Chapter 192: The Fourth Evolution

Chapter 192: The Fourth Evolution

[[Demon Chariot]], [[Gorgon Dragon]]… [[Ouroboros]], [[Pandora]], and [[Nameless Ugly Dragon]]….

I’m running circles in my head. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t decide. Whichever one I choose, I can only see myself regretting my decision.

Nonetheless, after I evolve I’d like to go back into the red ants’ nest again and continue levelling before I head off towards Haranae. My level will revert back to 1 immediately after my evolution. If I’m unlucky and I don’t get better stats like with my previous evolution, I don’t think I’ll be able to fight decently. At this point in time I don’t have enough of a grace period to increase my title skills.

Should I prepare myself for the worst? Even if I evolve a little early and end up regretting it, it’s still much better than letting Nina die. Because I’m not in a position where I can afford any time, I have to give priority to the immediate goal.

Besides, it’s just a hunch, but this may not be my final evolution. I didn’t catch a glimpse of the name [[Jabberwock]] on the list from before. Moreover, compared to last time, this time there’s no interference from [[Voice Of God]].

There’s a saying that it’s good to not be guided, as there will be something more glorious at the end.. Though from these five types of dragons, I don’t see anything that I want very much.

There must be a good reason for [[Voice of God]] to be interfering with me so much because it’s been so persistent about it. It pressured me when I tried to choose [[Little Dragon]] and baited me with [[Humanization]] on the [[Evil Plague Dragon Child]] when I otherwise tried to avoid it. I chose [[Evil Plague Dragon]] only because, frankly, Voice of God denied me of any other evolutionary option. It’s hard to believe that I left all the decision making to somebody else up until this point.

Perhaps I haven’t reached the end of the path laid before me; maybe it doesn’t really care what path I take from now on? So, thinking about how all my previous evolutionary options were tainted black, I can understand why it didn’t interfere this time. The choice to postpone my evolution is not an option I can take right now.

It’s clear that all I’ve got on hand are impossible evolutionary options, but from here on out I’m going to weed out the evolutionary options that are absolutely impossible to even consider. Using the process of elimination at such an inconvenient time.
I’m reluctant, but I’m otherwise out of options.

Not [[Demon Chariot]]. It’s rank A- and it also seems to be ranked the lowest.
It specializing in [[Roll]] is something to consider, but still it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll choose this evolution. Maybe this evolutionary option is the weakest this time around. The only evolutions that I should consider from here on need to have an effective recovery ability, otherwise I’d get defeated by the hero and lose everything.

[[Nameless Ugly Dragon]] is also a no-go. It would defeat the hero, but it would also likely sink the country as well. I also feel like I should absolutely avoid this one. Deciding on a dragon that spends his entire lifetime in loneliness feels extremely off-putting.

[[Gorgon Dragon]], [[Ouroboros]], and [[Pandora]]…. Right, so I’m choosing from among these three?

[[Gorgon Dragon]] is low-ranked as well, but the abnormal status inducing evil eyes ability would likely compensate for its lower rank. I’m only judging these evolution paths based on those explanations that Voice of God is giving me, though. It has a ton of eyes and slightly-, no, very much no. Now’s not the time to be saying such things in this kind of situation. I’ll weigh the differences of the two that are left over and choose one out of them.

[[Pandora]] not having much in the way of speed and scattering a powerful curse upon death are both bottlenecks…. To bring about disaster or something like that. Say, do I really want to touch something that carries that kind of meaning? The power to change monsters into humans is attractive, but I’m not sure about the details, hmm….

…Wait, hold up. Just a moment, Voice of God, please give me the description for Ouroboros.

[[Ouroboros: Rank A]]
[A dragon that knows eternity contrary to the logic of this world. They do not age.] [A hermaphroditic double-headed dragon. Their existence itself is said to be a symbol representing both eternity and taboo.] [Going against God, they can desecrate life similar to that of manipulating magic.] [Their HP and MP are both virtually bottomless. They’re experts in recovery magic as well.]

…This could possibly allow me to use Humanization as much as I want, wouldn’t it?

