also gone up with it. I thought that it would turn out to be a difficult fight with Adofu knocked out, but this is actually turning out pretty well. As a plus, when the collapse began, more than half of the ants fled in the opposite direction of where I was going. Also, since there are red ants being buried by the lumps of stone and soil, the number of red ants I have to deal with has been drastically reduced.

There’s a big red ant standing in front of the bend in the passage. It’s looking straight at me, without even a glance at its running companions.

If I pass that corner I should be out of the collapsing zone. From then onwards my fight with the red ants begins again, so I can’t afford to be distracted.

A red ant stops before the big red ant.


The red ant who stopped calls out. If you don’t run away you will be buried where you stand. The big red ant still doesn’t move. The red ant who spoke seemed to give up trying to persuade the big one, swaying its head a little, stopping its feet, and turns to face me.


This time, the big red ant spoke out. Just like with the big one, the other ant does not respond to the cry. I feel like the big ant smiled.

Umm… I’m not the kind to do such terrible things though.

[Need, Translation?]

No, its fine.

But if you’re blocking the way like that, it will take me some time to get through. But on their end, it was probably good that only the big red ant and another stopped. If there were more of them, they would have been buried alive. It it’s just two, then there’s room for me to break through.

Race: Big Red Ogre Ant
State: Normal
Lv: 34/55
HP: 264/277
MP: 84/102

Race: Red Ogre Ant
State: Poisoned
Lv: 19/55
HP: 131/205
MP: 32/71

….From their status, it’s a rookie red ant and the red ant captain? No, I need to shake off these unnecessary thoughts. If my feelings waver, I might be killed.

They are aiming for a simultaneous attack in this collapsing passage. In that regard, they have the bigger advantage.

“Kucha!” “Kuchaa!”

The rookie red ant and ant captain fire off [[Clay Gun]]. My sight will be blocked if I guard with my wings. But if I rotate my tail to the front then my posture would collapse and I will slow down.

So will I have to receive the attacks head-on? Dammit, so in other words I will be pierced. Aside from the rookie ant, the captain’s [[Clay Gun]] is going to sting.
It’s impossible to receive that so nonchalantly.

[Wings to defend!]

You being serious? Once my sight is blocked they will jump and attack during that gap. The ant captain has considerable speed, will you be able to handle it in your current state?

No, I will believe in the ball rabbit here. The ball rabbit is reading my thoughts. Even after they were read, I was still told to guard with my wings.

I cover my front with my wings to block off the clay gun attacks. Oof! It was a strong hit, I took quite a bit of damage from that, I thought that it was going to penetrate. This will hurt a little when I’m flying. But it will be cured anyway after I evolve, so it doesn’t mean much.

[Large one jumped! Moving at the sides of wings, aiming for right shoulder! The other is going for left foot!]

Oh! Thank you very much. It seems that [[Telepathy]] is being used to read their attacks. With this, you won’t even need to doubt whether there will be a feint or not.

I know the position of the rookie ant by sound. Well, more like its purposely moving so that it can make noise. Probably to make the ant captain’s movements difficult to hear so that I will let my guard down.

In short, it’s a decoy. Being the rookie ant, you may get the worst of the attack.

I kick off the ground with my left foot and jump. The rookie ant’s pincers just graze me. Did you overdo it?

I lower my head and lean forward to avoid hitting the ceiling. I then turn my wings back and wind up my right shoulder.


The ant captain launches its attack and hits nothing but air. I thrust out the arm I pulled in and pierce the head of the ant captain with my claw. I throw it against the wall and tackle it with all my speed and weight. When I pull out my claws, the ant captain dropped to the ground, landing on its back.

[544 experience points obtained.] [Title skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 544 bonus points obtained.] [Lv of [[Evil plague Dragon]] increased from 69 to 70.]

….Now, just five more?


The rookie ant cries out, chasing after my back. I send a [[Kamaitachi]] at the ceiling over the rookie red ant. A lump of red sand came down, shielding me from the rookie red ant.

I thought I heard a snap on the other side. And finally, the collapsing aisle stopped.

[273 experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 273 bonus points obtained.]

….Somehow, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth, but at least I got out of that predicament for the time being. With a complicated feeling I turn to face to front.

“Kucha!” “Kucha!”
“Kucha!” “Kucha!” “Kucha!”

The amount of red ants that were able to safely escape the collapsing passage number about twenty? With this amount, I should be able to gather enough experience points for evolution. The goal is finally in view.

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