Chapter 122: The Hyenas

I run with Nina on my back while being careful not to shake her off. She’s holding the ball rabbit with one arm, and using her claws on the other hand to desperately hold onto me. Since it’s the ball rabbit you don’t have to hold it like that, as I’m sure it could just hold on with its ears. For the ball rabbit, this speed is still good enough for it to be on my head.

Nina was panicking in the beginning, but she seems better now, and the amount of power she is using to hold on to me has slackened a bit. When I looked back, it seems that she’s comfortable enough to look around. There was no timidness left, it looked like she was having fun.

“Pefu, Pefuu”

The ball rabbit stretches its ears from Nina’s arms and hits my back. Have you gotten hungry? It should have eaten while I was paying attention to Nina a while ago. I guess it was saving some for her.

The way it’s struggling is like an incarnation of appetite. Oh, looks like I was too preoccupied looking at the ball rabbit as I slowed down a bit. Let’s keep going.

“Nyaa! Ah, umm umm, where are we going…”

Even if you ask, I’m sorry but I can’t answer. I’ll tell you when we get there. But, don’t worry we’ll be there soon.

I should think about what to do after we get to where I left the remains of the needle camel. Being a human in this desert is tough, you will get thirsty and your physical strength will become exhausted. I should make a tent out of the needle camels body for Nina and the ball rabbit. Even if the ball rabbit eats some, there should be plenty left to work with.

Oh, looks like we’re almost there. The hill we just crossed feels familiar, my mouth instinctively opened.

Eight beasts were gathered around the remains of the needle camel messily eating. The beasts have refined short legs, and looked like gray leopards. No, it was more like a hyena than a leopard. The eight were different in size, and some were small newborns.

“Aesu?” “Aeasu!”

They cry as if singing when I look at them, they run away while holding a piece of the needle camel. Hey, at least leave it there.

I feel a murderous stare coming from the ball rabbit behind me. I don’t think it was an E rank monster. Still I can’t just let the hyenas escape.

I’ll check their status for now I guess. It might be dangerous to follow after them with my current MP. I turn my eyes towards the heartiest looking fellow.

Species: Ianian
Status: Normal
Lv: 23/27
HP: 83/83
MP: 31/31
Attack: 95
Defense: 64
Magic: 41
Speed: 113
Rank: D-

Characteristic Skills:
[[Group Behavior: Lv–]] [[Wild Intuition: Lv1]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Earth Attribute Resistance: Lv3]] [[Poison Resistance: Lv2]] [[Decay Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Howl: Lv2]] [[Bite: Lv2]] [[Mirage: Lv3]] [[Group Call: Lv3]]

Title Skills:
[[Chicken Runner: Lv3]] [[Grave-Robbing: Lv2]] [[Stealing: Lv2]]

Alright, I’ll be able to handle this. I can’t wait to mince them up like ground meat and make a mountain of Hyena hamburger.

When I was about to start my chase, I suddenly remembered Nina who was behind me. I can’t leave like this. How am I supposed to keep an eye on her while chasing them? Run backwards?

Ah, well, for now I’ll just run a little away from the flock and just target the slowest Ianian. Beginning my chase I felt a sense of Deja vu.

Perhaps, was this a mirage? At the same time I thought so, the Ianian’s form distorted and appeared farther than before. It’s already this far. But, at least I was able to catch on early, I’ll still be able to catch up.


I give a warning to Nina and the ball rabbit behind me. I won’t go full speed, but it should be decent enough, just until I catch it.

As I put strength into my feet the Ianian rushed towards me. It’s as if its eager. I thought that it was a mirage, but I don’t feel that it is. The [[Status Check]] also confirmed it, just what is it thinking?

For some reason the smallest Ianian was the one that rushed. It was two times smaller than the others, its eyes were flat and the meat seemed soft. Compared to the ball rabbit that tripled in size, I feel that the Ianian’s evolution does not affect it much apart from its name. Isn’t this Ianian just a child?

“Aesu! Aeasu!”

It was high-pitched, like that of a child. I stopped moving after I heard it.

When I set my eyes on it, it picked up a piece of the needle camel by its mouth. Apparently, it came back to pick up what it dropped along the way. The young Ianian delightfully narrows its eyes and shakes off the sand from the cactus.

I could take it out with one blow if I time it right. Although I can do it, my hands won’t move. I can’t do something like that as a human being, even though i’m a dragon now.

Come on me, don’t lose focus now. I have killed many monsters before. Shouldn’t this be the same as following escaping prey? I desperately think as such, but my body still doesn’t move at all.


My focus returns after hearing the sharp barks. A seasoned looking adult Ianian picks up the young one from the back of the neck and rushed towards his flock after glancing at me. A piece of the needle camel falls out again from the young Ianian’s mouth along the way.


The young Ianian cries out, but the adult Ianian keeps moving without care. Far away I hear “Aeasu!” as if it’s scolding the child. After which the young Ianian sadly lowers its head.

I’m still close enough to go and catch them, but for some reason I don’t really feel like it. “peshi peshi” the ball rabbit hits my back with its ears.

No, I can’t do it. If I go after them then my [[Path of Evil]] title will Lv up. If that happens then this dessert will be destroyed because of my scales.

Anyways, looking back there is still some needle camel remains left around so it’s not too much of a loss. Ha, even though I was the one who defeated it…. Was it because it has such a sweet smell? Is this the way nature works? Haa….ah.

I could hear Nina’s unintentional laughter from behind. When I look back to see, Nina hurriedly closed her mouth with her hand. Since she got a laugh out of it, I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Noticing that covering her mouth didn’t work, she removed her hand with a bitter smile.

“….Nya, umm, you are pretty kind aren’t you?”

I guess this incident helped in gaining a little trust at least. If I would have attacked without hesitation then her mood towards me would have definitely turned bitter. The ball rabbit angrily puffs its cheeks and turns its face sideways with a “Pui”.

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