Chapter 145: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable 2 (Irushia)

I lightly swipe my sword to shake off the blood and return it to its sheath. I let out sigh as I sit down on a nearby rock.

I focus my eyes on the panther, the monster I just killed. It surely had the skill [[Wild Intuition]].

I wanted to test out the curse sword I got the other day, the sword known as the blood sucking princess….but a lower ranked monster wasn’t strong enough for it. It was useless thinking that it would last a little longer, and it’s boring watching plain beasts suffering.

Why, why should someone like me have to wait so long in this desert? No, I am doing it voluntarily.

The rumors about their being an evil plague dragon are probably fake. It’s at most a C rank dark dragon, or possibly a large lizard. That pathetic former knight leader Adofu, I need to find a reason to take him out.

Even when I went to hear about the evil plague dragon from the priest, I was dismissed for letting out a prisoner based off a foolish merchant’s delusions. He used to be more flexible in the past, but now he’s bothersome. Who do you think is to thank for being able to have such a delicious broth.

I then asked if they could let me organize a platoon to investigate with Adofu as the leader, if there really was a plague dragon then Adofu will be temporarily released so that he could lead a subjugation team. But by the way things are going, the survey team won’t find anything and come back with their heads held high. Since the priest was going to have to take on the matter himself he accepted my request.

That’s why I need this to work out. If the evil plague dragon didn’t exist I only need to fake one, but if it does exist then even better. It’s easy enough. Even the fool of a priest wouldn’t expect it.

Looking in the distance I could see people starting to emerge. It seems the survey team finally came back. Five, six, seven? Even though there should have been eight one of them is missing. In any case, it looks like they didn’t come up with anything, it’s to be expected from a team of newbies. Did the other guy get chased by the sand centipede?

…..What, I don’t see that particular harness, where’s the captain? Hagen’s the one missing?

Even though they should have been cheerfully returning, all of them are half crying with their horses running at full power. It doesn’t look like anything is following from behind them, so why are they rushing here in such a state? They seem to have encountered something dreadful.

If they really did encounter a dragon, then seven out of eight people returning should not have happened in the first place. A few of them are injured but it doesn’t look like anything serious. This confirms the false information of there being a dragon, but they may have not want to make their way over for nothing and attacked some monsters along the way.

“Hey, what happened? Where’s Hagen?” (Irushia)

I stand and call out. The survey team head my way and stop and the one in charge gets down their horse and stares me in the eyes.

“I, Irushia sir! What are you doing here?” (Soldier A)

“I was worried over the whole situation. But even if I thought the merchant may have made a mistake, I thought it would be alright if I send out Hagen just in case there really was an evil plague dragon by chance.” (Irushia)

“Th, the chance was real! This is serious! There really was an evil plague dragon!” (Soldier A)

Two of them in the back shouted the same thing while crying.

“Hagen, was eaten!”
“E-even I was sent off my horse, but I managed to find a gap and escape for my life….” (Soldier A)

Unbelievable. There really was an evil plague dragon? It wouldn’t come over to Harenae. I’ve only seen an illustration of it in a book.

Even Hagen got eaten….. He was an idiot but also confident, someone who would go charging in recklessly. I had often thought that with such characteristics then he could surely battle against a an evil plague dragon.

“hmmm…..the damage isn’t that great” (Irushia)

For something such as an evil plague dragon this kind of damage doesn’t suit it. Perhaps it is still at a low level. It’s doubtful the church will judge it as a plague dragon with just this. This doesn’t seem sufficient enough of a reason to let out Adofu. It’s necessary to heighten the sense of crisis in the upper management of Harenae.

“N-no, although it really was an evil plague dragon! To it, even Hagen was nothing more than twisting a baby’s hand….” (Solider A)

Twisting the hands of that bald man was possible even for monsters below the class of an evil plague dragon. Really, those that can’t see status are hilarious and can’t be helped. As for myself, I’m able to assess the true strength of those around me. Everything about them is known to me, every part of their status and how they may behave. Tsktsk, they can’t be helped. Even looking at these men, they are nothing but pebbles compared to me.

“No, when I said that the damage was too small, I didn’t mean it that way.” (Irushia)

“Huh?” (Soldier A)

“Seven people were killed and one managed to escape with near death….I saw something strange and came to see the situation, where it was then reported to me the necessary information with their dying breath. If only the bald man was eaten and the rest just ended up with a sprain or a small wound it will be laughable.” (Irushia)

“So-sorry, I don’t really understand the meaning of what you just said….” (Soldier A)

Before the soldier could finish, I pulled out my sword and slashed his chest. The soldier doesn’t say anything and falls to the ground as is. Aww, I wanted to test the effects of the curse sword so I slashed lightly. His weakness is peerless. If a monster was ever able to break through the amulets and walls then Harenae will end. What was a soldier useful for?

The curse sword sucks up the blood of the slain soldier while slightly pulsating. It seems that my HP can recover, but since I don’t have any wounds it was pointless. I wanted to test the effects a little more.

[76 experience points obtained]

Haha, isn’t it better to go hunting for ants. Killing a person doesn’t give much experience, so there isn’t much enjoyment.

“I-Irushia sir?” (Soldier B)

“What, what happened?” “Why, in the world did you….” (Soldier B)

The remaining five people won’t really be missed if I just tossed them out. I only need to return the pegasus.

“That’s why, I was saying that the damage was insufficient, really, you’re really slow aren’t you?” (Irushia)

I laughed as I slashed the man with my sword, and the remain five people started screaming and running from the city with their faces dyed blue.


Some of them cried out the same as well. That’s cruel. Even though you guys are the ones who usually kill monsters. Ah, well as it is often said, sometimes it’s not all that bad.

When they are finished, I will explain it to the priest and release Adofu. I couldn’t defend myself before and was scolded shamefully. After killing his fiancee and awaiting to be executed on false charges Adofu is on death row. I dont have the time to be waiting.

“….[[Quick]]” (Irushia)

After casting magic , I lightly wield the cursed sword. I guess I should start soon.

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