Chapter 160: The Hero

Adofu, did you say Irushia just now?

Can you see my status as well?

In addition to me, I had only met one other that could use this skill.

That strange slime in the woods.

He was talking about his skills.

I’m sure he could see the statuses.

Since someone else also had the ability, it would make sense that there could be others.

But Adofu shouldn’t have this skill.

In any case, why would he say my name in this situation?

Usually , the words Adofu said would be directed towards someone who was hiding…

After thinking this far, I turn my eyes following Adofu’s line of sight behind me.

Nobody’s there.

There’s only Nina at the shoal by the sea a little off from where Adofu’s eyes are directed. Nina is squatting down in place while heavily breathing, probably tired from standing because of the disease.

She’s looking at me worryingly.

I try looking around with [[Presence Sense]].

Although it’s weak, I feel some magic in the sky.

Is there something there?

I raise my eyes and look up.

“Did you not hear? It’s a ceasefire.”

The moment Adofu said so, the space where I was looking shook and a man appeared. The man was straddling a white horse with wings growing out of it and held a sword in his hand.

“You turned our efforts meaningless Adofu. After going through so much trouble to gather its attention why did you purposefully expose me? I was going to engage it after you gave me the opening and let you retreat.”

Apparently Adofu was to keep my attention to the front while that guy sneaks from behind to wait for a gap to strike. He was able to disappear, and I hardly felt any magic presence.

He probably possesses a special skill.

The man has pale white skin and thin golden hair tied in a ponytail.

His eyelashes are long and I get the impression that he has delicate features.

He’s not much bigger than Adofu. Actually he may even be as strong as Adofu. However, I don’t feel any dignity that I felt from Adofu. He is giving off more of a disgusting feeling.

“Hmm, well at this Lv I would have been okay without taking so many safety precautions. I don’t have much to worry about, but what kind of evil plague dragon is this?”

The man narrowed his eyes as a cold glint could be seen from them while a radiant smile floated on his face.

In the sword hand of the man, a little power accumulates.

Ah, not good.

This guy’s just itching to fight. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to talk, no, actually it’s more like he’s uninterested and just wants to get it out of his system. Those eyes of his are the eyes of a hunter looking at its prey.

It also seems that Adofu is struggling to stay quiet. Him riding on that winged horse makes it more troubling.

“Hey, Irushia! Put the sword down! If you’re not going to cooperate, step back and leave it to me.”

Ignoring Adofu’s voice, he raises his sword towards the sky.

I raise both hands and prepare for the attack.

When I tried to find out what kind of attack was going to be used by following the movement of his eyes,our eyes met at point blank range.

“Well, why does a monster have the same name as myself? Normally I would feel bad.”

The man says so, and the lifted sword is swung straight down.

The content of that statement was worrisome, but there’s no time to think about that now.

It’s a simple attack, but fast.

The sword is fused with magic, and it shines slightly.

I angle my right arm to break the man’s position and decide to fight back with my left arm.

Anyhow, the objective right now is to swat down that horse. If he loses his horse then he might back down.

The moment I was readying my arm, I felt a strong heat on my skin before the sword hit.

It is more powerful than it looks.

My arm will be damaged if I take that with no protection.

I changed my plan, kicked the ground, and tried to get away from the man.

“[[Heavens Drop]]!”

When the man swung his sword, the light that covered his sword stretched.

The extended light is coming toward my left shoulder.

Fast. It doesn’t seem like I can avoid it.

I cover my shoulder with the left wing and try to defend it.


When the light touched my wing, intense heat ran into my body all at once.

It was blown to the right from the power of the impact, and the world turned upside down, as my shoulder was slammed into the ground.

I roll across the ground scattering sand.

I was flung nearly 20 meters and was stopped by the friction with the ground.

My shoulder is sore.

The scales on my shoulder were peeled off from rubbing against the ground and blood was flowing out of the wound, but it strangely hurt more where the light connected with my shoulder.

When I tried to raise my voice in pain, I heard a loud roar in my ears.

My consciousness, which was unclear, is pulled back by the Roar.

I was losing my mind.

What did you do just now?

While I crawl over the sand, I look towards the spot I heard the explosions earlier.

A big crater is in the ground.

Is that the blow that slammed me to the ground?

It was good that I played it well.

If I hadn’t received it decently, the situation could’ve been much more serious.


Nina yells.

Nina tried to come over here and stood up.

It was clear that standing up was her limit, due to the curse, she was trembling..

Nina’s knees jerked and shook and she fell forward into the sea.

Sea water splashed and she let out a groan, but she still tried to stand up.

Don’t be reckless, please… it doesn’t look like you’re doing well..

My body doesn’t move well.

My HP was considerably damaged just now, too.

“Hey! I told you to stop, Irushia!”

“I don’t want to, and what are you talking about, Mr. Adofu? I helped you with a dangerous situation.”

My body feels heavy.

My head is not turning well.

I tried to use [[Rest]], but it doesn’t recover nearly enough.

My magic might be considerably high, but it might not be suitable enough for a quick recovery.

If I don’t practice more, it’s not likely to be much help when i need it.

I somehow lifted an eye and put the man in sight.

The man was watching Adofu with a smile and laughing.

He’s not even paying attention to me anymore.

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