Chapter 193: Partner


What? What is this girl… Just why are you being intimidating?

Lifting my forefoot, I grab the other head and keep it away from me. It’s good that I can control my body, at least. After evolving, my new partner suddenly tried to devour me!

“Guauu! Guauu! GuaaAAa!”

Just a moment! Don’t roar so loudly into my ear! I’m only doing this because you’re loud and scary! If you do not bite or come near, then I will release you.!


Regardless of whether my intention was understood or not, my partner becomes quiet. Good. I gently release my hold.


Immediately, she bites onto me again. What is wrong with this person… Once more, I quickly hold down her head with my forefoot. It might be better if I do this for a little while. I’ll have to hold it for a while. It’s dangerous to release my grip.

Dammit. Was this evolution a bad idea after all? The thought of [[Voice of God]] holding its stomach and laughing irritates me. Please take this seriously.

For the time being, I can be relieved as long as I keep hold. I should report to Ball Rabbit and Adofu that I was able to evolve without problems. Even if they expected it, I think my sudden change in appearance could still cause them to be uneasy. I turn my eyes to look at them.

Ball rabbit narrows its eyes and shakes its small body.


It breathes a sigh of contempt. What? I’m desperate here.

Moving on to Adofu, he is reaching for his sword while glaring at the second head.

W-wait! Don’t cut it! Surely this girl is a good child! Even a bad girl can be rehabilitated! Don’t kill this girl!

Though it’s sometimes good to remove the bad parts, this head is now a part of me. I can’t think of a solution just yet. For some reason, I have a strong urge to resist.


It’s probable that my companion’s abilities would be lost if she was removed. What? Is it okay to release my hold on her? While being on guard, I slowly pull back my forefoot. Our eyes meet for several seconds, before she abruptly turns her face away.

Th-this is going to be tiring… I don’t like the thought of changing seats with the one next to me. This is closer to sharing a room than sharing a body.

I wonder if it’s possible to use [[Telepathy]]. As I wonder, Ball Rabbit is already communicating with her as she’s roaring a lot. She responds with a voice, but half the time, it seems like she’s just playing around. This is a strange conversation, but at least it seems as though they’ve reached some sort of decision.

Hey, can you hear me?


I’m completely ignored. What do I do with this partner… She’s a bit imperfect compared to other creatures, you know?

“First of all, is everything alright? Do you understand me? Please lightly roar.”

Adofu stops reaching for the sword when he hears my voice.


I expected the voice of an Ouroboros to be high-pitched, but it seems only my companion’s cries were like that. The Evil Plague Dragon’s voice was also a little high-pitched.

“…Are you unable to move your head?”


Yes, unfortunately it seems impossible, I confirm.

“I-is that so…”

After a bit of hesitation, Adofu withdraws the hand that was reaching for the sword.

Ball Rabbit looks at me with dead fish eyes.

…A-anyways, let’s think about what should be done next.

My present status will not be enough. My HP and MP went up, but my defense is not very high. That hero could defeat me with a single attack. The number of heads has increased, but there is clearly no cooperation. It’s possible that someone is pulling my leg. This will be a hindrance in the battle with the hero. I’ll seriously be sent flying once I’m in his field of vision.

Once again, it is necessary to go to the red ants’ nest.

The ants themselves don’t yield much experience. Instead, I need to obtain it from their queen. There is no doubt that a leader is commanding their movements. It is the nature of ants to have a queen, after all. Surely it will give out an abundant amount of experience.

The red ants’ combat abilities should be greatly diminished, and my strength should jump up from the continuous battles. As my level increases, I’ll reach my previous level of strength quickly. I’m an A-rank anyway. I think it should go well.

But, in order to go into the red ants’ nest, Ball Rabbit’s [[Light]] will be necessary. Today, I will go hunting to raise my level in preparation for battling the red ants. Meanwhile, I think the ball rabbit and Adofu should take it easy and rest. Tomorrow, I will defeat the queen ant to raise my level more, and then enter Haranae.

I would like Adofu to help, but…his dominant arm has become useless. It’s unreasonable to make him go, only for him to become a sacrifice. Without Adofu, I would have already died once the red ants had assembled.

It seems like he can still do everything like before, only he doesn’t have as much power. Though I have never used a sword, I understand that it is a fatal wound for a swordsman.

…Because I became a dragon specializing in recovery abilities, I may get an ability to fix Adofu’s arm.

It may be better to have him wait outside when we enter the nest of red ants. Because he’s still able to swing a sword, he still has combat potential, but I can’t expect him to perform as well as the last time.

It might be harsh, but it is probably best for Adofu to hear this now. If he feels that he’ll become a burden, Adofu will probably step back. I have come to understand him these past few days. It is impossible for Adofu to be unreasonably selfish and he is experienced enough to know his limits. I know he has more determination than I do.


[What will you do…]

Adofu lowers his gaze as he looks at his right hand. After that, he bites his lips and slowly shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, but…I do not have much strength. Nevertheless, if you want me to accompany you, I will come along. But if the time comes, I want you to abandon me if something happens.”

…Is he no good, after all? It seems that Adofu will be outside keeping watch. While he may be attacked by monsters out in the desert, Adofu should be able to repel them.

For now, I will go hunting alone to see how I have changed.

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