Chapter 164: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable 7 (Irushia)

Adofu swings his sword while rapidly reducing the distance between us.

I could easily chop off your wrist and behead you, but I have no intention to end it so easily.

Luckily, it seems that the plague dragon is still not able to move.

I’ll take my time to carefully and slowly torment you to my liking.

Since Adofu is carefully watching me with his eyes, he was able to read my sword’s movements and dodge.

After four consecutive close range exchanges, Adofu grew impatient and tried to attack with a diagonal slash while jumping back to evade.

What’s this now? It doesn’t even feel like I’m fighting.

The ability of Haranae’s strongest soldier is too poor.

“Are you acting stupid? Aren’t you lacking a little discipline and training?”

Although Adofu would often get ridiculed in prison, I’ve yet to see this kind of reaction.

Even after all that, is not all that he’s doing right now a bit disappointing?

Even after all that provocation, it’s sad that this is all he could muster.

I wanted to torment you little by little, but I must refrain from doing so as I must still deal with that dragon.

I don’t have much time to play. Really, I’m busy.

Now to further unsettle Adofu, it’s better to approach from a different perspective.

“How is it? To know that you were the reason for your brother and fiancée’s death, do you like the feeling of witnessing those close to you being executed? Come on, come on, if you don’t hurry up it will become a serious matter.”

“Such a twisted heretic!”

Oh, he’s mad, he’s mad.

I knew it, such a visually unsatisfying response is not worth it.

For this, I have everything well prepared. It will not amuse me if you fight against this.

Adofu lets his emotion take over and raises his sword.

He’s still moving as usual, what should I do about this?

Maa, I understand the feeling of thoroughly evading a strike swung with full strength.

Well, I do feel that the strength behind his swings have become somewhat better as I was evading.

It was expected for him to ‘at least’ achieve this much.

If only Adofu could look at our statuses there will not be such a boring battle, he would have showed his neck for me.

My, what a pity.

I run beside Adofu.

When the sword swung down towards me, it missed and created a gust of sand on the ground.


Adofu frowned, covering his ear with his right hand.

“There have certainly been many words of praise about you before, was it ‘There is no way to reach his strength, you will only receive a counterattack’ such as I have now, am I right?”

Because I was smiling mockingly, I was glared at by Adofu.

“Right, this is not needed, so I’m returning this.”

When I ran beside him just now, I slashed one ear off using the edge of the sword.

I swing the sword lightly, Adofu’s ear is lightly tossed into the air.

Using the fuller, I hit Adofu’s ear. (T/N: fuller – the flat side of a sword)

Planning to return it by hitting it over, Adofu’s ear is smashed into pieces of meat and blood is sent flying everywhere.

“Oops, my apologies.”

However, it truly is like the former Knight Chief.

He was able to suppress the blood loss somewhat by pressing against it and immediately corrects himself to wield the sword with both hands again.

“From now onwards, I will devote myself.”

I kick the ground, to launch towards Adofu.

From the shaken expression of Adofu, he did not expect I would move this early.

“Come on, come on!”

From the right and left, I swing my arm to attack from both sides.

“Isn’t it too late to guard the attack now? Ah, isn’t it useless, shouldn’t you just sit down?”

Adofu is barely keeping up with me by adjusting my speed accordingly.

Of course, now Adofu does not have the luxury to counter attack, exhausting himself by dealing with attacks one by one.

Without giving him the time to recover his posture, his stance gradually collapses.

Finally, Adofu loses his posture and shows a big gap in his stance.

Before he swings down with his sword, I send him flying with a kick in the stomach.


Adofu’s huge body is sent flying, crashing with his back on the ground.

Even so, the sword did not leave his hand, he is reputed to be strong willed, it’s painful and unsightly.

Adofu stands up immediately and readies his sword towards me.

Indeed, he has become pitiful and I think I should face him as an opponent without a sword.

Even bare hands are enough. However, even that method is pitiful.


I extend my arm against Adofu who runs towards me while shouting.

“A 5-move strike. Maybe I should get his wrist with a 5-move strike.”

From the moment I announce that, I ready my sword slowly, and construct a strategy to fight in my head.

“Here, 1st , 2nd , 3rd……”

Strike first, to get the initiative.

It is a painful feeling, being overpowered in a contest of swords, letting you know that you weren’t as good as you thought you were.

“4th strike.”

The speed of my attack is raised.

His guard speed is slow, Adofu’s stance has collapsed.

Before his guard is ready, I strike with my left hand.

“And then this is 5th strike!”

Aiming at the left arm, I make a small turn with the sword and drive the sword into his arm.

As foretold, With 5 strikes Adofu’s wrist is chopped off.

I cannot suppress the corners of my mouth from curving up.

To see Adofu’s expression, I raise my eyes.


With one hand, Adofu directs his sword towards me and swings it down.

This person, purposely extended his left hand to restrict my movement.

Maa, if it is this speed difference, from here it would be easy to get away from here.

It’s about time I break his will. It’s a shame, but I have to end this little warmup.

I’ll have to break your will once more.

Giving up on Adofu’s hand, I kicked the floor and went down. (T/N: crouch)

“[[Shock Wave]]!”

The slash of the longsword holds some force.

It was clever of him to have lasted until this point.

Although I am reluctant, I have no choice but to accept it.

There is no meaning in doing this, it’s annoying.

Enough, let’s quickly kill Adofu and get this over with.

I have no plan to kill Adofu in one strike, it would spoil the fun. A man who cannot read the atmosphere.

That is why the church hates him.

I cross my arms while receiving the attack of [[Shock Wave]].

Aa, a useless attack.

Adofu throws his sword ahead this time.

If it is just this much, no matter how, I can still handle it. What is this guy thinking?

Did he understand the difference in ability and literally threw it? Or did he feel like returning a blow? Did he lose the will to fight?

No matter what, the conclusion has been somewhat decided. I wonder if I had played with him a little bit too much.

The thrown sword is dodged by bending my back.

Adofu extends his hand toward me.


At this moment, with that level of magic, what are you trying to do?

Behind me, there is the sound ‘Kachi’, the sound of metal clashing.

Is the sword being bounced back?

By using the sound, the trajectory of the sword can be predicted, it would not be able to hit me.

Yes that’s right.

With the ground raised up by magic clay, it is for the thrown sword to bounce back and hit the target, a desperate trick.

I keep my eyes focused on my back.

I tilt myself and Adofu’s sword flies past my inclined body.

That beautiful evasive movement, it is enough to reach the artistic realm.

If this guy were to practice like this more often, his swordsmanship would improve.

That’s why it’s weak.

“Hai hai, good. One hit with a slash, is that satisfying enough?…… Aa?”

When I tilt my neck, Adofu jumps towards this place.

In mid air, Adofu holds his sword in a messy way and just like that, it heads towards my face.

There is no strategy, just blind movement.

With this position it cannot be avoided.

It is easy to counter. After that, it will be possible to kill Adofu, the attack will not be stopped.

Even with magic, it will not be able to turn the situation right now.

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