Chapter 195: The Next Day

Feeling a strong light, my groggy mind clears. I raise my head. The sunrise can be seen over the desert’s horizon.

Finally, tomorrow is the date that Nina is scheduled to be executed. Before the day is over, I must get past the lower levels in order to defeat that hero.

For that sake, I have no choice but to attack the red ants’ nest. That C rank monster den, I will completely destroy it.

I feel bad for the red ants, but not killing them would be impossible. I don’t have the option of abandoning Nina.

“……Are you awake?”

Adofu stops swinging his sword and turns his head this way. He was awake the entire time. I’m not sure of when to attack the monsters, but it seems possible to take revenge on the red ants when they are asleep.

Even if they aren’t completely asleep, they can still become stiff from fatigue. This was a tendency from the time I spent as an Evil Plague Dragon.

Even now, has he not stopped swinging that large sword? ……As expected, he must have some regrets.

Even with my [[High Rest]], I can’t heal Adofu’s arm. Because it’s my skill, I somehow understand it instinctively. The [[Rest]] skill line most likely strengthens one’s vitality and accelerates the healing process.

[[Auto Regeneration]] could regenerate the damaged body part but……it can heal only me. If I keep raising my level, could I learn a skill to fix Adofu’s arm?.

With a wry smile, Adofu puts his large sword back in its sheath.
……He just made an awkward expression, didn’t he? It’s too much to worry about.


In the middle of this awkwardness, my neighbor yawns. T-this person, at such a wierd timing……!

I gently headbutt my partner.


My partner, now awake, lightly shakes her head and barks “Guaau!” Her head suddenly shines with light. She seems to be using [[High Rest]].

Being wasteful again……Well, I guess it’s fine. At least I will have recovered by the time I next need it.

Because of that fellow, I was not able to eat a thing last night. She was agile when she took the food and swallowed it whole. Well, in the end it goes into the same stomach, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Though there is a longing to put something in my mouth which would help in relieving my temper. In any case, I won’t have to worry about having another mouth to feed since our meals will be the same.

I’ll leave the support up to her. I’m trusting you. I’m really trusting you to do it. Yesterday’s poison dumplings barely had any effect. This time, Adofu will also not be there too. Although the total number of ants should have greatly decreased, having two heads is a minus to my fighting ability, but it is still sufficient enough to say that it’ll be easy to kill several at once.

The time limit is close. I need to start leveling soon. Ball Rabbit’s MP should have already recovered. Once it comes out, we’ll quickly head towards the red ants’ nest.

“Guau, Guaaau!”

My partner sticks her nose into the ground and starts digging. It’s similar to what I’ve seen dogs do in my previous life……

Moving as if digging up prey, my partner raises her head. Ball Rabbit scratches her teeth with its ears. While being lifted up, Ball Rabbit shakes itself right and left. Its eyes look at me in annoyance.


I-It’s not my fault! I was going to wait until you woke up! This fellow used [[Presence Sense]] at her own convenience to dig you up!

For the time being, let’s look at Ball Rabbit’s status to make sure it’s fully recovered. Alright, it looks good. There’s no choice but to get up already. The Ball Rabbit is in a bad mood from being woken up, but it doesn’t want to go back to sleep.

I decide to have Adofu wait near the red ants’ nest. He himself thinks that he could become a burden. There’s no need to forcibly bring him along . I want Adofu to stay alive. Although he was at one point helping the hero, we’ve already been living together for a few days. I owe my life to him. After this battle is safely over, I want him to live happily somewhere.

The red ants’ nest comes into view. Should Adofu separate from us here?


I look down at Adofu and bark. My intention seems to have been understood and Adofu stops walking.

“……Well then, I pray that you have good fortune during your fight. I am sorry that I am unable to help.”


Thank you. Leave this fight to me.

“Pefuu! Pefuuu!”
[Let me down! Let me down!]

Once again, my partner holds Ball Rabbit’s ear in her mouth, drooling. She seems to like carrying the Ball Rabbit. While unskillfully trying to regain control, she bares her fangs at me. Because I did not want to disturb her mood, I allowed the Ball Rabbit to be the sacrifice.

However, this will be a battle. It will be troublesome if I also have to fight the other head. She won’t be able to fight well if her mouth isn’t empty. I must get the Ball Rabbit back.


“Guau! Guau!”

Because she was trying to resist, I firmly hold her head down with a forefoot and have her release it. I place the Ball Rabbit on my head. The Ball Rabbit clings tightly to my head with its ears.

[Detestable! Jeez. That girl. Detestable!]

It looks very angry. ……Now will you stop bothering the Ball Rabbit? Am I going to be hated for this?

My partner looks lonesomely at the ball rabbit intermittently. Although she doesn’t like it, she does seem to like the ball rabbit.


The Ball Rabbit shakes its body while clinging to my head. It’s the first time that I’ve seen the Ball Rabbit this angry. Honestly, she looks satisfied for some reason.

When I think about it, she is part of me. What should I say? I’m getting a subtle feeling that I’m on bad terms with my friends. I’d be happy if we got along well……Well, before that, I should first listen to what they have to say.

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