Chapter 117: Thornling

The cactus moves and a head extends from it. I suddenly braked and canceled my [[Roll]]. This guy is not just a cactus.

It is a mass of green with a flattened body and is full of needles. It was a cactus but it had the shape of a camel.

If trying to decide which one it was, then it was both, the cactus camel has arrived. Besides, it’s not just a camel. Its full length is about 4 meters.

There are small holes where its eyes should be, but the mouth is big. Whenever the cactus camel opened its mouth, a sticky green thread of liquid would come out. Hmm, I feel uncomfortable….

Well first of all, I want to check this guys stats.

[Cactus Turfilios]: C-rank monster]
[Living for 500 years [Cactus Tur Pupa] gains powerful magical power and establishes a sense of self before long.]
[Turfilios means Wild Thorn Child]
[To support its own weight, it has four legs, and because it endlessly absorbs water there are several lumps on its back. Its figure resembles that of a camel.]
[Its body surface has been strengthened by magical power, and its needles are very hard.]
[It pretends to be a normal plant but it then eats approaching monsters after weakening them with its magic.]

Is that the evolution system of the cactus? C rank…even with such a look is it really equivalent to the Little Rock Dragon? It seems this may not be a very good opponent to take on.

Species: Cactus Turfilios
Status: Normal
Lv: 46/50
HP: 308/308
MP: 185/185
Attack: 120
Defense: 198
Magic: 210
Speed: 56
Rank: C-

Characteristic Skills:
[[Earth Attribute: Lv–]] [[Photosynthesis: Lv–]] [[Water Storage: Lv6]]
[[Needle Armor: Lv5]] [[Automatic HP Recovery: Lv3]]
[[Automatic MP Recovery: Lv3]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Drought Tolerance: Lv4]] [[Thermal resistance: Lv5]] [[Physical Resistance: Lv3]]
[[Magic Resistance: Lv4]]

Normal Skills:
[[Mirage: Lv4]] [[Digestive Juice: Lv3]] [[Clay: Lv5]] [[Weak: Lv3]] [[Iron Maiden: Lv6]]
[[Bite: Lv2]] [[Thousand Needles: Lv2]] [[Sand Breath: Lv1]] [[Sandstorm: Lv3]]

Title Skills:
[[Son of Plant God: Lv–]] [[Longevity: Lv2]]

Its Lv is high!? It’s probably good for earning experience, but it’s not a good opponent if I want to eat it. First of all, its HP, MP and Mana are better than mine.

I want to shy away, but if I miss this chance I don’t know when something as rich in water as this will come. It will be safe to leave the ball rabbit and Nina alone for now.

Well, I guess I should be able to manage. Its attack power is low and its movement seems dull.

Attack power and speed are important in battle. It’s what I’ve learned through my experience so far. Even if the defense is high, if your attack can’t hit it doesn’t count. They will wear out and magic could only provide a bit of support against an experienced fighter.

Alright then, after a long time, I will have you raise my Lv.

I glance at the needle camel from a distance. The needle camel stands up on its four legs, and turns its socket eyes towards me.

The other side also stiffens and doesn’t move an inch. It seems it wants to see how I move. I guess it’s no fool, and instead of giving up it wants to face me here.

I’d like to take care of it from a long distance, but I would ruin the precious water if I use [[Scorching Breath]]. If it’s like this, then there is only one thing I could try. But I have not used it in a while.

I gather magic power on both of my wings and strike forward with a flap. It’s the skill [[Kamaitachi]] which cuts enemies with wind blades. The wind blades bounce off the surface of the needle camel.

It went unscathed this time, but if I were to hit it again on the same spot it could scratch it, a third could break its needles and the fourth will scrape off its body.

[Normal Skill [[Kamaitachi]] Lv increased from 1 to 2]

Oh, look skill Lv went up.

A sharper wind blade storm pours down onto the needle camel. The needle camel crouches down and protects its head. Even seeing this I still won’t stop my wings. Instead I strengthen the momentum, sharpen the aim, and I steadily hit the needle camels body.

Go! Keep battering him over and over. I will pour in all of the magic I got.

Is this not working?

I used this on the Little Rock Dragon before, but was I underestimating my opponent? Even though the [[Kamaitachi]] got stronger. The needle camel didn’t move but I also didn’t let it get close to me by running around. I will somehow win if I can just keep on hitting him with [[Kamaitachi]].

I stopped after using about half my MP and did not move an inch. I look at the needle camel after I stopped using [[Kamaitachi]], should I check its status?

[Cannot find target]


I remember the last time I saw this message. It was that time when I was chasing the panther. At that time I chased after a hallucination and collided with a rock. It must have been its normal skill [[Mirage]].

That needle camel also had [[Mirage]]

The figure of the needle camel disappears only to leave fragments which I happened to scrape off with [[Kamaitachi]] left on the sand.

Apparently, while I was bombarding it with my wind blades, it snuck out of the wind hell using [[Mirage]]. From the number of fragments scattered about, I couldn’t help but feel that it was a waste not being able to use what was lost.

Looking about, I noticed that there is a high possibility that the needle camel is hiding in wait. Where would it come from? No, I don’t have the time to think, I should start moving as it could come from anywhere.

I kick the ground and fly into the sky. Just then, the back of my knee was pierced by a big needle.

I failed to avoid it as my judgment was delayed. Is it going to shoot another needle? Apparently the needle camel showed me a hallucination at some point in time, and used that time to go around to my back.

I manage to stay in the air while still in pain.

Ah, my leg hurts. It’s pretty powerful even with such a status. Although there isn’t much damage, it’s not an amount I can just ignore.

Although it may have been a thin part of my scales, it wanted to penetrate my body. Do you have any special characteristics like that of the slime?

Why can’t this be easy?

Even if you try it, I won’t be fooled by [[Mirage]] again. That hallucination is difficult to deal with but there are plenty of faults.

The trick to it is awkward but quite difficult. But, I should be able to notice immediately if I concentrate.

It’s time to push forward and make it food.

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