Chapter 110: The King of all Centipedes

The carriage being chased by the huge centipede seems to be nearing its limit soon.

The breath of the horse is staggering, unable to endure the speed; the wheel of the carriage begins to creak.

Disregarding how the carriage looks, it’s quite firm. The form is simple and without decoration. The wheels are too big, unshapely even, as if it was built being unaware of its size. I don’t know its intended purpose but it seems to be strong. But, it can crash at anytime if it continues at its present speed.

I relaxed my rolling after getting close enough to the huge centipedes tail, I stretch out a claw and throw myself. It had [[Paralysis resistance]] but this should work even if a little bit! Using the speed of the turn I flung myself like a brick with [[Paralysis claw]].

It is resisted by the body’s sand-colored surface, and a claw is broken.

The body is too hard. This…is not only because of its defense. If I recall, this is probably the characteristic skill I saw of the giant centipede [[Kings Shell]]. I wasn’t able to break the surface; I instead received a little bit of damage!

I managed to regain my collapsed posture by force, and then stabbed my fang at the exact same spot my claw was beaten up.

Did it stick?

Yes, but it is shallow. Although the surface of the huge centipede became recessed and my teeth caved in, they are not broken. I guess it is too hard. I thought my fang would break.

I can’t release it here. Hanging by the fangs of my lower jaw, I gnaw at the huge centipede. Although I managed to hurt it, my abdomen rubbed against the desert land.

Compared to the back, the belly has thinner scales. It is painful being dragged, so it hurts and is starting to burn. It’s a momentum that is likely to catch fire with friction.

Moreover, I can’t do anything or else I won’t be able to hold on. I can’t afford to let it go. If I open my mouth here I will fall behind. The carriage cannot endure that speed anymore.


I raise my voice while my mouth is closed. The huge centipede ignores it and keeps running.

Even if I try putting in more of my weight as much as possible, I guess it’s almost unchanged. This guy, what did you eat to manage this? Oh, a carriage or something. Well, I will grow up. It’s more like it’s been eating a lot of trees.

Although it is slight, it is definitely slowing down. The horse-drawn carriage is faster if it’s dragging me. The distance with the carriage is beginning to open steadily.

But I cannot keep going in my present condition. My belly is still rubbing and its nearing its limit. The horse carriage will slow down at a stretch soon, as you could see the fatigue of the horse. If this continues, I will also reach the same state.

However, I can’t do anything with my hands just floating here, in the first place this position is a little…The centipede will catch up with the carriage any moment, and at that point all you could do is maintain the status quo. Isn’t there something good?


The huge centipede roars loudly. The horse staggered a bit from that but it picked up quickly.

That was close, let’s cool down, cool…cool. The moment when I felt relieved, I can see a red light gathering on the head of the gigantic centipede. This was this possibly the long-distance skill of the gigantic centipede that I checked a while ago, [[Heat ray]]!!!?

If a beam like that leaves such a big body the carriage will be blown away. Just looking at it you could tell it is not a small technique. It is a single blow certain death type of skill. I managed to change the way it was going about it, but it would be nice if you would change your target.

Is there any way to stop it? No, it is impossible. I will not even reach it with the maximum speed of [[Roll]]. It’s not something that you have to stop. If I could divert the trajectory of [[Heat ray]] even a little, I will be able to manage.

Fortunately, the gigantic centipede seems to be fully concentrated on preparation for [[Heat ray]], and it slows down a little. If it’s like this, I can also adjust my position. I managed to lift my legs to a standing position; I pull out my claws and stomp in the desert sand.

With this, stop eeeh!

While loudly scattering dust clouds I continue to be dragged forward. Although I was able to slow it down again, the gigantic centipede still does not stop. Moreover, it aligns the tip of its head with the carriage and is preparing to emit a [[Heat ray]]. It is already an atmosphere where it will shoot anytime.

At this point I can’t just stop it. Right now, at this moment, I have to change the direction of the giant centipede.

Then, how about this. I spread my wings while biting its back and kick the ground with full power and jump.

The lower body of the giant centipede floated in the air. My body dances in the sky like a kite and is swung around by the running centipede. I cannot lift anymore. That fellow can still run in such a state?

A bright red light is emitted in a straight line from the head of the gigantic centipede. The point where the light goes through greatly shakes. It has a considerable heat.

The giant centipede moves its head to adjust the angle which was forcibly changed. While burning off the sand, the aim of the light moves left and right. The shaking ray goes behind the carriage, to its sides and in front. The sand where the light rays hit makes a “jiyuushi” sound and leaves black burn marks.

This is bad, it’ll hit the carriage at this rate. That’s it. Since I’m in the air, I start moving my body recklessly. The aim of the light rays becomes confusing.

A light ray grazed the upper part of the carriage. The part broke and was scattered, catching fire. What…are you kidding me? No, it’ll disappear at this rate…or.

It burnt down the cactus in an irrelevant direction, and the [[Heat ray]] stopped. Have you managed to get away? It is a tremendous power. I will die if I were to directly receive such a thing.

When I took a breath of relief, the giant centipede began accelerating again. Did it direct its focus it had for [[Heat ray]] to running?

The gigantic centipede puts weight on its lower body and is going back to the ground. Even though I tried to fly backwards with my wings fluttering, the fight was futile and I was sent flying towards the desert sand instead.

There was a strong pain in my fangs. I was shocked by the impact, before I was flung off the shell of the giant centipede against the ground, and a fang was taken away.

Naturally I could not keep on struggling and I was released. I hit the ground, vigorously rolling on the spot. The giant centipede released from me accelerates and keeps chasing the carriage. Was it because it was lighter? It is faster than it was in the beginning.

I got up in a hurry after stopping from rolling even if I was in a dazed state. The giant centipede accelerates and the carriage slows down as the horse is exhausted. Before saying whether I can stop it or not, I thought that things would end before I caught up. That was clear to me.

I waste a thought and stand up ignoring the pain. I can see my own fang with flesh in sight, but immediately concentrate my consciousness only on the giant centipede in front of me. Do not think about anything unnecessary. Now, just think about catching up to that.

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