Chapter 137: Centipede Beam

Chapter 137: Centipede Beam


A straight red light shoots out from the huge centipede’s head. It came, the centipede’s beam finally came.

Be positive. I have to think positive! It is a dilemma, but it should also be an opportunity. Evade it without decelerating, and shake it off!

Concentrate, it’s over if I get hurt. I won’t die immediately if I do, but if it hinders [[Roll]], then I’ll fall prey to the huge centipede. Complete evasion, there is no other choice.

I move to the left a little. A straight line of red light penetrates the place I was at just seconds before. It continues on through the sand and raises smoke from where it hits.

It still doesn’t end. The straight line of red light moves along closer chasing after me uninterrupted. The hot air coils around me as if it was living, making me feel the heat through my scales. Is this a sense of intimidation?

My sense of meeting death increases and so does my speed as a result, making me move further to the left to escape from the [[Heat Ray]]. The red light quickly moves over, following me. Oh, this is impossible. As expected, I should fly. The attack lasts for way too long. This is a cheat.

Fortunately, as it was passing through the ground or hills, I could jump and avoid the red light like a jumping rope. I pass within inches over the [[Heat Ray]] under me.

It was regrettable. After all, it is impossible to avoid the centipede beam on a two dimensional plane. Being able to move in three dimensions on a three dimensional plane is required.

The [[Heat Ray]] rises towards me who was still in the air. What? You’re kidding! Why has it not finished attacking yet!? I guess I really need to pack my MP into avoiding this! I already seriously dislike huge centipedes! If I was unlucky, I would have already been killed three times!

I slightly stretch out my wing to the side while rolling to deviate my center of gravity and barely manage to avoid it. The [[Heat Ray]] passes right beside me from the bottom up. Even though I wasn’t hit, my scales were hot and got a little burnt.

The fatigue also starts hitting my body, but my mental exhaustion is even worse off. What the heck is with this monster beam.

The [[Heat Ray]] comes down diagonally above me, who just got to the ground. I sharply bend to the right while feeling death behind me. Maybe my [[Roll]] got faster since I’m being chased.

[Normal Skill [[Roll]]’s Lv increased from 6 to 7]
[Title Skill [[Chicken Runner]]’s Lv increased from 2 to 3]

Yeah! Although the name of the title skill is completely bad, right now it’s my salvation. They decided to be merciful to me on the verge of hell.

I can visibly see an increase in my speed.

Even though I should be considerably far away from the huge centipede’s body, the [[Heat Ray]] is still not finished. I can’t shake it. It literally shoots through the surroundings at the speed of light. Since it’s specifically aiming at me, I barely managed to avoid it but if it were shooting recklessly then I surely would have been killed already.

The [[Heat Ray]] hits the ground just behind me. The sound of burning and smoke rises.

The other side of the food chain should be rather tough. That’s why it’s frantic right now as you will surpass this if you escape. You can run away if you could last a few seconds.
If I manage to escape, I will someday be ranked AAA+++, then I’ll exterminate all of the huge centipedes in the desert. I’m trembling thinking and waiting for that time to come!

The [[Heat Ray]]’s light starts to shake. Finally, it seems that the time limit of the huge centipede has come. However, now that the stream is not consistent it’s difficult reading the movement. I cannot afford to get hit after coming this far. If I jump right at the small hill, and continue along a right angle, the [[Heat Ray]] should end by then. Let’s go. I should be able to do it.

The moment I was getting ready to jump as I was climbing the hill, the [[Heat Ray]] sharply moved from left to right and scraped off my scales as if it was paper, along with an edge of my body. Pain was emanating throughout my body. It was no longer hot but, an acute pain of meat being scraped away.


I wanted to shout, but then I remembered that the ball rabbit and Nina were in my mouth and I somehow managed to close it. But I could no longer keep using [[Roll]], as I was thrown to the ground with a crawling posture. Dragged by inertial force, my abdominal scales were being scraped away by friction with the sand.

My head hurts, my sight is dull. My senses aren’t coming together.

After stopping, I move my neck and look behind me. Ironically, it was just where the [[Heat Ray]] had stopped.


The ruler of the desert comes closer. Having confirmed victory, its speed isn’t that fast. However, it was impossible to correct my posture and escape now.

Ah….this, I’m dead.

At the very least, I want Nina and the ball rabbit to escape. I looked to the front to open my mouth, then I saw a large hole opened on the ground. The sand is hardened around the hole and its reddish brown.

I crawl on the ground and approach the large hole. Anyway, I had to flee the centipede.

It was a big hole that I approached without thinking, but the size was one size larger than I was. It seemed like the huge centipede was getting closer, but I could not move my legs like I wanted to.

I kick the ground and spread my wings, and jump into the big hole head first. Without changing to [[Roll]] I go in as is. Apparently it’s some kind of underground passageway, the interior is also paved with red-brown sand all around.

It is regrettable, but it’s better paved than the cave I had. I can use earth magic so I’m confident in my strength, but it looks considerably better here. However, the location is too severe for a residence. It’s in the middle of the desert. Perhaps….are these ruins or something?


Following after me, the huge centipede sticks its head in. As it catches up to me it collides with my back and I’m blown away.

Hitting my head against the ceiling and falling back on my back, it was fortunate that this happened. I was able to take some distance thanks to being blown away. After all, the huge centipede seems to be unable to move its legs properly in this aisle, stopping its movement behind me, as it desperately wiggles around.

“GiJii!” “GiJiJiJiJii!”

You are hitting the wall with all your strength but it doesn’t look like the wall will collapse. Even if it looks like it could use its feet to attack, it doesn’t seem I need to worry about the walls being broken like that. It might be possible to cut through it with your teeth, but when you’re facing that direction it’s impossible.

It would reach me if it were to shoot out [[Heat Ray]] in this narrow space, but it looks like it doesn’t have enough stamina. I managed to run away but now I can’t get out. My only hope is trying to find where this leads to.

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