Chapter 149: Bone Fishing Rod

I restarted my work on making the fishing rod after having finished eating. I tried cutting the fur thin enough to act as a string, and the pole is being made using the spine by cutting off the extra parts. I cut tiny holes on the tip of the pole and thread the fur string through there, making sure to tie it firmly. I then pull out a decent sized needle from the cactus and bend it a little so it forms a hook, then tie it to the fur string.

Hmm…even though it’s a fishing rod it does look a little weird. How far can this thing be casted? Is there even a fish that will get caught with this?

“Umm, What did you make?”

Nina calls out.

Alright, ball rabbit, it’s your turn! Do your job as a translator! I let you eat a good amount earlier so I won’t hold back! I know that it’s sometimes hard to convey what the other is saying exactly but just this time I want you to say everything i’m thinking as clearly as possible. I want it to come out as if I’m the one speaking.

“pe, pefu…..”

The ball rabbit that was taking a nap after eating was shaken by my tail and woken up, A translation is requested.

Tell her that I made a fishing rod, even though it looks a little weird.

((….Fishing rod, made look))

The translation came out rather hard to discern in meaning…. Isn’t there a better way? I know that it can’t be helped, but I want more feeling put into it.

“Fishing rod?”

Nina sees the fishing rod that I made and tilts her head. I know that the fishing rod doesn’t look anything close to what a fishing rod should look like, but with the hook hanging on a string like that it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out. Apparently, Nina didn’t know what a fishing rod was in the first place.

Is there a chance that fishing rods don’t exist in this world? That’s strange, isn’t it something essential? Even 40,000 years ago in my world a fishing hook was found in some ruins. Even without all the perfect conditions, someone should have come across the idea to hang the fish on some kind of hook.

There is also a chance that Nina just didn’t know of it. There are cases like that depending on the environment and culture you live in.


The hook at the end of the line is dipped into the sea not too far off shore, you take it out if a fish gets caught. From the world I’m from, fishing has been an enjoyable pastime, excluding those whose profession was fishing of course. If Nina at least tries it I think it might turn out pretty well.

((come on already, make short))

A-Ah, sorry. I got a little too excited.

((Hang hook. Pull up fish. Fun. Give a try))

The way that was summarized is a little…. Man, I wish I could communicate insead. Somehow I feel that I’m coming off as cold. That was like a doctor telling a patient how to digest, I want it to be a little more heartfelt.

“That tool, you want me to use it?”

After hearing the explanation, Nina asked me while staring at the fishing rod with sparkling eyes. Oh, did it catch your interest? Looking at Nina’s status I guess this may be natural for her, so it may be something she is quite fond of.

By all means, go ahead. I won’t use it myself, so you could take it with you to the port city. You may get a chance to use it some time.

Which reminds me, I could maybe use it for planting, with [[Status Check]] I could figure what else it could be used for. I should do it really quick.

[[[Bone Fishing Rod: Value: F+]]]
[It is the only one of its kind using the same material, the thread is thick and so is the hook]
[It will be difficult to reel in food even if the hook were to pierce]

That’s a painful evaluation…. We-Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts. Actually, it was made using gathered materials from scraps, so I think it’s lucky that it was even evaluated as being a fishing rod. I can make as many as I want as long as I have more camels.

I’ll knead together whatever’s left of the camel and make some pieces of meat dumplings to use as bait. ….I wonder if this kind of fishing will work. I have been making things out of my ideas, but I’m worried about this one. Does the sea of this world have normal fish? Or have all the normal fish been overfished?

Nina also imitates me and happily starts making meat dumplings. I can’t let the anxiety show now. Should I ask after staring at the ocean for a while? If we aren’t able to catch anything, what should I do to compensate?

The ball rabbit also kneads the surplus meat with its ears into meat dumplings and flicks it into its mouth. Can’t you at least just help a little. Are you still lacking enough food after eating all of that camel’s meat? It looked like you consumed over a few hundred kilos worth, are you collecting calories? It’s probably the strangest thing I’ve encountered since entering this world.

I wrap the bait with fur and hand it to Nina along with the fishing rod. Nina caresses the fishing rod and looks to the sea.

“Please leave it to Nina! I will gather a good amount for tonight’s meal nya! Even if it’s a little bit, I will definitely get something!”

Okay. I’m happy you are excited about it, but you don’t have to force yourself…. Rather, in the case when you’re not able to catch anything, I’m sorry, I will help you out somehow…. I will need to ask the ball rabbit for help using [[Telepathy]] if Nina ends up in a bad mood. Just as an insurance if we aren’t able to catch anything.

((Yeah, expected crisis. If tonight comes without any catch, you bastard will have to go do something about it yourself, ok~))


Ball rabbit! What’s with you! Far from acting as insurance, you go and say that. Nina’s trembling a little! You didn’t have to be so malicious about it!

“If you are fine with Ni-Nina then….”

Fix this! Ball rabbit, please fix it! This girl is making weird decisions!

Nina realizes after I started panicking that it was just the ball rabbits joke and starts laughing while patting her chest.

In order to get started on fishing, we return to the beach. Nina was restlessly excited, and was observing the sea with a blushing face.

Guessing from the ears, she’s a cat beast person, and may really like fish. No, not all cats liked fish. I heard that if it had to choose between canned beef food or canned fish food, it would choose the former, ah my memories are a little disappointing. Seeing that my companion was a drunk it couldn’t be helped.

Fish, the fish of the sea…I can’t see any. Is there really something to catch? I will feel guilty if we weren’t able to catch anything. Even boots or an empty can could make a nice story, but it doesn’t look like much people travel around here in the first place….

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