Chapter 119: Cacti Dismantling

My Lv has gone up, I should confirm my status for the time being.

Species: Evil Plague Dragon
Status: Normal
Lv: 29/75
HP: 182/293
MP: 41/213
Attack: 266
Defense: 191
Magic: 182
Speed: 172
Rank: B-

Characteristic Skills:
[[Dragon Scale: Lv5]] [[God’s Voice: Lv4]] [[Gurisha Language: Lv3]] [[Flight: Lv5]]
[[Dragon Scale Powder: Lv4]] [[Dark Attribute: Lv–]] [[Evil Dragon: Lv–]]
[[Automatic HP Recovery: Lv3]] [[Presence Sense: Lv2]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv4]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv5]] [[Hunger Resistance: Lv4]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv5]] [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv3]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv3]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv2]]
[[Fear Resistance: Lv2]] [[Oxygen Deficiency Resistance: Lv3]]
[[Paralysis Resistance: Lv2]]

Normal Skills:
[[Roll: Lv6]] [[Status Check: Lv6]] [[Scorching Breath: Lv5]] [[Whistle: Lv1]]
[[Dragon Punch: Lv3]] [[Plague Breath: Lv3]] [[Poison Fang: Lv3]] [[Paralysis Claw: Lv4]]
[[Dragon Tail: Lv1]] [[Roar: Lv2]] [[Star Fall: Lv2]] [[Nutcracker: Lv3]]
[[Human Transformation Technique: Lv4]] [[Kamaitachi: Lv2]] [[Neck Breaker: Lv3]]

Title Skills:
[[Son of the Dragon King: Lv–]] [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] [[Klutz: Lv4]] [[Fool: Lv1]]
[[Infighter: Lv4]] [[Pest Killer: Lv3]] [[Liar: Lv2]] [[Evasion King: Lv2]] [[Spirit Relief: Lv6]]
[[Tiny Hero: Lv5]] [[Path of Evi: Lv6]] [[Disaster: Lv5]] [[Chicken Runner: Lv2]]
[[Chef: Lv4]] [[Mean King: Lv4]] [[Guts: Lv2]] [[Big Eater(Giant Killing): Lv1]]
[[Ceramic Craftsman: Lv4]] [[Boss of the Crowd: Lv1]]
[[Laplace’s Interference Authority: Lv1]]

Hmph Hmph, it rose quite nicely. Although it feels like it’s getting harder to raise it compared to before.

Will the next evolution come after 46 more? There should be a few more evolutions to choose from right? Even though I didn’t feel quite right choosing an evil plague dragon…. Well, it can’t be helped now. I have to try to raise my skill Lvs of[[Spirit Relief]] and [[Tiny Hero]]. Because of [[Spirit Relief]] the acquisition condition for restoration magic was relaxed. This will let the ball rabbit teach me [[Rest]].

My HP is fine, but my MP consumption was pretty large. It must have been because I was constantly firing off [[Kamaitachi]]. I didn’t mind it since it was a fight to the death, but I should pay a little more attention next time. I don’t want to run empty if it comes to an emergency.

It wasn’t a challenging opponent, but it may have been frightening if I were to get a direct hit from [[Clay]]. Well, what am I supposed to reflect on here? If you collect the possessions of the cactus, it will be all better.

I take care not to get pricked as I pull out the needles from the body of the needle cactus. After roughly pulling them out, I separate the leg and the larger bump parts. When disassembling the body it’s best to be careful, as it will evaporate if it’s exposed to the sunlight. After I return home with this, I will also want bring Nina and the ball rabbit back.

Ah, even though I caught such a big prey, it’s almost dry already. If I bring Nina and the ball rabbit, I will keep the center of the giant cactus for myself.

It seems a little hard, but i’ll be able to use the skin as a bed as I did for Nina before if I peel off the layer of needles. It’s better than sleeping on sand.

There’s a little problem after the dismantling was done. I have no means to carry it. If I roll it with my arms I might as well have just left it here as it will spill everywhere. It will take a while to walk with it since I went out even farther than I originally planned.

I can’t be helped I guess. Ill stuff it in my mouth and roll. It may be a bit frustrating, but I can’t have my belly on my back. It’s ridiculous but I have to make sure it keeps its moisture.

With a mouth stuffed with cactus, I use [[Roll]] to move back to the place I left the ball rabbit. This is quite painful. It’s hard to breathe, and the skin of the cactus is piercing my skin inside my throat, ah, I’ll vomit at this rate. Oh, I accidentally swallowed a little bit. It went up my nose! I’ll die, I will die! Ah Stop!

After struggling for a bit, I managed to find my way back to the trail I left with rolling. I almost died twice today.

I found Nina immediately. I want to lay down the cactus remains in the little hole the ball rabbit made. But, I don’t see the ball rabbit around.

Since my mouth is still blocked from before and my voice won’t come out, I lightly stamp the ground to call out. There was a little stirring nearby as the sand moved, and the ball rabbit appeared from inside.

A tail like that of a shrimp made of sand was peeping out of the ball rabbit’s mouth. Staring still, the tail retracts back into its mouth. The ball rabbit moves its cheeks that looks like a chestnut and chews, and swallows with a gulp. Then a “fu-he” comes out as if nothing happened. Looking like it could be bodily fluids, the mouth was slightly stained with a splash of green.

The ball rabbit is quite strong despite how it looks. Its Lv even went up by one.

I intended to escort you back, but I guess it was diving around and hunting for food….. ….Oh, yeah. I guess the area is safe as a result, so I won’t mind it.

“pefu pefu!”

The ball rabbit rushes happily to my feet. It was like a daughter who welcomes back their father after a long time away in a single parent household. ….I’ll say this first, I, was reminded what life was like in my previous life.

After, putting effort into the back my my teeth, I face downward and spit out what was in my mouth onto the ground. Out came a mountain of cactus painted in my saliva. The ears of the ball rabbit stood up for a moment before they hanged back down, as if it just suffered an intense shock. After that, I put some effort into my ear and point towards my back. I have a wound there from when I was stabbed previously.

It was hard I tell you! Hard! But now there is a mountain of cactus in a place far from here! But don’t worry I will take you there soon!

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