Chapter 148: At the Very Least

Walking along the beach with the ball rabbit and Nina on my back, we head towards the port city which is further up ahead. Respecting Nina’s wish to enjoy slowly traveling, the speed is considerably slow. I had thought that it wouldn’t be suitable to sightsee with the unchanging desert, but the sea is okay. The ball rabbit and Nina gaze over the ocean while on my back.

When I looked to the side I could see a three headed camel resting in the distance. Alright! Aren’t I super lucky. Not only is it really delicious but it has plenty of water inside it. Not only that it’s also just sitting there like a sitting duck, isn’t that great. I have to move slowly here so that I don’t scare away our meal.


I growl lightly to let the two on my back know my plan, then let them hold on so that we could go.

I crouch low so as not to be detected, that way I could take out the three headed camel with one strike. It will be easy enough to take out, I just need to bite into it a little bit.

((I’m going to run, hold on so we could eat))

“Nya~ okay!”

The ball rabbit used [[Telepathy]] to tell Nina what I wanted. After answering Nina held on with her arms, and the ball rabbit held onto my back with its ears. I then dash towards the three headed camel aiming for its neck.


One of the heads of the three headed camel notices me. The other two heads are alerted and look over and stand up with their eyes wide open. It then hurriedly starts trying to run in the opposite direction.

I kick the ground and fly in the air, using my wings I swing diagonally using [[Kamaitachi]].

The wind blades fly through the air and strike the necks of the three heads, making the body stop in its track. Right when I landed I used my claws to pierce into the three headed camels body to finish it off.

[28 experience points obtained]
[Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated 28 bonus points received]


Since I moved quite a bit I wonder if they are still okay in the back?

((All safe))

“Ha, yeah! nya, umm, it was fun”

The ball rabbits use of [[Telepathy]] has considerably improved. Pretty soon it will be able to hold constant conversations. This way we may be able to live with other monsters and humans.

This is good since using [[Human Transformation]] is uncomfortable, especially since it consumes such a large amount of MP making me feel sluggish, so at least things are improving. Now I can at least have some confidence that communication won’t be to troubling. Well, at least I’m happy about it.

Also, the skill level for the ball rabbits [[Telepathy]] should rise, soon shouldn’t we be able to hold a decent conversation or even gossip? If we come into contact with other humans we could also try to avoid an unnecessary fight. Let’s have the ball rabbit keep using [[Telepathy]] whenever its MP is full.

((meat, meat, meat!))

I got it I got it. I’ll let you eat more, since you’re now my salaried translator. I let Nina and the ball rabbit get down, then start my work dismantling the three headed camel. The internal organs are scooped out using my claws and the fur is peeled off by cutting it into sections. I have grown used to this. The past me, in my former life would have fainted, probably.

I use a low power [[Scorching Breath]] to easily cook the meat and cut it up to serve, and so as not to get any sand on it, I lay the fur on the ground as a mat. I also separated the hump and set it to the side.

I then cut some cactus and used the skin as a plate and set the fillings as a side dish to the meat. Hmm, it came out nicely. I’m confident that I can cook pretty well, only if I didn’t have this looming anxiety that I might plague the food. Especially since the plating was done pretty well this time.

….It will soon be time to say goodbye to Nina. So I at least want to do something good for her.

I am still hoping there is something else I can do for her. At the very least I want to make some good memories.

Oh, that’s right. What if I were to cut this fur really thin? If I were to shape the bones into a sturdy stick then I may be able to make some decent fishing rods. The sea is just right there as well.

The port city shouldn’t be too far from here, and Nina’s body still hasn’t shown any sign of abnormalities. I guess it would be fine even if we were to stick around for a little bit.

I cut the edge of the remaining fur as thin as possible. Although I failed several times, I managed to make something thin enough in the end. Alright, now to shape the camels bones….


The ball rabbit smacks my foot with its ears. Looking at its face, I could see its tongue slightly sticking out and drooling. I-I get it, you want to eat the rest of the camel.

It was a little surprising, although expected. The ball rabbit was even silently eating its portion earlier. Was it being courteous for Nina….

When I first met the ball rabbit I had thought that it only cared about food, but it looks like it also cares about Nina. You know, I also don’t mind a conversation with [[Telepathy]].

….There is also the option of having the ball rabbit accompany Nina to the port city. If it’s the ball rabbit then I don’t really have to worry about it being attacked just because it’s a monster. Although I’m not entirely certain, this may make Nina’s treatment in the port city better.

The ball rabbit can also use [[Telepathy]], [[Clean]] and [[Rest]]. Those kinds of things are quite useful to humans so it might turn out well.

But if that happens…then I also will be traveling alone. Well, that’s fine I guess. That way I can concentrate on gaining experience, leveling up and gaining titles for a better evolution. ….If that happens then I may be able to go back to that village in the forest and spend my time there.


Did you read my mind ball rabbit? It was just staring at me. Stop, it was nothing, it’s embarrassing if you read those kinds of thoughts.

I was wondering if the ball rabbit would get angry or decline, telling me why I’m deciding things on my own, but the ball rabbit just awkwardly turned its eyes from me. What is it? If you have something to say why don’t you use [[Telepathy]] to tell me.

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