Chapter 111: A Harrowing Escape

I desperately roll chasing after the giant centipede.

Although I lose in speed I am still faster using [[Roll]]. Going my max is difficult as I lose my fine control. I don’t know much about complicated terrain but I have the advantage in the open desert.

However, I still won’t make it in time. The giant centipede will destroy the carriage faster than me getting there. Well let’s not think about anything unnecessary. Run, Run, and Run!!! I can’t do anything other than keep chasing using [[Roll]]. There’s no helping it if I think of unnecessary things.

The distance between the giant centipede and the carriage shrinks. When I thought that it was finished, the fire on the upper part of the carriage burned down the curtain that covered the rear which was used to conceal the contents of the carriage. The burnt cloth dances in the air and covers the head of the giant centipede.

It was a miraculous position and timing. I thought that I could earn a little time with this, but I didn’t even have a second. The cloth flies behind immediately. It did not disturb the giant centipedes running.

I set my eyes onto the now bare carriage.

Inside, there it was packed with people riding. There where various people, from an elderly man to tiny girls who are not even 10. Everyone has beast ears on top of their heads. I remember the dog eared girl who was beside the woman swordsman at that time in the cave.

Besides the beast ears on their heads, there is a normal human being, but is he a beast person? It was the second time I’ve seen it so it did not surprise me. Everyone was wearing tattered clothes, I was worried that their hands were fitted in wooden boards.

A fat man appeared behind the beast people. They wore a white cloth on their head and it has a gaudy appearance with gold decorations. It is clearly different from others.

The fat man cried out something and kicked one of the beats people down. I did not know what to do for a moment.

The kicked beastman falls from the carriage, strikes their back against the ground and convulses. The giant centipede slows down, opens its mouth, and eats the beastman who fell from the carriage. Beating another beastman trying to resist, they threw a small child to the giant centipede. Then one person after the next.

After eight people were dropped, the giant centipede completely stopped. It began concentrating on eating the people who were dropped. In that gap, the carriage steadily escapes. The fat man laughed satisfactorily after wiping the sweat off their forehead and went back to the depths of the carriage.

Cruel. It is too cruel. I understand that if you did not do it the entire carriage would be caught and everyone will be dead. Still, it’s too terrible. Why is that guy laughing, after leaving them to get eaten by the monster?

By the time I caught up with the monster, less than half of the people had survived.
Because they were thin, the body may have been weak in the first place. It seems that some of them died by being dropped from the running carriage. But, for a moment I thought that it was good that they died from the drop instead. It’s too terrible to be eaten while crying alive.


Looking at the voice, it was a human being who had half of their body eaten and torn. Immediately the remaining upper body was also eaten by the giant centipede and disappeared.


The giant centipede makes an unpleasant sound and laughs.

I spread my wings, kicked the ground and flew up into the sky vigorously. My body moved in anger without even thinking. I target the head of the giant centipede from high in the sky and fall in a straight line.

Even if there would not be much damage, this should still hurt it a little, I will put all of my force into this one blow. If it doesn’t work, well it can’t be helped.

The giant centipede shakes its body and parries me who fell vertically by side sweeping its tail.

The impact passes through my scales and resonates in the bone. I was thrown away beautifully and thrust head first into the ground.

The surroundings are hazy. My body is heavy. I barely managed to shake off the sand with trembling arms. The giant centipede was without damage.

I understood it with the blow just now. Even with the same rank, the 40 level difference is like a thick wall. It is impossible for me to defeat him. I may not even be thought of as an enemy if I think about it, it’s embarrassing so let’s not. At best, I’m prey. A low priority, poor quality, obstructive prey.

Also, my side was warm. Oh, it’s blood. It’s not my blood though. Looking back, the hollowed organs of a man with spilled entrails was there. Did I hit him when I was sent flying?


I blow [[Scorching Breath]] at the giant centipede. While praying that I obstructed his view I jumped towards a human.

I scooped them up in my mouth, sand and all. It’s a person with the least amount of injuries.


Since the giant centipede thinks I stole its prey, it makes a sound of anger. It shakes its big body again making the same motions as when it side swept its tail. It’s the second time I see this, but it still moves too fast.

It was the counter move it used on me before, half my HP was taken last time. If I receive it again, I will surely lose consciousness. But, it’s unavoidable.

I bang my tail at the body of the approaching giant centipede, and fly back due to the shock.

Still it cannot be avoided as the centipedes body approaches. I try to reduce the power by turning my wings forward and guarding against it.

Although I was splendidly sent flying into the air the damage was minimized. I use the momentum and escape flying into the air. I return my wings which were used to guard, to the back and flap them increasing the distance.

Anyway, I escaped.

Its impossible to do anymore.

As I flew away, I sensed that my neck was being pulled so I looked back.


Red light was gathering at the mouth of the giant centipede. Was it going to shoot again? [[Scorching Flame]] is out. The person in my mouth would be burnt to death by the flame. It’s the person who the last of the seven left their last moments for. Although I am seized by a feeling of helplessness by looking at the corpse, I cannot afford to immerse in this sentiment.

After checking the status of the giant centipede, it seemed that the damage hardly got through. However, its MP consumption is surprisingly large. The way it looks, it can only use [[Heat Ray]] three times a day. That’s why it did not use it to hunt the carriage and chased after it instead. However I can’t rely on this information. Because, I will have to avoid it while flying.

I fly up while keeping the giant centipede in sight. For me who was in the sky far away, the giant centipede released its [[Heat Ray]]. I turned my face downward at a stretch and nosedived.

Even though I had taken quite a distance from it, [[Heat Ray]] still passed just a little above me. The range is stupidly long.

[Lv of title skill [[Evasion King]] went up from 1 to 2]

A message floats in my head again.

Fortunately, the giant centipede did not follow. I could not fly for a long time, but since I descended in order to avoid [[Heat Ray]], I decided to get to the ground soon. I would have probably been killed if its third shot chased after me. It probably only took me for a delinquent who stole its food and ran away.

[Lv of title skill [[Spirit Relief]] went up from 5 to 6]]

[The acquisition condition of the white magic system has reduced]

I looked behind once again. Then I rounded my body using [[Roll]] and moved towards the direction of the moon.

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