Chapter 146: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable 3 (Irushia)

“….It was reported that the temporary survey team has been annihilated. Since returning here was top priority the corpses were left as is, and probably claimed by wild beasts. After I’ve settled this matter I will go back and collect the remains if any and apologize to the bereaved family.” (Irushia)

Although it is just a pose, lowering your head is not very pleasant. Even more so if the one you’re bowing to is a shitty priest. It is me who is providing you with delicious broth and you who is supposed to be inferior.

The saying, where might is master, and justice servant is absurd. I must refrain from displeasing him. But when the day comes where you are no longer of value, I will be the one to kill you.

“Since I had just returned to my hometown after such a long time, you said it was necessary to prioritise resting from mental or physical strain, but….?” (Irushia)

“Even if the people claim it is just a hoax, it will not be easy to simply wipe away their uneasiness. Since this is an extraordinary crisis I was not able to sleep very much. But thanks to that I was able to grasp a full understanding of the situation, is that an inconvenience for you?” (Irushia)

“…By no means, but are you sure?” (Priest)

“It’s alright, it’s what I do.” (Irushia)

Yesterday I thoroughly erased any trace of those soldiers which was exceedingly troublesome, especially having to make sure none of the surrounding districts noticed. Now I just have to forge some details to have the priest cooperate without making it seem too suspicious….Well this situation is nothing to make light of so it’s not going to take much anyway. As long as he does not check into it.

“Well I will lead the expedition to suppress the evil plague dragon tomorrow, and I will also be temporarily releasing the former knight captain Adofu as promised, to accompany me in the suppression.” (Irushia)

“There’s no need to do that, why bother having him accompany you, as long as you have the army you can handle it yourself.” (Priest)

“Since it was he who took care of me in the past I would at least like to return the favor. If Adofu is able to be recognized for his achievements in this case, then I would like to request a re-investigation on the matter of Adofu having killed his fiance.” (Irushia)

“Do not bring your private affairs into this!” (Priest)

“There is no other suitable person. Eight men of the survey team have already been killed by that evil plague dragon. If this continues then several more will also fall victim. Since I can hear the [[Voice of God]] I know that Adofu is someone I can take with me.” (Irushia)

This is a lie. For someone on the level of Adofu anyone else is just as useful and more so in numbers. As long as I say that I can see their status and with [[Voice of God]] then I can bluff as much as I want.

“Gu guu….” (Priest)

“Besides, I am quite sturdy, but I will need someone who is prepared for death, why waste your other captains when you can send out someone who is already on death row like Adofu?” (Irushia)

“But, but that’s….” (Priest)

“If you keep denying it so vehemently for no reason, it will make others suspicious. It will be against the beliefs of the church if Adofu is treated so differently, and this will lead to an accumulation of questions of why his death is being pushed…..This is the kind of rumor that will spread through the people, I believe.” (Irushia)

“….Irushia, are you trying to threaten me?” (Priest)

“No, not at all, the whole ordeal is just absurd to me. It’s only because it’s important for me, but I will leave it at that, I just don’t want it to turn out bad for the priests, so it’s quite fortunate that I will get the chance to look into it myself.” (Irushia)

“In the first place, how do you expect to handle something on the level of an evil plague dragon by yourself!” (Priest)

“I am still inexperienced and need much training for my body to grow with exercise. So I thought that this will be a good match….don’t you think? Also that dragon is clever and it may encounter the amulet in the desert in due time and may destroy it.” (Irushia)

“To do this for such a reason….” (Priest)

The priest says in a low voice, grinding his teeth in vexation.

“So what do you say, my priest?” (Irushia)

“….I will allow it, as an exception, take Adofu along with you. Since there is already a mark to prevent his escape, please deal with him should he try to escape.” (Priest)

“It’s almost as if you want me to kill him.” (Irushia)

“…….” (Priest)

“It’s only a joke, my priest. Thank you for your permission.” (Irushia)

I thanked him and left the room.

I’ve done it, now with this I will be able to take Adofu along with me tomorrow. From there things will move as planned. Really, to go so far just to kick around and humiliate Adofu’s corpse. I guess I need to enjoy the feeling as long as possible. I’m looking forward to what kind of face he will make.

Killing that evil plague dragon won’t be too difficult either. At most it still doesn’t measure up to that sand centipede. Since that survey team’s survival rate was so high then it could only be considered somewhere around C rank. There’s no need to use the holy sword on it, so should I test out the curse sword to kill it?

Evil plague dragon huh? It’ll be worth good money. Though a percent of it will go to that idiot priest and the church. Well, I will be able to handle my matters with Adofu and gain some money on the side, so I guess it isn’t too bad. Considering the future, I may have to let some of the money go to appease the people to get my favor back up. If I use that as my reason then I can just keep everything after threatening the church a little.

It’s standard to claim a portion of the dragon. From the top of the head to the tip of the tail, material could be gathered. Since many dragons are rather large it is a good profit. It is said that a small country facing financial troubles will recover with the materials gathered from a large high quality dragon, if they were to subjugate it.

The skin is turned into armor and clothing, and is often used in rituals. If you process the bones and nails you can make magical weapons, as well as craft goods and musical instruments. Even if it’s in bad shape, you can simply grind it and use it as high quality fertilizer.

There really isn’t any well established methods for cooking dishes due to its rarity, but the meat can also of course be eaten. It’s not only used for eating, but also often used for medical treatments and ceremonial offerings.

If it’s a powerful dragon with plenty of magical power than even it’s eyes are collected, as it seems that you can predict the future from them. Although the usefulness for such a thing isn’t very practical as it’s magic dries up soon after.

Since it’s unusual material, lets make protective gear out of it and add it to the collection. I hope it doesn’t leave any strange curses or attaches any ill-effects. But it will still be worthwhile depending on the value. Even if a strange effect is attached you can check it right away and if there is anything disadvantageous I could just leave it with someone else so as not to get affected by it. Then I could just joyfully watch from afar how that person fares.

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