Chapter 175: Colossal Experience Points


[Resistance skill [[Fall Resistance]] level increased from 5 to 6]

I receive a huge backlash from the belly of the giant centipede and my body is blown off. [[Roll]] naturally unravels in midair, and I end up with the front of my body scraping against the ground.

I was prepared, but my entire body is outrageously sore. If it isn’t enough, ending the suffering of the giant centipede isn’t something I can do. I clear away the sand with my hand, open my eyes and look forward.

It didn’t break the shell, but it appears that I have made a dent. From the severed part of the giant centipede, its insides are flowing out more and more.

[1536 experience points obtained]

UoU… as one would expect of the giant centipede. As expected the amount of experience points is pretty high.

[Title Skill [[Walking Egg:Lv–]] activated, 1536 bonus points obtained]

Aa, is that so? Experience points were doubled. I was overwhelmed by the number 1536 and forgot. Thank you giant centipede. I’ve had various grudges, but with this at the very least I can offer you much thanks.

[[[Evil Plague Dragon]] level has risen from 44 to 57]

Yosh, I increased 13 levels all at once! With this the next evolution is near. From now on, I need to start accumulating good deeds. I wonder if there are any lost people somewhere? Not that there were many humans who could survive in this desert anyway.

[Title Skill [[Big Eater (Giant Killing)]] level increased from 1 to 3]
[Title Skill [[Pest Killer]] level increased from 3 to 4]

My titles increased too? Getting two rank ups is unexpected, you know. Maa, the giant centipede would normally win ten out of ten times. Yet such unreasonable successes were achieved multiple times.

[Characteristic skill [[Presence Sensing]] level increased from 4 to 5]

Oh, [[Presence Sensing]] also increased? Please don’t, [[Dragon Scale Powder]] and [[Plague Breath]] please don’t increase…… Speaking of desires, [[Flight]], [[Dragon Scales]], and [[Automatic HP Recovery]], I’d be saved if those would increase however……

…………aa, is this the end? What with this, even though I feel like it always comes smack me when I’m not paying attention, it almost never strikes when I’m on guard. As I thought, it’s not playing around with me, I guess it is God’s Voice-san.

I would appreciate the [[Wrecking Ball Drop]] Skill already, OK? I’m somewhat disappointed. What, is the name decided by me or you? I’m not certain, [[Nutcracker]] was accepted however.

Well, that’s fine? Should I check my status?

Race: Evil Plague Dragon
Status: Normal
Lv :57/75
HP :218/365
MP :162/256
Attack: 319
Defence: 241
Mana: 229
Speed: 212
Rank: B-

Characteristic skill:
[[Dragon Scale: Lv5]] [[Voice of God:Lv4]] [[Gurisha Language:Lv3]] [[Flight:Lv5]]
[[Dragon Scale Powder:Lv5]] [[Dark Attribute:Lv–]] [[Evil Dragon:Lv–]]
[[Automatic HP Recovery:Lv3]] [[Presence Sense:Lv5]]

Resistance Skill:
[[Physical Resistance:Lv4]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv6]] [[Hunger Resistance:Lv4]]
[[Poison Resistance:Lv5]] [[Loneliness Resistance:Lv6]] [[Magic Resistance:Lv3]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance:Lv3]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv2]]
[[Fear Resistance:Lv2]] [[Oxygen Deficiency Resistance:Lv3]]
[[Paralysis Resistance:Lv3]] [[Illusion Resistance:Lv2]]

Normal Skill:
[[Roll:Lv7]] [[Status Check:Lv6]] [[Scorching Breath:Lv5]] [[Whistle:Lv1]]
[[Dragon Punch:Lv3]] [[Plague Breath:Lv4]] [[Poison Fang:Lv3]] [[Paralysis Claw:Lv4]]
[[Dragon Tail:Lv2]] [[Roar:Lv2]] [[Star Fall:Lv2]] [[Nutcracker:Lv3]]
[[Human Transformation:Lv4]] [[Kamaitachi:Lv3]] [[Neck Breaker:Lv3]] [[Rest:Lv1]]

Title Skill:
[[Son of the Dragon King:Lv–]] [[Walking Egg:Lv–]] [[Klutz:Lv4]] [[Fool:Lv1]]
[[Infighter:Lv4]] [[Pest Killer:Lv4]] [[Liar:Lv2]] [[Evasion King:Lv2]] [[Spirit Relief:Lv8]]
[[Tiny Hero:Lv5]] [[Path of Evil:Lv6]] [[Disaster:Lv5]] [[Chicken Runner:Lv3]] [[Chef:Lv4]]
[[Mean King:Lv4]] [[Guts:Lv2]] [[Big Eater (Giant Killing):Lv3]] [[Ceramic Craftsman:Lv4]]
[[Boss of the Crowd:Lv1]] [[Laplace’s Interference Authority:Lv1]]

Okay, it rose quite well. Nonetheless, I still have not reached to that Hero’s level …….

Now what was the status of that fellow again? If I recall correctly his HP was more than 600, and all the other stats were around 350. About the only one that even comes close to competing with him is attack power, huh? No, that guy was also holding a sword. By including the sword, would it not go to 400 or over?

I still have to further raise my level. I don’t think there are any fellows stronger than the giant centipede…… And thus, there are many fellows of moderate strength. I guess, there is the red ant’s nest. Too bad for them, I’m not going with just the purpose to destroy them.

Since those red ants are also considerably strong. I can’t go until after I’m prepared.
The day is already late, I will join the ball rabbit after eating a little and gathering the monster parts, from there I should sleep.

But, before moving……



Light wraps around my body, my body’s pain is slightly reduced. It is not necessary because I do not have any severe wounds due to [[Automatic HP Recovery]], but I need to practice. When it is possible to recover only a little bit in case of an emergency, I’ll raise its level to increase the chances of getting more evolution possibilities.

“GUuoo! GUuoo!”

[[Rest]]! [[Rest!]]

Umu, as expected, restoration magic is good. Somehow it feels like my heart has been cleansed. It may just be my imagination.

[Normal Skill [[Rest]] level increased from 1 to 2]

Yosh yosh, because I am an evil dragon I was worried that the skill level of [[Rest]] would not increase, but that does not seem to be the case.

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