Chapter 121: A Second Conversation

I look at Nina eating her meal from afar. Sometimes our eyes met and it became awkward, and then the ball rabbit would scold me so I lowered my eyes; this continued until the end of the meal.

The ball rabbit cleaned up whatever was left. What’s going on in its stomach? It should have eaten more than its weight, but it seems as if its appearance doesn’t change.

Ninas complexion has become better after finishing her meal. I think that her facial expressions have become somewhat lighter. Now that I think about it, I feel as if I had not eaten anything recently.

So what should I do now that Nina’s meal is over? The MP consumption of [[Human Transformation Technique]] is pretty high. If I use it, I will have to make sure the flow of the conversation progresses steadily while watching the decrease in MP. My MP has already considerably decreased due to my fight with the needle camel. It’s also necessary to leave a little MP, but determining how much would be good is difficult. I also need to plan out what I want to talk about in advance, how to end it and how to deal with how she may act towards it ahead of time. Making a mistake will only be a waste of MP.

If I move slowly she won’t be as stunned as she was before. The [[Human Transformation Technique]] will be better this time around since its Lv is now 4, but it still looks a little scary when I only take the shape of a human.

While thinking over what to do, Nina walked over in my direction. Her steps are cautious, and I could sense fear. Nina is tightly hugging the ball rabbit in her arms. Somehow, I have this happy feeling….

“Ah, thank you very much-nya! For the meal you prepared…and well, did you help me get away from that monster?”


I say so with a low voice. Well, here it goes. If it’s now, I should be able to smoothly talk using the [[Human Transformation Technique]]. How much MP do I have….

Species: Evil Plague Dragon
Status: Normal
Lv: 29/75
HP: 182/293
MP: 41/213

….41 seconds, the conversation will have to be brief. I have to at least leave a little or I’ll collapse again, is 30 seconds the limit? To begin with I only had about three minutes at its fullest.

Well, it should do. I still need to hear where Nina wants to go after all. If I don’t do anything now, she will end up as monsters’ food first, and if I stay with her too long, the effects of [[Dragon Scale Powder]] will start to affect her.

I’ve finally come to a resolution, took a deep breath and activated [[Human Transformation Technique]]. Heat runs throughout my body as it compresses. I don’t know whether it was because the skill was Lv4, or I just got used to it, but it was not painful.

The shape of my body is more stable than before. Before the skill leveled up, it was hard to find a place to look at me, especially since I was naked. I have a tail, scales, and fangs that are hanging around. Well, I can’t afford to look over my change carefully.

I don’t know if it was because it was the second time she saw this figure, or it was because it was more stable than before, but Nina doesn’t get as frightened as she was before. Nina was hugging the ball rabbit so tightly that the ball rabbit started smacking her arms with its ears.

“Where, want to go? This place, dangerous. I, take you somewhere” (Irushia)


When I ask, Nina’s mouth shuts. The silence continues, as my MP is steadily decreasing. Something, please say something. Was my way of asking bad? Or maybe, it’s my appearance after all? Was it, my home will be burned if I say my home?

“I do not understand-nya….where does Nina want to go…?”

She slumps her head down. The ball rabbit looks up at her face and cheerfully barks


It doesn’t look like she will be going back to that place where she was brought from in the carriage. I wouldn’t think that she would follow the man who seems to be her master. Especially since he tried to feed her to that centipede to become its food.

“Somewhere, in trees…” (Irushia)

The moment I opened my mouth, I felt a sense of magical power getting pulled out of my body.

Species: Evil Plague Dragon
Status: Human Transformation Lv4
Lv: 29/75
HP: 91/293
MP: 18/213

….It will be dangerous if I continue. Although I didn’t get much information, my [[Human Transformation Technique]] is about to wear off. Well, since my main question was conveyed, I should be able to make due using only gestures to see where she wants to go.

I move back a few steps to take a distance from Nina and I return to the form of a dragon.

Nina seemed a bit depressed, maybe she realized that I had no place for her. Even if she did stick with me, there is [[Dragon Scales]] to consider, and being around me for a long time….what should I do.

In the worst case scenario I would have to take Nina back to that wall surrounded city. I don’t know if there’s other people who live nearby. I should ask Nina about that as well.

Anyway, should I go to the remains of that needle camel first? With that amount we won’t have to worry about food for a while. It will be easy enough to get over there.

I turn my back to Nina and crouch down.


I point towards my back with my head and urge her to ride on my back. The ball rabbit encourages Nina, as she was confused.

“Okay, excuse me….oh, wait nyaa!?”

I scoop Nina with my tail from behind and place her on my back. Just make sure to hold on to it firmly.

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