Chapter 130: A Dreamy Paradise

We will stop here for today, it will be a good place to rest. The lake which looked beautiful was just a ghost, a dirty swamp in fact….but at least here the heat is somewhat cooler than in other places.

There are thin clouds hanging around in the sky so the sunlight is a little relaxed. It’s probably due to the large slug’s skill [[Praying for Rain]].

The ball rabbit seems exhausted from it’s fight against the slugs, and Nina should be considerably tired from trying to stay on my back during the travel. Although I do try to be careful, I still shake up and down while moving, riding comfortably is not something we have. Normally, a dragon is not the kind to let people ride them as they walk. Let’s have a good rest as we’re all tried, rather than to move around again.

When tomorrow comes, I will use the ball rabbit’s [[Telepathy]] skill and my [[Human Transformation]]. I should be able to talk to Nina better this time.

I gathered the long grass growing around the swamp and made a bed for Nina. Sleeping here still isn’t great, but it should still be better than lying down on the sand.

When Nina lied down on the bed of grass, the ball rabbit moved to her side and tucked in closely beside her. Nina was surprised and opened her eyes wide, but when she saw that it was the ball rabbit she laughed and held the ball rabbit tightly.

They get along quite well as if they are good friends. Is there some way that those with beast ears can communicate with each other?

I confirm that Nina and the ball rabbit were sleeping, and put my belly on the ground. Although I keep my eyes closed and my mind asleep, I try not to interrupt my attention to the surroundings with [[Presence Sense]]. I must be ready to act in case of emergency. If a gigantic centipede approached, it is necessary to escape with full power.

Stay still and concentrate on making my body rest. Eventually I feel light on my eyelids and wake up. The day came while I was resting, it’s now morning.

I lightly poke my head with my tail and shake my head. Uummaah, my head feels dull now.

Well, after using [[Presence Sense]] I guess you wouldn’t really feel like you had a good sleep. Since I have a body of a dragon, it’s tough so there is no need to, but I occasionally want to sleep soundly. I at least want to have a sleeping day, where I sleep all day one day out of the week.

In that respect, my life in the forest was nice. If I was sleepy I could sleep well because there was not an enemy that could surprise me near the bed, and I did not feel thirsty because there was a beautiful lake where I could walk to, and there was also the occasional grey wolf I could have as a meal, so I was not worried.

Well, it can’t be helped if I grumble from time to time. Okay I have to raise my Lv to the point where large centipedes turn around. That would make it much easier to find water and food, and it make me feel more relaxed so I could sleep properly. Let’s think positive.

Now then, the ball rabbit’s MP should be recovered by now, that way we can experiment to see if whether it can use [[Telepathy]] to communicate with Nina….actually, where is the ball rabbit. Last night it was supposed to be sleeping with Nina, but there was only Nina on the grass bed.

What kind of dream are you having that you’re cheeks are loose while letting out “suu, nya…..” It’s a nice sleeping face. When I think of her dreaming about her hometown, I remember her circumstance and start to feel a bit miserable.

“Thank you very much nya, Mr. Dragon. From what to what….sorry….”

…You, if you say something like that, I feel somewhat embarrassed….. No, to say that with such a happy face…. I will say thank you when you awake, although I scare you often. I’m weak to such a thing because from the beginning a dragon lives with hatred directed from and towards the people.

Where are you, ball rabbit. Where did you disappear to? Was it that Nina’s sleeping posture was unexpectedly bad so you eventually dug out a hole and went in?

Focusing on [[Presence Sense]] I scan around. There in the distance I could see that the ball rabbit is moving while dragging its ears towards the swamp.

What is that guy doing? No way, are you going back to drink that gutter swamp? Actually with the ball rabbits belly it’s not wrong to suspect it would do that when it’s hungry.

I chase after the ball rabbit and get closer to the swamp.


When the ball rabbit approaches the edge of the gutter swamp, it raises it’s voice while extending its ears. Blue light began to leak out of the ball rabbits body, and then it went into the gutter swamp.

When the blue light touches the surface of the water, it ripples and spreads and the turbidity of the swamp also spreads accordingly. What, was the dirty swamp cleaned? At the end of the swamp, it changed to clean water, although it was only a part of it.

The ball rabbit looked back at me and cried out proudly, “pefu!”, I began to drink the water by skimming my mouth across the surface of the water. Hey ball rabbit, since when were you able to do something like this. Please tell me.

Oh, maybe it’s that! It’s the skill [[Clean]] that you acquired when you evolved into the peach ball rabbit!

It is clear that it was a skill with a water purification function. It did not have the MP yesterday. This is good fortune, how lucky.

I have to immediately wake up Nina and tell her this as well. Nina didn’t say anything but she should be pretty thirsty. I’m overjoyed knowing about this.

I instantly return to the grass bed and raise my voice to wake Nina with a “Gurua!”


Nina was surprised at my voice, she woke up in a hurry and raised her body as if warming up.

I was wondering if she was okay with waking up, but then I suddenly woke her up with a roar of a dragon suddenly. I am confident that my heart will stop if if I were a human. I guess she was tired and it would have been better if she slept until she got up naturally. The tension has risen, and it feels like it’s getting worse.

“a, to, toto, nya, good morning Mr. Dragon…..what did you need, to come over like that?”


Uah, I need to quickly apologise……

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