Even if that doesn’t work out, it’s still a recovery magic expert and unlike the others, it’s not repeatedly described as some cursed devil. For starters it goes against God, but who the heck is “God”? It would seem that you are God, but if that’s the case then why are you talking about yourself like you’re some stranger that’s somewhere else? What are you? You’re still wayyyy too much for me to handle.

It’s a terrible thing to say, but looking at it objectively, it doesn’t technically say that it’s an evil dragon. It only looks a little bit objectionable from a religious point of view. There’s also the possibility that it could be taking advantage of biased phrasing to get me to not choose [[Ouroboros]].

Besides, even if this does end up being the worst course to take, at least I’ll still have human-like eyes, which is great. Of course, I still have to take into consideration the new roommate I’ll be getting. I’m doubtful of whether or not they’ll possess my own mind as a double-headed dragon. Moreover, there’s the possibility of them rampaging against my will. If I feel that it’s too dangerous, then at the worst I may have to forcibly remove them by lopping them off. Alright, I’ve decided. I’m going with [[Ouroboros]]!


I growl while retreating back. They’ll be surprised when they find out that I can suddenly transform. Since I don’t know its size, I take my distance from Adofu and Ball Rabbit. I could accidentally crush them without realizing it, and that’d be no laughing matter.

The inside of my body starts to become hot. All at once the heat spreads from my head to the scales at the tip of my tail. My whole body melts. It feels similar to when I had used [[Humanization]] for the first time.

I plant my body on the spot, close my eyes, and bear the pain without moving. When I think that I’ve finally settled down, I feel that something out of place has appeared beside me.


Compared to when I was an Evil Plague Dragon, this cry sounds serene and clear. But I didn’t make any cry. For a moment I thought that I had hallucinated myself unconsciously letting out a cry.

I open my eyes. Before them is a pale indigo face. Long, white hair covers their head. No, shouldn’t I call this a mane? Which one sounds better? Pushing aside their hair, horns grow from their head. The horns are quite beautiful with their tips branching off. I’m sure that the physique of my face resembles theirs as well.

I turn my head around towards my back. I see massive, outspread wings. Woah, they’re magnificent. Better keep them closed. The wings have evolved splendidly, haven’t they? My physique… doesn’t it seem like it’s changed quite a bit? My tail seems to be longer. With this, it seems like I can increase the variety of my tail-based attacks as well.

I drop my gaze. My hands have transformed into something that looks closer to forefeet. …I’m not gonna be able to do pottery with these.

[Evolved from [[Evil Plague Dragon]] to [[Ouroboros]].]

[Level of Characteristic Skill [[Flight]] has increased from Lv 5 to 7.]
[Level of Characteristic Skill [[Dragon Scale Powder]] has increased from Lv 5 to 7.]
[Level of Characteristic Skill [[Dragon’s Scales]] has increased from Lv 5 to 7.]
[Level of Characteristic Skill [[Automatic HP Recovery]] has increased from Lv 3 to 8.]
[Obtained Characteristic Skill [[Automatic MP Regeneration: Lv 6]].]

Oho, they’re going up and up. Both [[Flight]] and [[Dragon’s Scales]] went up by two whole ranks! I couldn’t fly very well up until now. Automatic MP recovery… I just got it and it’s already Lv 6. Just the kind of recovery ability I expected with the kind of sales pitch I was given. As for [[Dragon Scale Powder]], I have nothing to say about it anymore.

[Obtained Characteristic Skill [[Double-Headed: Lv –]].]
[Obtained Characteristic Skill [[Split Spirit: Lv –]].]

…I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with all of this being shoved in front of me.

[Obtained Resistance Skill [[Instant Death Resistance: Lv 1]].]
[Obtained Resistance Skill [[Curse Resistance: Lv 1]].]
[Due to the Title Skill [[Son of the Dragon King: Lv –]], the level of all possessed Resistance Skills that are less than Lv 5 will be increased.]

Oh-, ooh. They just keep going up and up, don’t they?

