Chapter 139: A Mysterious Underground Passage

“GiJiJii!” “GiJiJiJiJiJiJii!!”

I approached the ball rabbit with my mouth open while the huge centipede was crying behind me. Look, it may be dangerous so get inside. But the ball rabbit shakes its head.

((Behind, walking))

You’d rather walk behind then be thrown back into my mouth? …If that’s okay with you then. Fortunately the back was closed by the huge centipede, so I don’t need to worry about anything coming in. If I had them in my mouth then I will be unable to use any form of breath attacks, so this may be for the better. Should I have the ball rabbit carry Nina?


I lightly voice out and instruct the ball rabbit to carry Nina. I thought that it might alarm any monsters hidden in the passage, but it was a wasted concern as the huge centipede screeches. The other side is probably already well alerted.

I catch something moving beyond the corner of this passage with [[Presence Sense]]. But because of the thick walls the sign is weak, but there’s definitely something moving towards here. It’s hard to think that there are humans in the middle of such a desert.

Although there could be ruins here, there is a high possibility that it was converted to a den for monsters.The huge centipede which is the biggest threat in this desert is unable to pass through here, so this is a good place for monsters to make their home.

The ball rabbit follows my instructions, lifts Nina and places her on his head with its dextrous ears. It tried to move forward but Nina’s legs were dragged across the ground. That…I wonder if it can make due somehow.

Did the ball rabbit know what I was thinking, it jumps a little and shifts Nina up a little more with a “Pefuto”. I guess it’s dragging her head this time. The ball rabbit set Nina down and sucked in air as if taking a drink. For a moment the body of the ball rabbit was puffier, but after the sound of a gulp, the ball rabbit returned to its original shape as if nothing happened.

Err…This is, yeah. I couldn’t understand what happened for a second there so I didn’t respond, but I know it didn’t do that because it was hungry. I think it just imitated my mouth from the time I was carrying it. That reminds me that the ball rabbit had the skill [[Internal Body Storage]]. This is just making me more anxious.


Maybe due to my impolite thoughts the ball rabbit has bulging eyes and inflated cheeks. Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, I know it’s safe….I know that you won’t digest.

After checking that the huge centipede is still immobile in the back, I start to advance through the narrow passage. The ball rabbit follows behind me while dragging Nina.

Every step we take I feel signs of something approaching with [[Presence Sense]]. It doesn’t seem to be that big. With that size, I hope it’s not a terribly strong opponent. Being wary of this, I start walking along a little slower.

I wonder if they are also afraid of coming around the corner. Even I was avoiding going too fast so that I don’t suddenly bump heads with whatever is coming, as I can’t really tell what it is. We share a mutual interest.

I go through the straight passageway and make a turn at the corner. There I saw two big worms at the end of the passage. I thought that it was one big body, but I guess due to the thick walls, [[Presence Sense]] didn’t work too well.

They were two sizes smaller than me and their whole body was bright red. The size ratio could roughly be estimated as a medium sized dog compared to a human. They had eight short legs and the space between their chest and abdomen was extremely constricted. No, this is an ant. When I was running through the desert using [[Roll]], I feel like I had seen it in the distance.

Species: Red Ogre Ant
Status: Normal
Lv: 29/55
HP: 246/246
MP: 78/78
Attack: 213
Defense: 226
Magic: 48
Speed: 187
Rank: C

Characteristic Skill:
[[Soil Attribute: Lv–]] [[Sociality: Lv–]] [[Pheromone: Lv–]] [[Red Sand: Lv–]]

Resistant Skill:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skill:
[[Bite: Lv4]] [[Dig: Lv6]] [[Clay: Lv2]] [[Clay Gun: Lv3]] [[Self-Regeneration: Lv3]]

Title Skill:
[[Soldier Ant: Lv6]]

These guys’ stats are unreasonably strong. Its attack and defense are fine, but its speed is stupidly high for being at C rank. It’s completely specialised in close combat. Although it may be several steps below me, it’s still not alright with there being two of them. Even a single one would be troublesome.

I don’t see any skills that I should particularly watch out for, and I also hardly see any resistance skills. Just with their status alone however, and there being two of them, it makes it more troublesome than facing the large slug. Besides, since the ball rabbit is behind me I have to be careful not to let either of them get by me.

I don’t really want to fight them…. Maybe they aren’t hostile?

Me and the two red ants stop with our faces facing each other.

“kucha, kucha!” “kucha! kucha!”

When the red ants saw me they let out a shrill voice. That noise, it’s like they are rubbing their teeth together. The huge centipede was the same. I’m sure now that I’m not very confident.

((Begone, I tell you))

The ball rabbit calls out from behind. Go home, and don’t look back. You heard the centipede’s cries, so isn’t it already decided what we will do?


Ball rabbit, please tell them that it’s impossible because there’s a huge centipede blocking the way. I’ll leave it to my translator to ask.

((You understand, begone, go die))

I see, did you just tell it to die? There won’t be any room for negotiations after this.

“Kucha!” “Kucha, kucha!”

Both red ants move towards me at the same time right after the ball rabbit finishes translating. Ah dammit! Guess I have to do this after all!

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