Chapter 127: Slug Hell

The big slugs surroundings are now covered in a sticky liquid. What’s your plan here? Some kind of secret skill to trap me. Is it like caltrops? I would be like a hanging fly if I go straight in, caught like a roach in a sticky roach motel trap, and in that time you would launch your attack.

I think the best way to break through would be using [[Scorching Heat]] as it has the most power. I can evaporate it all at once.

I jump towards the big slug as originally planned. When the big slug noticed, it turned its head to the ground and gouged out the flowers as it dived into the ground. It used [[Dig]] to escape.

It would be fine if it actually escaped, but Idon’t think it can live in the desert with such a slimy body. There is no way that he will let go of this place. It will only be trying to keep its distance from me. I will put my head into the hole and burn it with a breath attack. This hole will be its grave.

When approaching the hole, although the enemy couldn’t be seen, [[Presence Sense]] suddenly started reacting. Not one or two, but numerous bodies have been detected. What is this, it wasn’t like this a little while ago.

[Characteristic Skill [[Presence Sense]] Lv increased from 2 to 3]

As the skill Lv rose, so did my understanding of what was detected. It was the sticky liquid roughly in the shape of a slug. My field of vision fluctuated and I could see a lot of round things spread around in the liquid he scattered. The size of the sphere, is about the same size as the ball rabbit when we first met, which happens to be like a softball.

It seems that it was difficult to see thanks to [[Mirage]]. If it’s done in such a large scale [[Presence Sense]] won’t be able to pick it up since it all looks the same and it’s been crafted into small parts.

Even if I see it…what is it? The number of spheres is roughly over 30 from the looks of it. Like him they are dirty green…somehow, I feel as though I’ve seen this somewhere.

Oh wait, I remember, it looks like a frog’s egg.

As I was thinking that, I spit out [[Scorching Breath]] at full power.

The strong flames burn the sticky liquid and large slug eggs.

[12 experience points obtained]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 12 bonus points obtained]

With so much of a rank difference, the experience I got from that was so low…. What were these guys ranked. Well, even I was born with an F rank. No, if you think about it, could they even be considered as born yet? They were eggs.

From the looks of it, about a third of them were outside of my range. The membranes of the eggs from outside my range begin to break, and the young slugs start to emerge.

Species: Baby-Amagarashi
Status: Normal
Lv: 1/25
HP: 12/12
MP: 8/8

They are Rank D-. The difference in status is so much that I only need to scratch them with a fingernail to win. But…There sure are a lot of them.

“ji-!” “ja-!” “ji-!”
“jii-!” “jii-jii!” “ji-!”

A huge group of baby slugs approaches me while wiggling around like worms. Fast. Reasonably fast, and they are going at it with absolutely no hesitation.

It’s hard to see their figure in the flower garden, but I could cope using [[Presence Sense]]. Perhaps it was lucky that I couldn’t really see them. I would probably look away even if I could see them. Salt, salt, bring me some salt. I ask for the thing that will likely kill them all.

I spin my tail and whack a few of the incoming slugs. The surrounding slugs are crushed, and a few of them stick to the tail. Uugh, it’s pretty grotesque. Every time one gets taken out I gain an experience point. Though, this is quite efficient, I do not want to keep doing this until I Lv up.

After seeing their brethren being taken out, they take a distance from my tail and spit out a mulchy colored liquid. Ouch! Although the damage doesn’t get through my scales, it still stings a little. Stop that, do not defile me anymore.

I want to sweep them all up with a breath attack, but the liquid from before makes me want to vomit instead. I had planned to use as little MP as possible, but I can’t hold back now with so many eggs around.

I thought about crushing them using [[Roll]], but the small slugs have neither attack power or defense so there is no need to do so. Besides, I will be disgusted if the guts stick to my back.

The small slugs are somewhat fast, but they are far slower than myself. I’ll just stay away from the weird liquid, shorten the distance and smash them with my tail and fingernails.

Ahh! The skin of the slug went under my nail! No way, seriously no way! This is making me want to run away.

When I looked back, I saw Nina holding the ball rabbit with an uneasy expression. While the ball rabbit continues as usual, irresponsibly shaking its ears as if it’s yelling at me to continue.

Actually ball rabbit, what’s with that drool hanging out of your mouth? What, do you want to eat the slugs? Which reminds me, aren’t slugs related to shellfish? No, I don’t even want to consider eating any.

Actually, if it’s the small slugs, even the ball rabbit could beat them down, please switch with me. That way I could be the one protecting Nina, and you could swallow up as many of the small slugs as you want.

While thinking of various things, I finally returned my gaze to the small sugs in front on me. There is a large amount of them, but they are not tough opponents. While I’m being sprayed with a green liquid, I continue to cut them down.

[Lv of [[Evil Plague Dragon]] went up from 29 to 30]

I wonder why, but I’m not at all pleased with the Lv up. I’m not quite sure but I feel as if i’m reaching a new level of enlightenment.

Finally, the last one was killed with my tail. I turn towards the hole that the big slug dug up. Now, stop hiding behind your harassment tactics. Get out here and let’s settle this.

From inside the hole, small slugs begin to spring out. It’s a lie….are we still going to continue slug-leveling…..

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