Chapter 169: Resolution

No way, did that man really have a way to kill in such a dignified manner? In four days, Nina will be executed.If that possibility exists, then we can’t afford to wait for the brave man to come out.

I only have to make it into the city. Ahh! I have to quickly get into the city. I can’t understand what that man was thinking of while coming up with this.

It’s not necessary to arrive in four days as instructed. Rather, that man could shift the dates so that I’m completely unprepared by the time I get there.

That’s what I thought, but Adofu had a different opinion. As he told his thoughts to the ball rabbit, I shook my head and cast my head down.

“….Even if you want to recover a hostage, you still need to get into the city in the day of the execution, and immediately go in at the right time of their execution. Important criminals are put in the underground prison. There is no room for dragons to enter.”

I can’t help but be convinced when you say it like that. It might be possible to destroy the facilities and kick around soldiers but there will be mass casualties from that.

I absolutely don’t want to do such a thing, I can already imagine the types of titles I would receive from it. Also depending on the structure of the facility, there is a possibility that Nina will be buried alive if it collapses.

But entering Haranae on the day of the execution is also dangerous on its own.

Capital punishment in Haranae is a public execution in the central square. Since it’s out in the open, there’s is a possibility to retrieve Nina by quickly going in, but the problem lies with all the people who would be watching. According to Adofu, the number of adults, a large percentage of Haranae’s population, will come see the executions.

I don’t know the brave man’s final aim, but the purpose of him leaving me alive and inviting me by capturing Nina is to get me in a place with lots of people. I guess it would be better for him if he has lots of people there at the time, and Adofu even said that he could have people gather just by using his name.

Even if it was a small village, I managed to cause a large commotion back in the forest.

This time, it will take place in a large square with many present. I don’t know what will happen at such an event. Troops from all over the country will come together at once, people who are trying to escape from me will be pushing, and unfortunate children will die.

Why would he do such a thing, even though he is called a hero?

If I move as expected, then that man will come and pick me off fully prepared. I wanted to go in and out without fighting, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to. I need to figure out a way to break through somehow. But that’s the hard part.

After rescuing Nina, I have to somehow manage to shake off that hero.

It’s impossible to beat that hero in my current state. His stats all exceed mine, and he has a wide variety of cheats and skills with high attack power. He didn’t even use all of his skills to catch me and to think he still has more. It’s also nerve-racking that Adofu received so many status abnormalities just from being stabbed with a sword.

Getting away is impossible.

He has a horse that can fly, along with his high-speed stats and magic to improve his physical ability. He’ll catch up even if I use [[Roll]] to run away. Also, if I use [[Roll]] in the city, I don’t know how many buildings will be destroyed in the process. That tsukkomi [[God’s Voice]] will certainly be the first to say something such as with the titles [[Disaster]] and [[Path of Evil]].

I can’t defeat him as I am now, so I have to get stronger in the next four days. I need to boost my level before the execution deadline and raise my stats until I can fight equally with that hero.

Once the hero is taken care of, if I can, I will clear up the false charges on Adofu, and leave Haranae with Nina.

That’s the best solution.

If I can’t do that in time, then I will evolve into a speed specialized dragon, that way I can escape with Nina. I can also make do with being able to deliver punishing blows. That slime I fought in the forest, had said something about ‘not in the habit of fighting lower ranked opponents.’ If the hero thinks that he can easily overlook me, then Adofu’s relatives…would be killed.

Even if I think of all that, if I’m not able to raise my stats then I won’t even be able to escape. So how’s my level currently look?

Species: Evil Plague Dragon
State: Normal
Lv: 44/75
HP: 157/343
MP: 199/236

I still need 31 levels until the next evolution…?

The higher the level the more difficult it gets. This is a rule of thumb, although not always the case. I wonder if I can bring my level up to max in the next four days.

I need to keep pushing until I’m sure I can somehow overcome the danger.

Fortunately, I had already obtained [[Auto HP Recovery]]. I should be able to start fighting from today. I’ll focus on levelling up today, tomorrow and the day after that, and on the morning of the fourth day, use [[Roll]] to head over to Haranae.

This will be considerably dangerous….

I’m a B ranked monster already. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it shouldn’t be that weak. Being able to make a group of warriors turn back and neutralize Adofu without killing him, should land me in a fairly strong category. Most of the monsters that I can encounter here can be easily defeated by me and turned into food.

The opponent who can raise my level by several times….would it be the giant centipede or the red ants? The last time I saw the giant centipede it was being attacked by red ants so I’m unsure if it’s still alive or not.

If I will take them on then I might get overwhelmed. But there’s no other choice. I have grown this much, if I want to grow even further I must be willing to take on the dangers that come with it, or I won’t be able to raise my level.

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