Chapter 189: Escaping Battle

The path behind me is blocked due to the passage collapsing. To the front are twenty red ants equivalent to a little rock dragon. It’s a situation I would have thought of as insane if I was still in that forest.

But if I’m able to break through then I’ll be able to safely get out while accumulating some much-needed experience points.

The passage earlier was wider than this one since the ants had heavily modified it. With this, the amount of ants I have to take on at the same time has increased to five.


I groan and close my mouth, while the red ants keep watch.


The lead red ant signals the rest and fires off [[Clay Gun]]. It’s a storm of stones. Since there was no fear of accidentally injuring their own like before, they all mercilessly fire off [[Clay Gun]]. There was no space to move, and I can’t shoot them all down with [[Kamaitachi]]. I have no choice but to run through it.

I use my arm as a shield to knock down the barrage of stones as I rush towards the red ants’ front line. Face, arms, chest, [[Clay Gun]] projectiles are hitting me all over my body. My head that the ball rabbit is sitting on must be held up at all costs. Though it doesn’t hurt as much as before since I leveled up, but the damage is still painful.

I forcibly shorten the distance while getting ready to attack the red ants in the front with my claws. Since Adofu is in my mouth, I cant use any breath techniques. So now all I can do is power through with brute force alone.


When the ball rabbit cries out, the pain from my bruises are relieved a little. It seems that the ball rabbit used [[Rest]]. That was much appreciated.

The red ants’ physical strength has fallen thanks to the poison. Since I’ve entered this nest, my level has gone up by 7 levels. Due to the level gap, I should be able to handle these twenty ants somehow.

I lift my arm to prepare for a big swing. The red ants, thinking that this was a chance, launch an attack to try to bite me. I turn my arm towards them and swing with as much power as I can.

Two red ants became a sandwich. Fragments of their bodies and limbs are scattered about.

[806 Experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 806 bonus points obtained.] [Level of [[Evil Plague Dragon]] increased from 70 to 72.]

As I thought, a large, full-powered swing was overkill, right? Though they were killed rather quickly, the damage I received before the kill isn’t quite to my liking.

Dodge to avoid attacks and launch my own attacks with my claws. Shoot down stones with [[Kamaitachi]] while receiving attacks with my wings then lash out with my claws.

I ignore the red ants that switch out to use [[Auto-Regen]]. It would be troublesome if they rotate, but I dont have the time to intercept them. Since their MP should be decreasing, they will eventually tire out.

I strike a red ant with my claw, killing it. God’s voice rings out about gaining experience points as the red ants in the back row step out after I trample the red ant. They are quick to rotate just like I thought.

Hoo, their formation may actually go well for me.

I step in to make this a close ranged battle. It’s hard to move around my arms and it’s tougher to attack, but this should be fine.


The ball rabbit who seems to have read my thoughts faintly barks. It’s good that I can transmit my thoughts so easily.

I aim for the interval between attacks before flipping my head. The falling ball rabbit stretches its ears and catches onto my fangs before tossing itself inside my mouth. I shut my mouth and start using [[Roll]] at point blank towards the red ants.


The red ants spring into action while I’m rolling up on them. Alright, let’s do this. The injured red ants from the back that have recovered have also started moving to the front. If the injured red ants get involved then I’ll be able to finish this with ease.

In order for the red ants to stop my [[Roll]], they cooperate in making walls with [[Clay]]. But if the red ants are lined up like that, the [[Clay]] produced by the injured ants won’t come out as well as it should, making it worse off for themselves. I guess the red ants are starting to exhaust themselves as I can hear their breathing becoming ragged.

“Kuchaa!” “Kuchaa!”

The screams of the red ants resonate. The feeling of crushing and repelling while rolling over the red ants is transmitted through my body.

[392 experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 392 bonus points obtained.]

[376 experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 376 bonus points obtained.] [Level of [[Evil Plague Dragon]] increased from 72 to 73.]

[403 experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 403 bonus points obtained.]

[415 experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 415 bonus points obtained.] [Level of [[Evil Plague Dragon]] increased from 73 to 74.]

The notifications from God’s voice don’t stop. I’m starting to get sick of all the notifications. Settle down a bit will you?

[Title Skill [[Calamity]] Lv increased from 5 to 6.]

…Ahh, Calamity went up. Though I want it to stop before I evolve, I know it’s useless to complain now that I’ve destroyed the red ants’ nest.

“Kuchaa!” “Kuchaa!” “Kuchaa!”

Three red ants in the last row bark at me. A red wall rises up in front of them.

Either because it is too fast, or because they are short of MP, the wall seems a bit brittle compared to the passage walls. I speed up my rotations and jump towards the wall. The hastily made walls are smashed.

As I crush the red ants hiding behind it.

[392 experience points obtained.] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 392 bonus points obtained.] [Level of [[Evil Plague Dragon]] increased from 74 to 75.]
[Level of [[Evil Plague Dragon has reached MAX.]
[Evolution conditions met.]

Finally! I’ve reached Max level. I keep rolling as is, wanting to get out of the ant’s nest.

The last red ant tries running but it gives up along the way.

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