Chapter 202: Storming In

The battle above ground soon ended. With the opposing red ants’ reinforcements exhausted, their battle formation immediately collapsed as they jumped toward us, all at once. Everything after went so smoothly that I didn’t even need to raise a finger.
It might perhaps be a standard battle tactic amongst red ants.

We have twenty red ants that survived. Of the ants that have perished, we’ve exhausted five here and five more from the flanking unit that got swallowed up in the collapse of the nest entrance.

I counted around eighty dead bodies from the opposing red ants lying about the area. We’ve suffered ten casualties while they’ve suffered eight times that. It was a good fight if I do say so. Even if the opposing ants’ nest was larger, we should have taken out more than half of their fighting force.

For now, I’ll check my status.

Species: Ouroboros
Status: Normal
Level: 41/125
HP: 842/1156
MP: 51/1112
Attack: 509
Defense: 362
Magic: 546
Speed: 410
Rank: A

Characteristic Skills:
[[Dragon’s Scales: Lv 7]] [[Voice of God: Lv 4]] [[Grisha Language: Lv 3]] [[Flight: Lv 7]] [[Dragon Scale Powder: Lv 7]] [[Dark Attribute: Lv –]] [[Evil Dragon: Lv –]]
[[Automatic HP Recovery: Lv 8]] [[Presence Sense: Lv 5]]
[[Automatic MP Recovery: Lv 6]] [[Double-Headed: Lv –]] [[Split Spirit: Lv –]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Starvation Resistance: Lv 5]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Fear Resistance: Lv 3]] [[Oxygen Deprivation Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Paralysis Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Illusion Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Instant Death Resistance: Lv 2]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv 2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Roll: Lv 7]] [[Status Check: Lv 7]] [[Scorching Breath: Lv 5]] [[Whistle: Lv 2]]
[[Dragon Punch: Lv 3]] [[Plague Breath: Lv 6]] [[Poison Fang: Lv 7]]
[[Paralyzing Poison Claw: Lv 6]] [[Dragon Tail: Lv 2]] [[Roar: Lv 2]] [[Star Drop: Lv 2]]
[[Nutcracker: Lv 3]] [[Humanization: Lv 7]] [[Wind Slash: Lv 5]] [[Neck Breaker: Lv 4]]
[[High Rest: Lv 6]] [[Autoregeneration: Lv 5]] [[Travelling Companion: Lv –]]

Title Skills:
[[Son of the Dragon King: Lv –]] [[Walking Egg: Lv –]] [[Klutz: Lv 4]] [[Simple Fool: Lv 1]]
[[Infighter: Lv 4]] [[Pest Killer: Lv 4]] [[Liar: Lv 3]] [[Evasion King: Lv 2]]
[[Spirit Relief: Lv 9]] [[Tiny Hero: Lv 6]] [[Path of Evil: Lv 7]] [[Disaster: Lv 7]]
[[Chicken Runner: Lv 3]] [[Chef: Lv 4]] [[Mean King: Lv 6]] [[Gutsy: Lv 4]]
[[Big Eater (Giant Killer): Lv 3]] [[Pottery Craftsman: Lv 4]] [[Group Leader: Lv 1]]
[[Laplace Interference Authority: Lv 1]] [[One Who Knows Eternity: Lv –]]

Finally hit four digits, huh? That’s A rank for you. Attack and magic easily managed to get to a whopping 500.

With this kind of MP, I should be able to humanize for twenty minutes. No, considering [[Automatic MP Recovery]], I should be able to maintain it continuously for more than thirty minutes.

I don’t remember much of that hero’s stats since I only managed to get a glance of it, but I’m certain that I remember him having more than 600 in something. The average could have been just around 600. I’m not too sure.

It’s not like I have no chances of winning, but it’s likely that this is going to be a fairly hard fight. The focus is on how much I can level up from the second half of this fight.

With these stats, I should be able to solo all the red ants in this nest. And if my partner does her job, then my blind spots are covered as well. It might be a good idea to have the red ants stand next to me to prevent being flanked. Anyhow, let’s keep proceeding.

My team of red ants begin to dig out the entrance that had collapsed in order to continue the attack inside. Looks like round two is going to be taking place inside the opponent’s nest.

After a considerable amount of digging, the red ants start to grow more cautious in their movements. It seems like the opposing red ants are just on the other side, which is making them act more cautiously.

I think it might be that if they go about opening the entrance poorly, then they’ll lose the ability to make a preemptive strike.

Hold on, with my attack and speed being where they are now, couldn’t I just burst right in there with a surprise [[Roll]]?


I bark at the red ants. The Ant Commander looks back at me.


In a way, I think the Commander’s attitude has become more rounded out, in both his tone and manner of voice.

Ball Rabbit, if you would be our interpreter.

[At once, part. I make move.]

The commanding red ant cocked his head to the side in wonderment, but afterwards called out to the other red ants. The red ants scattered off to the left and right. I backed up till there was a sufficient distance for me to accelerate.

I twisted my head, dropped the Ball Rabbit, and caught it in my mouth. The Ball Rabbit, who has gotten used to it, offers no resistance. Though there was a resigned look in its eyes.


Partner looks at me in wonderment.

[Curl up.]

Ball Rabbit conveys with [[Telepathy]] without missing a beat. While also anxious, partner drew in her neck.

I kick off the ground, fly into the air, curl up my body, and roll straight ahead. Thanks to my status increasing, my speed feels completely different. So this is the world of [[Roll]] at 400 speed? It’ll probably be difficult to control if I give it my all, but right now all I have to do is barrel through in a straight line.

I plunge into the collapsed burrow entrance. My body slams directly into the massive wall of sand. The huge recoil rocks through my entire body.

After that, the whole area around me suddenly goes dark. Seems like I was able to safely breach the red ants’ nest. I continue barrelling on forward without slowing down.

“Kucha-!” “Kucha-!”

I counted ten nearby red ants that I knew I had blown away.

[604 experience points was obtained.]
[Due to Title skill [[Walking Egg: LV–]], an additional 604 experience points was obtained.]
[Level of Ouroboros has increased from 41 to 45.]

That was about four taken down? I continued to cut through the middle of this darkness even though I couldn’t see my surroundings.

In the middle of my roll, a wall appeared in front of me. I did not come through a dead-end passageway. The opposing red ants probably used [[Clay]] to construct this. I continued rushing towards the wall without stopping. The inside of the passageway tremored as the wall collapsed.

Next, there was another wall that also collapsed via my brute-force method. After being slowed down from smashing through three walls of clay, I uncurled from my [[Roll]] to regain my posture.

Even though I’m fully capable of using [[Roll]] again, the nest is more likely to collapse before I can take down my opponents. It would be better to fight normally from here on out.

I spit the Ball Rabbit out directly above me and catch it on top of my head.


Ball Rabbit uses [[Light]], setting afloat a few small balls of flame that illuminate the immediate surroundings.

“Kucha!” “Kucha!” “Kucha!”

I see a group of red ants on the other side of the collapsed clay wall. There looks to be no more than twenty?
Taking into account the nearly ten ants that were too late in getting away and fell victim to my [[Roll]], then does that mean there were about thirty or so of them waiting in here? It’s about time that we run out of red ants here.

[110 experience points was obtained.]
[Due to Title skill [[Walking Egg: LV–]] an additional 110 experience points was obtained.]

Woah, what just happened? Glancing back behind me to check, I see my army of red ants coming up from behind. Seems like one of the red ants that had been weakened after I sent it flying was stabbed by a finishing blow from some reinforcements that had split off towards me, causing me to gain some experience points because of it.

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