Chapter 132: Soldiers of Haranae

Multiple signs are definitely approaching our direction. Should I wait until I can see the opponent’s status or should I escape now with Nina and the ball rabbit with [[Roll]]?

If I run away now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t run into them again. If it’s going to be running through the desert all the time with such a speed, then there is a high chance of meeting again in the future. Maybe since I was able to discover it ahead of time I should scout out information about it from a safe distance?

Ah, I don’t know, but I could run away if I notice anything wrong. There’s also no guarantee that this is the other side’s full speed, so should I run as soon as possible.

I can’t imagine that the Centipede is grueling over this place, and as for my expectation, I think that there’s a high possibility that it’s not a strong opponent but it’s just that they specialized in speed. From the signs, I don’t think that it is that big and it doesn’t have much power. At most it’s probably a C rank.

For the time being I’ll let the ball rabbit and Nina know.


Crying in a low voice, I warn them to remain vigilant. They both look at me with their head to the side after looking at me.

Anyway, should I hide Nina and the ball rabbit in my mouth right now? Even if a fight were to occur, then it would greatly reduce the risk by minimizing the targets. There is a chance that they have a long range attack like the centipedes beam so I need to be ready to quickly protect them. I need to use [[Roll]] to escape, I won’t be able to run with them on my back.

I open my mouth wide and extend my tongue. Hey, come on, get on.

Nina looks at my open mouth and stares at the ball rabbit. That reminds me, Nina doesn’t remember being carried in my mouth since she was unconscious. Look, come on ball rabbit jump in. Show her an example.

“pefu! pefuu!”

The ball rabbit shakes its head in protest. Stop being selfish your life is in danger. You can wash it away at the sea later.

((no way! no way!))

It rejects to the point of using its skill. If the opponent specializes in speed then I can’t run away unless I use [[Roll]]! Please understand! I’m not doing this to harass you! What? Do you really think my mouth is that dirty? No, well, I also don’t think it’s that nice either.

The ball rabbit digs a hole with its ears, jumps in and buries itself. All of this was done in only 3 seconds.

Hey, wait a second! Come out! I’m not playing! Do you really think it’s that disgusting!

Shit, the other side is close. It will be here soon.

I turn my eyes towards the other side of the hill. It will show itself soon. If you listen carefully you can hear a lot of footsteps mixed with the wind.

It was a horse that jumped out. Actually, it’s not just a horse. Its physique is much better than the horse I know, especially its long legs. It seemed close to the kind of horse that was pulling the carriage which Nina was riding. That horse was oddly better built.

A human is on the horse. A turban carved with a mark was wrapped on their head, and from the gap of the mantle covering their body, I could see that he was wearing protective gear inside. One person, two people, three people….a total of eight men on horses appear. Even after finding me the men don’t slow down.

The second man from the front had lowered the golden tool like binoculars from his neck. Perhaps, they knew in advance that I was here. I don’t think they were looking for water, but rather aiming for me from the beginning. Even if they are this close, I could shake them off going full speed with [[Roll].

“No way, I didn’t think it was true!”
“Don’t get to close! Take it out with your bows!”
“Hey, there is a human!” “Well it’s just a beastman, so it doesn’t matter, kill them if they get in the way!”

Hearing the voices of the men, Nina puts her body close to me uneasily. The trembling is transmitted through the scales.

These guys, are they soldiers from that walled city? Although the direction they came from is vague…it does feel that they came from there.

I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to consult Nina when we met with humans…but that’s impossible right now. With all this hostility and murderous expressions, there is absolutely no room for negotiations. As expected, not even using [[Human Transformation]] will keep them from attacking. It’s time to withdraw.


Hey, come out ball rabbit! We need to run away with [[Roll]]! Those guys aren’t very decent!

In response to my call, the sandy mountain slightly shakes. Do you hate it that much! Hey, we really need to leave!

“Are we really going to do it Captain? I have never heard of fighting a medium-sized dragon with such a small group of people! Only gathering information and reporting….”
“There will be a time when you will be glad that you participated in wounding and killing a dragon of this size. Just move forward, rather than worrying about getting injured you’d better watch out for it trying to fly or escape, target its eyes and mouth!”

Yes, let’s try to escape by flying. I won’t use roll, so come out. I won’t throw you in my mouth, so let’s get out of here already! I will pry you out.

Even in this close distance….it will be easier to repel them if I take a distance. Or should I think of how to move after I have checked their status? Even so it may be better to escape with Nina first and then come back to collect the ball rabbit later. Obviously they are targeting me.

I glare at the man holding the spear at the top. Even with a simple look I could tell that they had a bald head even from the top of the turban. This guy seems to be the most powerful person, as he is the only one holding a melee weapon while directing those around with their bows. His facial expressions are full of confidence, the horse is also the biggest and there are a lot of decorations for the harness.

[[Hagen Baumann]]
Species: Earth Huma
Status: Normal
Lv: 22/45
HP: 82/82
MP: 68/68
Attack: 97+26
Defense: 63+24
Magic: 47
Speed: 48

Hand: [[Harenae Soldier Spear: C]]
Body: [[Harenae Soldier Breastplate: C]]

Characteristic Skills:
[[Gurisha Language: Lv5]] [[Swordsmanship: Lv4]] [[Bulls-Eye: Lv2]] [[Rage: Lv2]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Magic Resistance: Lv2]] [[Confusion Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Shock Wave: Lv3]] [[Clay: Lv3]]

Title Skills:
[[Soldier of Harenae: Lv3]]

He’s totally weaker than the large slug. Even that guy had nearly 200 attack power.

Its at most at the level of a D+ rank monster. Certainly, if you have eight of them against the Little Rock Dragon, then you will be able to do something. It will be problematic dealing with the earth tremor, and then again it is uncertain whether they could pierce it in the first place.

I’m sorry, but even I had about 100 attack and still barely managed to give it some damage. I might as well watch out for the horses rather than those on top of them. Let’s threaten them lightly and let them go home.

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