Chapter 158: Adofu Ahrens

A horse’s footsteps?

Who’s coming?

If you are a good person, perhaps you may be able to take Nina away.

It may go against Nina’s wishes but I still don’t want Nina to die.

There was a large man on top of the horse in the distant sands.

His full beard made him seem older but he had to be somewhere in his twenties or thirties.

He lacks a turban but he shares a breastplate with the soldier I fought before.

Did he receive a report about me from him?

Although it’s only one person this time, he appears different from the previous guys.

He seems stronger.


The horse raises a cry when it sees me and breaks into a sprint.

I guess I’ll check the stats for now.

[[Adofu Ahrens]]
Species: Earth Huma
Status: Prisoner’s Seal
Lv: 48/85
HP: 262/316
MP: 72/98
Attack: 243+32
Def: 262+24
Magic: 121
Speed: 172

Hand: [[Harenae Soldier’s Large Sword: C+]]
Body: [[Harenae Soldier’s breastplate: C]]

Characteristic skills:
[[Gurisha Language: Lv6]] [[Swordsman: Lv7]]

Resistance skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv5]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv4]] [[Venom Resistance: Lv1]]
[[Slashing Resistance: Lv6]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv1]] [[Paralysis Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal skills:
[[Shockwave: Lv5]] [[Clay: Lv2]] [[Decoy: Lv5]] [[Large Cleave: Lv4]]
[[Spirit Unification: Lv6]] [[Armor Expert: Lv2]]

Title Skills:
[[Former Knight Chief: Lv–]] [[Sword King: Lv7]] [[Powerful: Lv6]]

This guy… He’s a lot stronger than the previous soldiers.

I thought he just had more experience due to the beard.

Are you really human?

It would be dangerous if I received an attack from a guy with stats like that and equipment to boot.

I have to neutralize him with minimal damage and see if he can help Nina.

This large man, Adofu, was coming straight at me.

First off, let’s try using [[Telepathy]].

It would be convenient if he stopped just with that but…


I turned and barked at the ball rabbit, moving away from Nina.


((Hold on. Want to talk….))

When trying to talk with [[Telepathy]], the horse carrying Adofu increased its speed.

Adofu raised a sword that was almost the size of himself with a single hand and, glaring at me, slashed at the sky twice.

No use.

I don’t have the leisure of doing this “gently”.

If I don’t do this right, the ball rabbit may get hurt instead.

First of all, let’s start with decreasing the risks.


I move the ball rabbit with my tail and fly to the side of Nina.

I was a little rough but I didn’t have much of a choice.

If I delayed, the ball rabbit could be in danger.

To stop Adofu head on, I make myself seem larger.

I fire off three [[Kamaitachi]], aiming for the horse.

The first went to the left,the second drifted and slammed to the right, and the third was aimed at where he would avoid the second.

I am much faster than him.

If I separate him from his horse, I should be able to beat him quite easily..


Adofu shouts as he pulls on the reins and directs the horse to avoid the first and second.

All according to plan.

The third lands at the base of the horse.

Adofu hurled a sheath at the third [[Kamaitachi]] and adjusted the movement slightly.

It fell off to the side where the second one was fired and was avoided easily.

Even though there wasn’t a choice, he still reacted quite quickly and without hesitation.

If he was a little off, I might have accidentally killed the horse when it was falling but, he didn’t even flinch.

It’s as if he’s been through these situations countless times.

Although I know I’m facing a human, it’s more like I’m facing a monster.

He thinks and moves accordingly. If it was any other, they should have taken some damage by now.

Adofu, who disregarded the [[Kamaitachi]], closes the gap quickly.

It’s to be expected of someone I’ve failed to drag from the horse.

Although with that kind of speed, it will be hard to counter any moves that aren’t in a straight line.

I raise my left arm up and hold it at the ready.

I will grab Adofu with my left hand, while swiping the horse with the right.

Looking at my stance, Adofu raises his big sword to his side.

Is he challenging me with a charge?

If my arm receives the sword, Adofu and the horse will surely be separated if their movements are stopped.

Damage is likely to be taken but, if all goes well, the battle will end there.

I’m sure if I send them flying then he will stop resisting.


Adofu lines up his sword ready to strike.

I turn my left hand to guard quickly and stretch my right hand to Adofu.

Adofu’s eyes move from my left hand to the right.

He seemed to have noticed what’s happening here and his voice leaked out.

But it’s too late.

Neither the horse’s power nor the arm which was wielding the sword can stop now.

The sword of Adofu arced around and hit like a train.

The big sword hits my left arm.

It deals about the amount of damage I expected.

Adofu was hitting me with the broad side of the sword, not the blade.

He pulled the reins back at the same time the sword connected and flew onto his back from the force of the hit on me.

I stretched out a claw on my right hand over towards the nose of the horse.

The horse immediately reverses it’s body after landing, and starts running in the opposite direction of me.

After taking some distance, it looked back at me.

What’s more, it’s repositioning itself.

Since the straight swing changed trajectories causing the sword to arch backwards, it allowed him to move with it. This is a feat which couldn’t be done unless both the horse and the man were synchronized.

It seems that Adofu pushed himself a little hard as he used his arm to wipe the sweat from his brow.

No way, I didn’t think there were any humans capable of such a feat. This thought floated about in my head, he must surely be a monster.

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