[Level of Normal Skill [[Plague Breath]] has increased from Lv 4 to 6.]
[Level of Normal Skill [[Poison Fang]] has increased from Lv 5 to 7.]
[Level of Normal Skill [[Paralyzing Poison Claw]] has increased from Lv 4 to 6.]
[Normal Skill [[Rest: Lv 3]] has changed to [[High Rest: Lv 3]].]
[Obtained Normal Skill [[Autoregeneration: Lv 5]].]
[Obtained Normal Skill [[Travelling Companion: Lv –]].]
[Level of Normal Skill [[Humanization]] has increased from Lv 4 to 7.]
[Level of Normal Skill [[Status Check]] has increased from Lv 6 to 7.]

Let’s see, some familiar skill and… hold on, [[Humanization]] went up by three whole ranks!? D-Does this mean it’ll finally be usable?

[Obtained Title Skill [[One Who Knows Eternity: Lv –]].]
[Level of Title Skill [[Path of Evil]] has increased from Lv 6 to 7.]
[Level of Title Skill [[Disaster]] has increased from Lv 6 to 7.]
[Level of Title Skill [[Mean King]] has increased from Lv 5 to 6.]

Yep, I knew this would happen.

Species: Ouroboros
Status: Normal
Lv: 1/125
HP: 195/332
MP: 83/342
Attack: 221
Defense: 180
Magic: 220
Speed: 230
Rank: A

Characteristic Skills:
[[Dragon’s Scales: Lv 7]] [[Voice of God: Lv 4]] [[Grisha Language: Lv 3]] [[Flight: Lv 7]]
[[Dragon Scale Powder: Lv 7]] [[Dark Attribute: Lv –]] [[Evil Dragon: Lv –]]
[[Automatic HP Regeneration: Lv 8]] [[Presence Sense: Lv 5]]
[[Automatic MP Regeneration: Lv 6]] [[Double-Headed: Lv –]] [[Split Spirit: Lv –]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Hunger Resistance: Lv 5]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Fear Resistance: Lv 3]] [[Oxygen Deficiency Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Paralysis Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Illusion Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Instant Death Resistance: Lv 2]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv 2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Roll: Lv 7]] [[Status Check: Lv 7]] [[Scorching Breath: Lv 5]] [[Whistle: Lv 2]]
[[Dragon Punch: Lv 3]] [[Plague Breath: Lv 6]] [[Poison Fang: Lv 7]]
[[Paralyzing Poison Claw Lv 6]] [[Dragon Tail: Lv 2]] [[Roar: Lv 2]] [[Star Fall: Lv 2]]
[[Nutcracker: Lv 3]] [[Humanization: Lv 7]] [[Wind Slash: Lv 3]] [[Neck Breaker: Lv 4]]
[[High Rest: Lv 3]] [[Autoregeneration: Lv 5]] [[Travelling Companion: Lv –]]

Title Skills:
[[Son of the Dragon King: Lv –]] [[Walking Egg: Lv –]] [[Klutz: Lv 4]] [[Simple Fool: Lv 1]]
[[Infighter: Lv 4]] [[Pest Killer: Lv 4]] [[Liar: Lv 3]] [[Evasion King: Lv 2]]
[[Spirit Relief: Lv 9]] [[Tiny Hero: Lv 6]] [[Path of Evil: Lv 7]] [[Disaster: Lv 7]]
[[Chicken Runner: Lv 3]] [[Chef: Lv 4]] [[Mean King: Lv 6]] [[Gutsy: Lv 4]]
[[Big Eater (Giant Killer): Lv 3]] [[Pottery Craftsman: Lv 4]] [[Boss of the Crowd: Lv 1]]
[[Laplace’s Interference Authority: Lv 1]] [[One Who Knows Eternity: Lv –]]

…My stats went down. The drop in my Attack really hurts.

My level should rise quickly within the lower levels, but how high can I bring it up? I think I recall that hero having 600 points in something, but I wonder if I can catch up to that?

However, that being said, I don’t see any magic that seems to desecrate life. I wonder if I’ll learn it after this? I mean, I don’t want it, but I’m a little curious…

I naturally turn my eyes to the distinct, newly grown head beside me.

“Guu, Guua!!”

Our eyes meet and my partner bares their fangs at me. Seems like they think I’m intimidating them. Their neck is quite long, so it’s dangerous. Looks scary too.

Gah, she bit the tip of my nose! Y-You-! This-!

Author’s chapter postscript:
The status exceeds 800 characters.

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